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  1. petersvending

    Sams shipping 62 oz M&M's

    Trick the app into saying your store is another store and just have it shipped to you.
  2. petersvending

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    We still have them here in Valdosta, GA.
  3. petersvending


    NEN as far as I know is the only company selling parts for the NW's. I personally bought some .25to.50 conversion kits from them last year. I was told they were going to be selling machines again and I hear there have been some orders to some big suppliers but I can't confirm that. Id like to buy a pallet or two soon. I will be forced to buy from Eagle if they can not fulfill that.
  4. petersvending


    My belief is, as long as their are quarters and dollar coins being or going to be minted, we will have a business. the day it all goes 100% cashless, is the day we will be out of business.
  5. petersvending

    Good day locating

    How did you land the local pizza hut?
  6. petersvending

    Sams shipping 62 oz M&M's

    It took 3 days to leave warehouse and a week to get to me. California to Georgia (I am in GA).
  7. petersvending

    Sams shipping 62 oz M&M's

    I wish they would carry mike and ikes in club so I dont have to wait a week and a half for them to get to me lol
  8. petersvending

    Called a locater today

    Rodney is the best locator. That is all I can say. Follow his plan and you get results.
  9. petersvending

    Info needed on americas best locator/Richard campbell

    Go with Rodney. He is the best.
  10. petersvending

    PMM and MM containers

    They are here in Valdosta at my Sam's Club. Not a fan.
  11. petersvending

    Preferred Suppliers for Bulk

    I used Cardinal, but I am by no means a big player in this game.... yet.
  12. petersvending


    None. Buy Northwestern, Beaver or Eagle bulk vendors.
  13. petersvending


    One is just progressively crappier then the next one.
  14. petersvending

    What toys are hot in Bulk Vending right now?

    Fun mix? Interesting! Right now for my restaurant locations, anything emoji is selling hot. I would do emoji and maybe some sticky hands. gumballs for sure!
  15. petersvending

    Need a new parts supplier.

    Can you get locks that fit multiple machine types? For instance, if I wanted to convert *all* my bulk machines to one key code, is that possible? (Besides the tubular vendstars I have out, yes I know VS is trash, swapping them out soon)