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  1. I’ve had good luck with cold calling but I’ve also created a face book page for my vending & Coffee business and I’ve gotten several locations from that but most of my locations come from telemarketing , get out your local phone book and start calling. When I first started I found that if I solicited business more than 3 days a week I found that I’d get depressed from the no’s but after awhile you’ll learn to take them with no problem at all , keep a list of the ones that say no with the dates and make notes of what they told you and go back to them about every 6 months. The main thing I always like to do is set a routine for soliciting business , set aside certain days just for this and it’ll become routine on those days .
  2. I’m a 3rd party vendor for coke and DP , prices are according to volume, the more you the the price goes down . Of course they deliver to you and this saves time which is money. There are minimum purchase requirements to get free delivery but it’s not hard to meet these requirements by mainly filling your machines with these products.
  3. I’ve done this on a temporary basis before when I go out of the country or when a friend of mine goes out of the country ( usually 1 - 3 months at a time ) . We split the profit 50/50 and it works very good but I wouldn’t do this with just anyone. It would be very easy for someone that’s experienced in the business to solicit and take your best accounts or pocket some of the money. I’d prefer to hire a route driver to run the route for me with a fair salary ( if your route makes enough then that could be a 1/3 split ( I like 1/3 because there’s part for me , the other person and possible repairs ) , if not then you’d figure out something fair . I’ve known guys that do a 50/50 split also and if that works for you then then that’s good. No ones going to treat your business and your customers as good as you would so for whatever reason your considering this , consider hiring a route driver and you staying in control and stay involved enough to know that your customers are being serviced & are satisfied.
  4. You can put a bill validation in this machine with some modifications but not a card reader.
  5. I’ve had this happen on several locations but you have to be careful and protect yourself, the location and mover if you use a mover ,by knowing your states law on this first and foremost. If allowed by law then I’d have the location sign a release stating that the machines have been abandoned and for what amount of time and that they are requesting you to move the machines and stating that they’ve tried contacting the vendor, I’d also get the contact information for the vendor from the location & try contacting him myself, if you don’t know the vendor he’s probably known by other vendors or suppliers. After you’ve gotten a release then do what’s necessary to move the machines. In my case I have to keep the machines in storage for 6 months but if within that time the vendor shows up and wants his machines he’s got to pay the moving and storage fee for that time period. The main thing is that you have to cover yourself, be sure to get a written statement because anyone can say that they’ll back you but you don’t know that if something comes up , will they still be employed there ? Chances are you won’t have any issues but cover yourself !
  6. It depends on the situation but in the worse case scenario you can take the door off of the hinges and open the machine which will give you more room to maneuver the machine in , in some cases you can put the machine on a furniture dolly to help maneuver it better. Always have at least two people doing this because there’s a greater chance that the machine can go where you don’t want it to go during this operation. You can probably find a video of this being done on YouTube, a great source for information ( not just stupid stuff ).
  7. Your right that seniors don’t typically spend much in vending machines but visitors and staff do . I have machines in a higher end retirement facility that do very good and I always make sure they are well stocked before the weekend and any holiday. Depending on the size and layout of the facility I’d put as few machines as possible and add more if and when needed but I typically do that on any location. Senior living facilities often ask for a commission so be prepared for that and find out who owns / manages the facility because the companies that typically own and / or manage them operate several facilities and that could be room for growth on your part .
  8. Coke , Diet Coke , Dr Pepper, Sprite . The demographics of the location also dictates what I put in a machine.
  9. I’d check around the area to see what other vendors are charging. This location is probably paying a commission so I wouldn’t only go by the prices there . I also like to see what the local convenience store is charging and that way when I’m talking to a contact person at a location I can mention that if it’s to my benefit.
  10. Cold calling isn’t as easy today as it was in the past . Put ads on Craigslist or any other free site that you find , once you can do it , get a website. I still do some cold calling but of course it’s easier when they contact you because you know that the need is there upon your first contact. In my case , I was very surprised how well Craigslist worked for me .
  11. What is everyone charging for office coffee and coffee supplies ( cups , sugar , creamer) ? Thanks
  12. I’m in the Houston, TX area and charge the following. Coke is suggesting $1.00 for cans in my area but I know that many of my accounts won’t buy at $1.00 . cans .75 20 oz bottles 1.50 I don’t sell 16.9 oz bottles Energy Drinks $3.00 chips .75 sm $1.25 Lg Pastries $1.25 Income levels don’t always equate to you being able to charge more . I’ve got blue collar accounts that make a lot more than white collar with higher salaries . Demographics of a location is a factor as well , women tend to diet more , blue collar men tend to eat and drink more of what they like without considering health factors and that’s why I like to have my blue collar vs white collar accounts pretty balanced.
  13. I’ve been in business for 18 years . when I started I would take a drink account with 20 people. now , I won’t take anything for myself with less then 50 people unless they have high traffic and I definitely won’t set a snack machine for less then 50 people. You have to consider that you have a lot of cost associated with setting an account , you’ve got to pay for the machine, repairs, your time , moving fees ( when I move onto the location I consider the moving cost onto and off of the location) . I also find locations for other vendors and I have clients that want anything but then I try to discourage this because while you can be successful with small locations , it’s more difficult. Once again, consider the traffic on the location, how many people have access to the machine?, will the machine possibly be used 8 hours a day or 24 hours? There are many factors involved in my accepting a location.
  14. Sams is the much better for vending, better variety . I’m my area Sams prices can’t vary from store to store so if you have several then you should compare prices also .
  15. Due to the rising cost of products and doing business in general, we will have to increase the price of 16.9 oz bottles to $1.25 . We appreciate your business and understanding. You should also talk to management before then and explain to them that due to your cost of doing business going up that you’ll have to go up also , don’t blindside them just by putting a post it note on the machine. Also remember that you might get boycotted for a short time but stick it out, if they do boycott you , they start buying again but if you let them bully you into lowering your prices, your screwed. I try to have a slight increase every January or when setting a new location.
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