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  1. I know parts for imports are often interchangeable but I wanted to just make sure.
  2. I'm just a guy who had an honor box route. I understand the costs of these boxes with the price of shipping. With that knowledge, I worked to make it more affordable and easy for you. I launched the website HonorBoxGuy.com . On my website, you will find the lowest cost honor boxes and you will not have to purchase by freight-load either to get them for your route. For everyone here for the next 5 days they can get 10 percent off their order with promotion code "First Month". For those worried about shipping costs, if you are close enough and buy enough boxes it is can possible to work out a local pickup deal
  3. Those stands are sort of tricky. I can imagine as a business owner think someone is gonna bring in a simple charity machine then that shows up. I don't know rodneys script but its probably hard to describe that
  4. I like them easier to store because of there shape. Easier to close. I just throw them in a recycle bin or reuse
  5. I do Yorks and mix a TINY bit of mars candies that are 8-9 cents a piece so the employees buy.
  6. I think all the good machines thats left is Beaver and Eagle, please do correct me if i am wrong
  7. Howard Goldstein is the only in person locator i ever heard of, search this site make a decision for yourself about the guy or anyone else. He seems legit but i don't know his min order. Dogcow says good about him and dogcow been here forever.
  8. Agree my locations or customers never ask about the charity after the introduction except maybe 1-2 times. Yet they pour quarters into the machine. I never hear them tell me to bring a donation box so they could dump X amount of bucks every month for nothing. They want the candy. Never had a UTURN but i doubt there is much candy on that top head either. I never visited a HB and see tons of money in there without the box being empty. Why do you think there is theft involved with HB its because they want the candy. Nobody who puts a quarter into the machine is scammed or tricked by the charity, they wanted the candy,toy,Gb.
  9. File a police report and hope you either find yoir machine elsewhere or the police find it sometime in the future. Thats why i make it clear I will be the only person who services it
  10. If anyone promises you will nake any money its a scam. Just buy the product yourself
  11. This is how two choices mint/Lolipop boxes or snack boxes. You can get snack boxes from two sites. Cameron which has them for two bucks something cents each but they are all white, or Sheridan that has plain boxes, and all pink. In snack boxes you put like chips and cookies and stuff. There is a mega thread in honor box section on snack boxes. With mint boxes/lolipop you get them from Sheridan. You will need to team with a charity for both boxes. You should sit down and read this site. There is over 100,000 posts in bulk and tons in Honor boxes. Start with the bulk and honor box mega thread then everything else. Dont go with charity vending.org it rubs me the wrong way. Boxes are easier than you think to put out. Get a charity with it target places that don't have bunch of corporate tape and it should be easy. I have gotten car places, pizza shops, a thrift store and a healthy smoothie shop that would never take a machine. You just gotta pitch a box in person is all
  12. Hi Gator, i been look at your updates for awhile, I wanted to ask. When i take Honor Boxes for mints i usually just run in with the box when i pitch. Do you do the same with snack boxes?
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