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  1. shvending

    AA PO 89 Model 300~ What are your experiences with the mechinism

    Take a picture of the back of the mech. I may be able to help you out.
  2. Do you not give them a sales ticket when ever you pay them? If so then they have all the information you are required to give them. It's not different than when you purchase gasoline.
  3. shvending

    Where to purchase Plastic Stands for Cheap?

    I have some I will sell you pretty cheap if you are willing to come get them. I am in Mount Airy about 2 1/2 hours from you.
  4. shvending

    Capsule/wheel vending question...

    As long as the gum wheel has a spring on it. If the wheel does not have a spring the machine will skip vend.
  5. shvending

    Anyone Interested

    Thanks, I wished I had a before photo to show the transformation.
  6. shvending

    Anyone Interested

    I refurbished this balloon machine and I would like to see if anyone is interested in it. It is set up to bend 1.1 capsules but I can put what ever wheel you would like. I would be willing to ship as long as you are willing to pay. All powder coated finish with new digital printed vinyl graphics. This finish will last for years in any condition.
  7. shvending

    My Vend Track Software is now FREE

    So true....
  8. shvending

    How much is the average pay out on commission on a rack?

    I operate pretty much the same as AMD. My commissions average out to 35% with less than a handful of my locations being over 40%
  9. shvending

    Lost machine

    Lost machine = $100.00 Attorney Fee's = $5,000.00 Throat Punching the Jerk who Stole your machine = Priceless
  10. shvending

    North Western Super 80

    There should be a retaining clip on the back of the lock behind the door. Send me a photo and I should be able to help you out.
  11. shvending

    Restaurant supply stands

    No, I'm afraid I don't have a clue to where you would get these flanges at. But it does appear to be something that your local machine shop could produce rather cheaply.
  12. shvending

    Got this for free today

    If I were a betting man I would say 60's - 70's time frame. Do you have a photo of the back of the globes and product wheels? These would look great powder coated back to there original blue.
  13. shvending

    Good day locating

    Beware of the Hut!!!! If it is a franchise location they will give you the boot more than likely. Keep a close eye on it thought. But on a lighter note congratulations!!!!
  14. shvending

    Wooden 1" and 2" racks

    Looks to me that they are showing off there stands and different types of vending machines for potential clients.
  15. shvending

    PMM and MM containers

    I like them better than the bags. They are a lot easier to seal than the bags that's for sure.