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  1. I'm realistic, I'm not asking for Wal-Mart, you need a lot of pull to get Wal-Mart. I don't like retail break rooms, they don't make me money. Maybe if it was a factory with 1,000 employees they would make money, but a little break room that serves 10 employees doesn't make money, that's my experience. The beach bar in particular is rundown, it faces the canal instead of the beach, the crowds there are bit iffy, in fact, I don't think that place is making a lot of money, I think it's one of those bars/restaurants barely getting by. I don't blame the locator for this, I realize he's calling a ton of people and not visiting the places. If I ever decide to locate my two remaining machines, I will gladly place an order with you, but for now, I'm taking a break.
  2. Well, I'm sorry for putting you on the spot. To answer your question, no, I did not get the warranty. Yes, I did give a list of locations I wanted, yet the locations I was often provided weren't always on that list. I suppose I should have been specific, when I said "store" I never meant the break room. I also got tired of showing to locations and being treated like dog poop. That's not entirely your fault, sometimes people say "yes" because they're in a hurry, and then they change their mind, and your company did find me replacement locations, but sometimes those replacements gave me the same issue. They didn't want my machine, they didn't know who I was, they already had another machine so they didn't want mine, etc. It's frustrating. There's nothing I hate more than dragging a machine to my car, going to a location, and then having to drag it back to my apartment because I got rejected. Eventually I just gave up and stopped hiring locators. To be fair, your company did find me my most profitable location, and they've treated me well.
  3. I should have done that, but that usually costs extra and I tend to be a bit of an optimist. I rarely get warranties when I buy stuff. How long have you been in the vending business?
  4. I had a horrible experience with a machine in a break room. It was at a Calvin Klein kid's store. First of all, there aren't that many employees, secondly, there were other machines there, including forgotten machines. I think I made like $1 in one month, $0.50 the next. The places that have worked best for me are: 1. gumball machine in a restaurant with a family section. 2. A machine that sold three things (gumballs, m&ms, etc) in hardware store that does repairs with a nice waiting room. I have a gumball machine in a nice chain hotel, and it does OK. Some months it makes more money, depends on the season. The machine is by the entrance, and I think there's lots of kids because I usually see them by the pool. I have a machine at a beach bar, but that one barely makes money. If it was a cigarrette machine, it would make money. But when you're selling gumballs or Peanut M&Ms, you have to be in the right place. Now I have two machines sitting at home. used to be great, but the last times I've hired them it's been a disaster. I used to like Kickstart Locators, but didn't like most of the locations they found me.
  5. That's why I'm sticking with gum ball machines for now, the one headed ones which aren't too heavy. The big monsters make more money, but are too much of a hassle for me. I don't even have a garage, so I'd probably have to rent space in a warehouse or some other place just to store them while I look for locations.
  6. Sorry to hear about your vending accident. Must be one of those 500-1,000 pound machines, right?
  7. I get we all want to make money, but let's be realistic. Most people don't carry dollar coins. The ones that do probably live in Miami, take Metrorail and the bus. That was the only time in my life I had those damn things. The rest of the time, I may or may not have quarters. Also, most people are not going to put $1 into a bulk vending machine. If you want to get dollars, go into full-line vending. Bulk vending is for 25 cents, maybe 50 cents in some cases, but a whole dollar? I don't think so.
  8. You also deal with Shirley, what a small world vending in. Shirley's real helpful, nowadays I'm just scanning the paperwork and sending it to her whenever I need new stickers. Still, I wish the process was electronic from the get go, like buying something on Amazon, getting insurance, etc. I'm not a Millennial, but why is the NCCA stuck in the early 1990s? When my realtor wants me to sign a lease, he does it with docusign or one of those companies. It's easy, you read, click, maybe type your name once, and it's done. In the past, I would have to print that BS and send it by mail.
  9. I agree. In fact, if anyone wants to get out of the vending business, NCCS demands you return all your stickers. I don't know what happens if you don't, do they send collectors? I'm not sure.
  10. This man got in trouble for not paying for his charity sticker.... FORT ANN - Deran Akullian is accused of stealing from a charity that that helps kids who suffer from cancer. The 59-year-old Saratoga Springs man placed collection jars at businesses in New York, Massachusetts and Vermont seeking help for a St. Louis-based charity called the National Children's Cancer Society. In exchange for some change, donors could help themselves to a piece of candy. But police say Akullian turned it into his own sweet deal. He was in court Thursday, charged with one count of scheme to defraud, a felony. "How does that all work?" Akullian asked Judge Dane Clark after the judge set bail at $20,000 cash or $40,000 bond. Police say it worked well for the alleged scammer. They say it appears he was collecting at more than 300 establishments in three states, raking in tens of thousands of dollars a year. Richard Heath, owner of R and B Diner on State Route 22, says he was eager to help sick kids when Akullian asked him if he could place a collection jar on his counter. Then Heath learned Akullian is an accused scammer. "Makes me feel sick how somebody could do that to kids that really have cancer. I'm glad he was caught," Heath said. Mark Stolze, the CEO of the National Cancer Society says Akullian initially made payments to the charity in exchange for the stickers that go on the jars, but the payments stopped in 2014. "It's just astounding to find out someone could raise money using the pretense of helping children with cancer and keeping that money for themselves.Thank God this rarely, rarely happens," Stolze said by phone Thursday afternoon. Anyone who may have had a jar from Akullian in their business is asked to call New York State Police Investigator Kevin Reppenhagen at (518) 642-0599 or (518) 642-9455. Source: The link has a video.
  11. It's a bunch of BS. Buying a car requires license, insurance, financing, paperwork, valuing your trade, etc. Last time I did it it took me 3-hours. Even though my credit had had a $20,000 credit limit, I still had to call the bank because the dealership charges you a fee if your credit card purchase exceeds $5,000.
  12. Do you have any friends at the airport? I hear getting a machine at the airport requires a lot of red tape. So unless the company helps you finding a location, I wouldn't bother with them.
  13. I like the NCCS, except that their stickers could be smaller and I wish I could login to their website to order stickers instead of having to mail the paperwork or scan it and send it by e-mail. I'm curious about the people offering to share 20% of the drop. How do you do it? Do you count the money in front of the client? I think paying $1 a month per machine to the NCCS is cheaper and involves less hassle.
  14. I know what you mean. Before I got into vending, I thought 100% of the money in honor boxes went to the charity, now I know better. Maybe that's why I'm more comfortable with gumballs, plus, it's a lot harder to steal from a bulk vending machine than an honor box. I mean, the honor box weights nothing, what if someone just takes it home? Then you lose the candy and the money. How much money can one honor box make? Realistically speaking?
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