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  1. Gross profit is what's left after subtracting the cost of goods sold. Net profit is what's left after subtracting all costs (cost of goods sold, labor, etc). You should be able to tell within a few months whether or not is will be worth your while. A change in seasons will bring different sales. For example, if you're not selling enough beverages in the summer to cover costs and make a few bucks, the account will be a dog. You need to do very well at peak times, and fairly well all other times.
  2. That's a univendor, right? I have one, and you can only go 1 deep with 20 oz Powerade. I don't use any clips, and the gauge bar is all the way to the left.
  3. "Where's the Coke? The Doritos? Where's the Peanut M&Ms!?" The same place the customers for the products in that machine are....not to be found.
  4. This may or may not be the manual, but it's worth a try. Page 18 https://www.vendnetusa.com/wfdata/files/4210555.pdf Or try this one. It mentions a password: https://www.vendnetusa.com/wfdata/files/4212619h.pdf
  5. It looks like this is covered in the time/date setting section of the programming instructions, under "block selection setting" (CtL1).
  6. There should be numbers embossed on the outer retainer. Turn until the appropriate depth number is at the actuator on the motor switch. Make sure the motor doesn't turn when doing so.
  7. There are several different variations of motors for the Univendor. What color disk is on the motor?
  8. This machine has a great capacity when it comes to cans.
  9. It does sound like your cams aren't correctly configured. The manual will show you the correct positions for 1, 2, or 3 deep.
  10. The PayRange issue could be a firmware problem. I had a Vendo 721 with PayRange and a Mars recycler stop & start working randomly. They updated the firmware on the PayRange to 33, and it seems to have cured the problem. Go to their support section of the website, and place a request, citing your problem.
  11. I'd be wiling to bet that the validator is a maka. The mask seems identical for a Lance Millennium machine, keypad matches (with no * or #), maybe refitted with a Tuffront. So, it would be a USI manufactured machine.
  12. I've never seen Coke in 28's in my area. A couple of years ago, it was 32's, but now it's 35's. And they cost about $1 more than the Pepsi 36's.
  13. Cashless is fine, as long as it is not exclusive.
  14. With the epidemic of identity theft, banning cashless only is not a bad thing. There are people out there who actually use cash. It's more secure than any other form of payment.
  15. Check the sticker on the side at the bottom for the model number. If it ends in "2" (ie VN2512 or VN2502), it's MDB. The coupons can be purchased from D&S. https://www.dsvendinginc.com/c-66-coupons.aspx
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