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  1. I have a bunch of vending machines im selling in the greater seattle area. 100$ a piece for the double heads. 125$ for the triple heads. i have a bunch of northwesterns, eagles, oaks, a couple of beavers and vendstars, i do not count vendstars as triple head prices.
  2. Hello, im selling each of my machines around seattle area for 100 each. i have oaks eagles and northwestern double heads. some triple heads ill sell for 125.
  3. do you know any up here who would be interested?
  4. Hey rodney, i am also considering selling just the machines for people out of the area. ive had a few biters
  5. The reason i put that there is because i was inundated with emails wanting EXACT percentages and what kind of guarenteed income there is minimum in a store. etc.
  6. nope. seattle / puyallup / federal way / that whole area. kent, auburn, tacoma. You can always pay someone to run the route for you.
  7. I am in washington state, i have a vending machine business, around 60 locations and 30 more machines ready to be placed. anyone know anyone who is in the market? i posted it on craigslist but people dont seem to have any idea what to do with this business.
  8. If rodney was rude, im sure there was a reason. ive used him from the beginning, hes amazing.
  9. yea actually i have a triple head machine at that location and one machine has something jammed in the lock, and the other wont spin when you put a quarter in it. so that location is trouble. but its a jiffy lube so i definately want it there
  10. I have a jiffy lube in a bad neighborhood and people are jamming metal things into my locks.. i may have to drill the lock out to replace it, any ideas how you can stop people from jamming stuff into the locks? i use an Oak machine with standard locks.
  11. someone in washington is selling this https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/bfs/d/vending-machines-toy-candy/6674552086.html
  12. i am working on an app thats going to do all of this for you guys
  13. I need to know the cheapest place i can get these from a reputable source. I found this place http://www.budgetvendingsupply.com/double-mounting-bracket.html and at the time, it was half price, so about 6.95 and free shipping...but this company is going out of its way to make me not trust them. i tried to order, and it tells me their credit card process is down so i must call them...except they NEVER answer the phone, and now its back to full price, i have messaged them on facebook , they are simply impossible to get ahold of so as far as im concerned they dont deserve my
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