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  1. hair salon/nail places

    It was a hair salon
  2. hair salon/nail places

    I got one as they were opening up just serviced my first collection a few days ago 33 days on a single head machine with m&ms and collected 37 dollars.
  3. 2 more locations in one day

    That's fantastic.I stopped in a hair salon Tuesday and they agreed to let me put in a single head so went with regular m&ms.then Wednesday another vendor in the area sold me 3 locations in my area so I acquired 4 this week.
  4. First gumball machine set up today

    Hello folks got my first gumball machine set up at a transmission shop today.Very exciting will be placing my second and third machines up later in the week at a bank and mechanic shop.So far none have asked for commissions they just like the idea of having them in their businesses.Will keep y'all updated on this exciting venture.
  5. New to bulk questions about Texas regulations

    Will do thanks.
  6. New to bulk questions about Texas regulations

    Good news,since the state of Texas doesn't charge a fee to operate bulk 25,or 50 cent machines.The city based their fee permit on 1/4 of what the state does so there will be no fee per machine for me.That makes this process a lot easier as I am trying to build my business.
  7. New to bulk questions about Texas regulations

    That's a great idea will do that when I do my grocery shopping tomorrow.
  8. New to bulk questions about Texas regulations

    Left a message today at city hall today but no response yet.Gonna go ahead and set up my machine Monday,and get more clarification next week.
  9. New to bulk questions about Texas regulations

    Great advice I will check back with her to clarify.Im excited my first machine should be arriving tomorrow.Do any of y'all Texas vendors pay for any type of permit in your local route territory.
  10. New to bulk questions about Texas regulations

    yeah it seemed high but she showed me the proper paperwork and the fines that would occur by not placing it
  11. New to bulk questions about Texas regulations

  12. New to bulk questions about Texas regulations

    Just got off the phone with the state comptroller I am ok no licence needed,but need the 15 dollar permit per machine from the city I am in.I just secured 2 new locations a mechanic shop and a transmission shop so it's coming together.Thanks for any advice and encouragement.
  13. Hello folks just purchased my first machine and also have secured a location.i visited my city office today to find out about permits they said $15 per machine.Which is fine I only plan on doing 25 cent bulk candy,are there any requirements I need to do thru the state.The state comptroller website said 60 dollars annually per vending machine plus $200 for coin operated license.I am trying not too overthink all of the confusion any help from someone who sells in Texas would be greatly appreciated.