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  1. What is everyone charging for office coffee and coffee supplies ( cups , sugar , creamer) ? Thanks
  2. I’m in the Houston, TX area and charge the following. Coke is suggesting $1.00 for cans in my area but I know that many of my accounts won’t buy at $1.00 . cans .75 20 oz bottles 1.50 I don’t sell 16.9 oz bottles Energy Drinks $3.00 chips .75 sm $1.25 Lg Pastries $1.25 Income levels don’t always equate to you being able to charge more . I’ve got blue collar accounts that make a lot more than white collar with higher salaries . Demographics of a location is a factor as well , women tend to diet more , blue collar men tend to eat and drink more of what they like without considering health factors and that’s why I like to have my blue collar vs white collar accounts pretty balanced.
  3. I’ve been in business for 18 years . when I started I would take a drink account with 20 people. now , I won’t take anything for myself with less then 50 people unless they have high traffic and I definitely won’t set a snack machine for less then 50 people. You have to consider that you have a lot of cost associated with setting an account , you’ve got to pay for the machine, repairs, your time , moving fees ( when I move onto the location I consider the moving cost onto and off of the location) . I also find locations for other vendors and I have clients that want anything but then I try to discourage this because while you can be successful with small locations , it’s more difficult. Once again, consider the traffic on the location, how many people have access to the machine?, will the machine possibly be used 8 hours a day or 24 hours? There are many factors involved in my accepting a location.
  4. Sams is the much better for vending, better variety . I’m my area Sams prices can’t vary from store to store so if you have several then you should compare prices also .
  5. Due to the rising cost of products and doing business in general, we will have to increase the price of 16.9 oz bottles to $1.25 . We appreciate your business and understanding. You should also talk to management before then and explain to them that due to your cost of doing business going up that you’ll have to go up also , don’t blindside them just by putting a post it note on the machine. Also remember that you might get boycotted for a short time but stick it out, if they do boycott you , they start buying again but if you let them bully you into lowering your prices, your screwed. I try to have a slight increase every January or when setting a new location.
  6. You can contact your local coke distributor and they’ll usually give them to you free of charge as they will with any coke product flavor strips .
  7. Cold food is a headache especially with so few people. Frozen is another option even if you installed a microwave oven for them but personally I wouldn’t do cold food and frozen only depending on their hours of operation. Look at the investment versus potential payoff . We all want accounts but don’t let someone else dictate what you’ll spend to get that account unless the potential for a good return is there . For me , cold food isn’t an option with anything less than 100 employees.
  8. I’m a 3rd party vendor for coke and Dr Pepper . In my area coke won’t allow you to just take over the machine but what you can do is replace the machine with your own . After you’ve done that get ahold of the local coke rep and sign up as a third party vendor. You’ll sign a contract agreeing to buy products directly from coke and not sell anything except coke products from that machine. You’ll have to buy a minimum in product for each machine that you have from them and the price of the product goes down if you consistently buy enough product. Once your a third party vendor it’s really a great deal because they move the machines onto the locations and repair them at no cost to you . They wont provide credit card readers but if the location is busy enough you can do that but talk to the rep before doing it , I also use PayRange on the machines .
  9. I’ve seen where coke has done that in schools also but I haven’t done it and don’t see a reason to do so . As far as moving onto or off of a location, with the right dolly moving your machines won’t be a problem .
  10. while these will work good at first they will start giving problems and one they do you’ll always have problems with them . I don’t blame the owner of the machine because it’s usually a new vendor who doesn’t know better but I’ve talked to a few just trying to give them heads up on the machine before they invest too much in these machines. I did get one when I bought a location but I literally sold it with a load of scrap metal. Not worth the hassle !
  11. I’ve found that the easiest way without a key is to drill the lock out . Use a high quality bit and it’s not hard to do . Try to stay towards the center of the lock and away from the locking assembly. After you’ve drilled one or two out you’ll see how easy it is but use a high quality bit otherwise it’ll be a pain . Over the years I’ve saved many keys from different sources so I now have keys to most of the locks that are out there .
  12. I’ve been successful getting locations by posting ads on Craigslist, cold calls & telemarketing ( doing this myself) Craigslist is my preferred method because I know they are interested when they call me .
  13. I’ve got 52 machines on location, all keyd alike . You can go to a vending supply house and tell them you’d like however many locks you need all keyd alike , they’ll probably have to order them with as many keys as you want . They’ll also give you a number for those locks , when you order new locks or more keys you’ll use this number to order the same locks . I’ve got one key for myself, one for my route driver and a spare . It’s makes life a lot easier.
  14. I only pay the value of the machines plus a couple of hundred for the location. I learned the hard way also . The first account that I bought, the guy pulled at least $200.00 out of the validator and the change box was literally full , never being in the business I fell for it . I serviced the account a week later and only pulled $200.00 out . There's nothing that you can do about this except to use it as a learning experience like I did . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Telemarketing is the way to go , you save time and money. I do cold calls as well as telemarketing and I definitely get more accounts through my telemarketing program. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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