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  1. locators

    Talk about run on. LOL. Can you maybe slow down a little and elaborate more on your points?
  2. Finally Making New Vending Machine App

    AND per machine.
  3. Finally Making New Vending Machine App

    Per candy cost, per vend. How much do I make each time a .25 or whatever amount is used....
  4. Route performance

    I am new but I now have 70 locations. My 2 cents: Leave low performing machines in place and buy more machines! Over time, those $5 a month machines may start to be more, but someone else will place something there and be making the $5 a month. Just buy more machines and increase your route, it would take you no more then 5 minutes to collect, fill and clean the machine! Sounds like a winner to me. 12 x 5 = $60 a year. better then letting that machine sit dormant in your shop or in storage! Now, if your WHOLE route is $5 to $8, you got a problem. But again I am a newbie, so my opinion is what it is!
  5. Route performance

    How many locations do you have?
  6. Route performance

    Scale in the car?
  7. Route performance

    How are you guys counting your money while on the go? Coin counter in the car? I seem to logistically have an issue when I am collecting multiple locations I am ready to get to the next spot, save time and energy. Putting locations in seperate bags? So all of a sudden you have 100 plastic bags in the back of your car?
  8. Ask Beaver!

    Yes, exactly why the engineers need to get their nose to the grindstone and get us some mechs that will fit, more mech sales HAS to equal more machine sales, eventually!
  9. Ask Beaver!

    Yes, and while you are emailing or on the telephone with us, you can convince some of us to get a few Beavers with their order! Or think of it backwards, most of these operators probably have tons of old NW mechs, is there no way for a NW mech to operate a small Beaver machine? I am a newbie so I will go ahead and say that it might be a dumb question.
  10. Ask Beaver!

    Ok I saw where you answered this on another forum! " Hi Brian! We are currently exploring the possibility of offering similarly prices New Generation coin mechs that will fit the NW60's! -Rebecca "
  11. Ask Beaver!

    I would like a clear answer to this one: Are there currently any plans or any thoughts at the proverbial water cooler floating around at the higher ups at beaver about getting us a beaver mech that fits the NW60? Anything? Rumors?
  12. Turnover

    Makes sense. People gotta eat instead of needing those new tires. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Northwestern Corp

    Beaver, Any news on your guys creating a 25 or 50 cent mech for the NW60's? I am aware of the NW80's. I was hoping someone would have started manufacturing the machines again (NW), I know they are your competitor brand. While operators are on the phone with your sales people, selling us these mechs we need, you can sell us some of your square/round/ northern beaver machines! I just bought 60 brand new still in the box NW60's, mechs are great, so when I get these placed, I will need more machines. Hope to pickup some beavers. Brian
  14. What's selling well in 2"

    Where do you guys get the toys/caps for the 2" machines? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. little help

    Im interested to know what this is exactly.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk