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  1. I have one mars 2511 with 110v harness set left over when I was troubleshooting my own machine. I can mail it to you if you would like? Here is a gallery of what it looks like: https://postimg.cc/gallery/rzoubdru/ Do you have PayPal?
  2. the above setup did not work either! by now i have already spent quite a fair penny with validator voltages, harnesses, and coin mechs... correct setup that is working for me is to put a 24v 15-pin coinco 9302-LF - it had a 24v 12-pin coinco 9302-L in it already, yet i still wanted to get rid of a few troubleshooting faults in case the 12-pin coinco 9302-L was a replacement for a 15-pin original version... i bought machine used, btw. I decided to stuck with trying to use the 24v mars mei 2512 with this harness - http://www.veii.com/Parts-Store/HARNESS-MEI-BILL-VALIDATOR-FOR-FAWN-3000-SERIES.html - and this harness - complete maka upgrade harness set for24v mars vn2512 validator where all pins are used from it to a 9 pin male, then 9pin male connects to 9 pin female that splits into exact data/power connectors coming from usi 3039 control board. turned machine on, filled up coin mech, and SOLID RED LIGHT! tips include: - find serial sticker - chat with vendnet | https://secure.revation.com/chat/?im=parts@wittern.com&group=Wittern | - ask (what the control board version is, what are the original validator/coin mechs plus voltage, what can be they be upgraded to, and who else is a vendnet partner for another region that may be local to wherever you are) - buy extra harnesses if you are unsure, to save time buying one at a time
  3. lol i am vending noob, plz forgive me! my validator harness setup is wrong! i ordered a complete maka upgrade harness set for mars vn2512 validator where all pins are used from it to a 9 pin male, then 9pin male connects to 9 pin female that splits into exact data/power connectors coming from usi 3039 control board. & i also now know that 24v coin mech is ok with 12 pins in 15 pin
  4. would the satellite for cans need to be connected to board when connecting new validator to it?
  5. update I unplugged coin mech that was in the machine when i bought it used, and this was in the 15pin port right underneath board. Would this have anything to do with bill validator acting screwy?
  6. I also have the above coupon configuration print out: - I have 4 colored in for section 1 - I have $1 high accept colored in for 2 - I have $2 off colored in for 2 - I have $5 off colored in for 2 - I have short colored in for 3 - I have 1 colored in for 4 - I have F colored in for 5 Now when I insert above configuration coupon with said sections colored in, validator accepts configuration coupon, validator pushes configuration coupon back out, I take out configuration coupon, I count the bezel lights with ten flashes, and still two red flashes. I also notice that the bezel lights do no flash or even light up even though I colored each option in section 5 on two different configuration coupons.
  7. What is the best coin mech to upgrade with for this vending machine? The original MAKA bill validator would power up and accept $1 only to go right back out. If bad logic board, what would be an upgrade for his vending machine? Should I replace it with an exact board, or can I get something newer to accept fancier denomination of bills?
  8. update 2-10-2019 i asked the seller where I bought the 24v maka to mars conversion cable from, and he said to make sure switches for the vn2512 are set to 1, 2, 4, 8 on. The seller also mentioned to have at least 30 coins in each coin mech tube. I set the correct switches and filled up each coin tube with at least 30 coins, still getting two red flashes. I know to close the door for at least a minute, check price of item in machine, put in quarters, select item in vending machine, and wait until it drops... no luck still! Here are the current switch settings: Here is the other side of vn2512 for further insight: I think I am missing another data cable for the upper parts of the vn2512? Or does it not matter since it is only $1 validator for this machine?
  9. Update: I ordered one of these: USI, FSI, AP, Dixie - MAKA to MARS VN2512 /VN2502 Validator Conversion Cable 24v & I also ordered one of the following: MARS MEI VN 2512 Bill Validator 1$ Only Tested/ Multiple Ava. 24v MDB Now everything powers up!!! The next problem is the vn2512 is giving me two red flashes...
  10. I have an older 3039 with 3038 satellite for cans. Original bill validator went out and I scrounged around for a few bill validators to see if they would work, they do not. I want to make sure I picked the right upgrade validator + correct data and conversion cables. I am just seeking advice from the bright minds who browse this forum. Update: forum wont let me upload pics as easy as it could be... trying gallery now. Update 2: Gallery only allows 2.72mb pic upload... trying image hosting site HERE IS A LINK TO GALLERY: https://postimg.cc/gallery/22r0mjk14/
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