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  1. Eburrer

    DN 501E dispenses 2

    I thought it was odd. I sent it back to who I purchased it from.
  2. Eburrer

    DN 501E dispenses 2

    The motor switch in the gif is a replacement ordered. After I determined that wasn’t he problem I put the original one back on. That switch lever is different than the ones I had. On a side note I cleaned the brake release and it appears to be working correctly again. Thank you for everyone’s help.
  3. Eburrer

    DN 501E dispenses 2

    The motor does stop it just doesn’t stop where it should. The brake sticking makes sense.
  4. Eburrer

    DN 501E dispenses 2

    Thanks for advice. I did replace the entire switch. I will work on cleaning the brake. Any idea what I should use to clean it with?
  5. Eburrer

    DN 501E dispenses 2

    Maybe I am confused on my terminology but I have already replaced the arm on the bottom of the cam which I believed to be the motor switch. The same thing is happening with both switches.
  6. Been lurking for a while and finally need some help. I have an older live display 501E that has been working great. I recently started having an issue with 1 slot where I have Gatorade. The Gatorade dispenses but when the slot comes back to the motor switch arm the arm goes back down and the motor continues until the next slot. On its way to the next slot it dispenses a 2nd Gatorade. I know the camb is set correctly and I have replaced the motor switch. I have completely removed the entire assembly and don’t see any issues at all. I have a gif that shows it happening. Any ideas?