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  1. Hey do you have a Mars 4000 series coin cassette? 

    1. lacanteen


      I usually trash that model changer, but I'll keep the cassette from the next one for you. It's really not a reliable changer and the factory stopped supporting it 15 years ago.

    2. petersvending


      What should I use? It is in a small 2 wide USI snack.... I thought Mars was the best coin mech? 

  2. petersvending

    Need locator

    Yes. Use Rodney. He is the best.
  3. petersvending

    Eagle pricing

    10-4. I will need a pallet soon. I have some time before I am forced to buy Eagle, which I like the machine dont get me wrong, I just trying to wait on NEN to see if they will begin taking orders for new machines. My time is running out.
  4. petersvending

    Eagle pricing

    How many machines ship on a pallet?
  5. petersvending

    Eagle pricing

  6. petersvending

    4 selection u turn $99

    There are 2 roads you can take with me. Road #1: Why so hostile sir? Are you calling me a liar? Either way, there is no need to get hostile with me. No issues here. I just call it like I see it. Tell it like it is. Road #2: I stupidly bought a set of 4 uturns from a lady locally, 2 of them brand new in the box for a whopping total of $100. They break and dont vend right, and they are a pain in the rump to service. Id rather get the scrap metal and be done with them, instead of dealing with them any longer. Uturns are trash! Which road do you choose? Either way you wrap it, I dont have any reason to lie to to you, at all.
  7. petersvending

    4 selection u turn $99

    I just threw 3 of them in the garbage. May want to consider lowering your price.
  8. petersvending

    NEN and Northwestern

    Has anyone heard anything out of NEN on when/if they will begin production of machines again, ala Super 60? I am aware that they are making or have parts that they acquired, Cardinal and AA Global are distributors for them. Just havent heard anything recently on that end. Rumor? LOL I am shortly (First of the year) going to need a pallet of new machines and I want to keep everything I have uniform and get NW 60. I love the Eagle machines just do not want to be forced to buy them and have different spares...
  9. petersvending

    Dixie Narco 276E lost fob

    Agree. Horrible idea. Keys are a hard thing to kill, they work so well!
  10. petersvending

    Dixie Narco 276E lost fob

    What is this? Key fob? Like a button for locking and unlocking your car? They have this for soda machines now?
  11. petersvending

    Heads vs locations

    For us personally, we just look at location. We record the heads for logistical reasons.
  12. petersvending

    Polyvend 4000 Button Cleaning

    Report on this: I ordered key pad. Put new keypad in. The A-G didnt work. Cleaned the old keypad and buttons up with rubbing alcohol. Works like a charm. Calling company to get my money back on the keypad!
  13. petersvending

    Premium gumballs?

    Also, some people run the Gumballs with Nerds. I havent run those because my competitor runs them here and I just want something different.
  14. petersvending

    Premium gumballs?

    I have used the small size the 23mm 1080 ct and they seem to vend just as well as the dubble bubble 24mm 850 ct. So theres another way to squeeze out a little more profit. You can get them thru Sam's Club on the app on your phone. I run both and both do well. Anything else, is if you need to fill a spot on a rack with another type gumball for variety etc.
  15. petersvending

    Polyvend 4000 Button Cleaning

    Thanks for everyones help.