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  1. Who owns this machine?

    No sorry
  2. Looking for the owner of the vendstar at Pudgies in East Islip, NY. Phone # is faded on top so can't read it. @rodney69 if you know, PM me
  3. If a location isn't doing $X I will pull it?

    Personally, I wouldn't even waste my time finding a location that doesn't earn 15$ in 4 months, but that's just me. I'm in the game to make the most out of my machines and get them in high quality locations
  4. Pool Hall Advice

    Just placed a bar location today. Everyone loves Mike and Ike's and chicklets. I feel like chicklets do better than gumballs because you can get about 10 chicklets instead of 1 gumball. Plus, adults need to freshen the breath before making out
  5. If a location isn't doing $X I will pull it?

    Personally, Im trying to keep as many as possible as I grow. If a location costs more to service than net income, than pull it for sure. I drove 10 minutes to collect $2 from a two head machine, so i pulled it
  6. Mike and Ikes/Hot Tamales

    Sams club or amazon prime
  7. PM me if you are in or near deleware looking for machines. A guy texted me about machines his dad had before he died and is looking to get rid of them for cheap. 17 double heads with the wooden stands.
  8. Ask Beaver!

    How much are double and triple head stands?
  9. Turnover

    I have 30 machines on location, no turnover yet
  10. Turnover

    I have 30 machines on location, no turnover yet

    I have tons of A&A parts for reasonable prices. Text me 516-434-1473. I live in Long Island and I'm willing to ship
  12. Anybody ever heard of this locator?

    Does he do telemarketing locating? If so, can you provide me with his contact info
  13. A&A stands?

    Whats their email?
  14. Who owns this machine?

    I have beaver parts and machines. I have a 6 and 4 head candy rack, a 7 head rack (4 candy 3 2" toys) and a 4 head 2" toy rack.
  15. Vandalism

    Some kid cut out a cardboard quarter and colored it black, went right through the mech