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  1. Finally Making New Vending Machine App

    Yep, already planned.
  2. Finally Making New Vending Machine App

    thats not something an app can do unless your machine is wired to the internet / wifi
  3. locator race 2017?

    So i am new to the game, and right now i am using Rodney, but i am curious if anyone has done a new locator race like Kandyking did a few years back?
  4. Finally Making New Vending Machine App

    explain running repair costs
  5. Finally Making New Vending Machine App

    well so far no one is suggesting any features lol
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Retro-25-Oak-Astro-Gum-ball-Gum-Candy-1-5-Capsule-Vending-Machine-/122618048860?hash=item1c8c9af15c:g:YmIAAOSwvqlZeRt0
  7. OK, i am going to make a new vending machine app for android and IOS, none of that month to month payment bs, i want this thing jam packed of features for every situation, Overhead cost Location tracking, reminding / alerts, graphs and charts showing data based on candy sales, whats selling, whats not, When to pull a machine according to your own criteria, notes, route planning, adding locations, types of machines etc.. anything you can think of that you'd like to see let me know. I MIGHT add some kind of way to let people know if you have machines to sell in the data base, so people can look for machines directly with the app from other users in the area etc.
  8. list of businesses?

    i have found 1 or 2 ways to find indie owned local businesses, any ways / resources i should be using?
  9. Hey vendco, i am in seattle area, but i do not have a beverage vending machine yet, i was thinking about picking up a couple.
  10. starting to purchase beavers

    OK nevermind .. i guess i thought these were beavers https://offerup.com/item/detail/279830549/?ref=FilteredSearch&event_source=srch63bbfa5248154cd7a1b57990fe99b39d i see these EVERYWHERE.
  11. starting to purchase beavers

    So i am trying to branch out from vendstars to beavers. it always throws me off because of the wooden stands, my first instinct is to not purchase it because i guess it just looks odd for a wooden stand. can anyone suggest which beavers are most commonly used? and does anyone have pictures of their machines?
  12. Any one use Vline?

    well i see a million more vendstars for sale than anything else. i see 1 or 2 oaks for sale here and there. but usually lots of vendstars so they are much easier to get.
  13. Any one use Vline?

  14. Any one use Vline?

    damn vendstars arent in your mantra ;(
  15. Any one use Vline?

    I see a lot of V-line machines for sale. they look pretty solid but i dont know anything about them. thoughts? also the guy who tried to sell them to me, i stuck a quarter in and it wouldnt turn, so i dont know if it was a scam or if it was broken.. but it was 3 machines that didnt turn.