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  1. What is the most reliable table top snack to purchase? I am not worried about size these will be for marketing purposes only for an event
  2. bump looking for soda locations in league city/clear lake, texas
  3. Houston/Austin and San Francisco,CA you can email me at csr@candymanvendingservice.com
  4. Has anyone used this locating company?
  5. PBS emails me alot has anyone had luck with their locations? I havent used them yet.
  6. Hello! My placement right now has been slow. If its something you decide to continue please let me know! As far as location prices it varies only about 3-5% of foot traffic will use the ATM so if you have that number you can gauge a reasonable price from there.
  7. any good vaulting services you can suggest?
  8. I do both but leaning more towards ATMs and downsizing my soda vending side this year
  9. yeah they said no lol. Does anyone here have or know of a used one for sale? I have a customer interested but they don't want to pay the $6000 tag price maybe a bit lower
  10. Thanks just saw this post. I might have found one if you have any to recommend please let me know!
  11. To those who have bought a location and the machine is a 3rd party coke machine how do you evaluate what its worth? Do you just offer product value in machine and coin mech since the equipment isn't owned? What formula is a good for these situations
  12. does anyone in the forum have experience with the VE Connect. Can you connect outside mobile apps to the software etc?
  13. Send me an email or personal message if you are a vendor in the Rhode Island,Providence area. Thanks guys
  14. On large locations I see some guys say you can put it on a vault car but what company vaults cash for a charge+percentage? All the vault car companies I have contacted will only vault your cash from your own bank and charge a small delivery fee.
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