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  1. BTVFC

    Background checks for employees

    Every state is different. Call the state police for where you need to perform the checks, and see if they offer an online method. Here in PA, you can do it on line for $10 per person for criminal history, and $23 for child abuse checks.
  2. There are some switch settings on the controller that deal with coin mechs and $5 acceptance. Are you using an aftermarket logic mech converter? There are some switch settings on those devices as well.
  3. BTVFC

    CONLUX bill accepter

    IMO, Conlux is "C"-list peripherals. Plenty of refurbished 2512's out there at reasonable prices.
  4. BTVFC

    CONLUX bill accepter

    Sounds like the validator is bad. That model is supposed to accept 1's, 5's & MDB coupons.
  5. BTVFC

    Newest equipment

    The flexible package feature is attractive, but the capacity isn't for anyone who is serious about the vending business. Might as well have an Antares....one twentieth the price, and nearly the same capacity.
  6. BTVFC

    Healthy vs junk projections

    Chris, Well said. Successful operators buy with their heads. Unsuccessful ones buy with their hearts.
  7. BTVFC

    Vendo 511 error 5

    It's a Univendor, right? Univendor controllers have the capability for both. The error may just have been a glitch. Try resetting it.
  8. BTVFC

    Vendo 511 error 5

    The code is a communication error with the coin mech, only when using the MDB interface. Check your connections, and reset the error code by pressing and holding any selection switch for 2 seconds when the error code appears on the display.
  9. BTVFC

    MEI Recycler

    Small operators with a limited customer base should do what is necessary to maximize sales. Do what you need (within reason) to make customers happy. No need to operate like you have hundreds of machines & multiple routes.
  10. BTVFC

    MEI Recycler

    I also bought 2 recently, as an experiment. I pay back in $5's and dollar coins from the changer. Because most folks aren't too keen on $1 coins in the US, I get most of them spent back in the machines.
  11. Maybe a little bit of graphite, or some other dry lubricant?
  12. BTVFC

    home built vending

    Great idea! Kinda reminds me of the farm fresh egg vending machines.
  13. BTVFC

    greenwick boards

    Don't know if this helps: http://www.dsvendinginc.com/images/pdf-manuals/vb107.doc
  14. BTVFC

    greenwick boards

    Got one in a Rowe 4900 for nearly 10 years. Gives new life to obsolete machines.