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  1. BTVFC

    greenwick boards

    Don't know if this helps: http://www.dsvendinginc.com/images/pdf-manuals/vb107.doc
  2. BTVFC

    greenwick boards

    Got one in a Rowe 4900 for nearly 10 years. Gives new life to obsolete machines.
  3. Spot on. Been doing that for years. Lots of "right click" artwork out there.
  4. BTVFC

    New Deer Park 20oz bottles

    Did they thicken the plastic on the 700ml bottles as well? They seem sturdier.
  5. BTVFC

    Pay Range

    If you are serving millennials, they will embrace the technology. Depending on the machine, it may or may not report cash sales.
  6. BTVFC

    MEI CF 7000 problem

    Sounds like you should have it professionally serviced. The payout assembly is comprised of one motor and five solenoids. You can test the payout assembly through the menu, in the "test" section. It can test the motor, and each of the payout arms. Usually, if there is a dispenser failure, there should be an error message of that type.
  7. BTVFC

    CF 7000

    If you place an empty cassette into the mech, does it read zero? Just a thought, the coin tubes may need to be calibrated.
  8. BTVFC

    Are my prices to high

    A lot of folks think that your COG is next to nothing. They think the Coke truck pulls up to your warehouse, unloads, and you get a bill for $5.
  9. BTVFC

    Vendo 721 Power Button?

    Newer ones have a power switch, and older ones don't. But both the switch & plug are located where Chard stated.
  10. BTVFC

    What one is the EPROM?

    #1 is a socket that is surface mounted. The device in the socket is what is known as a "leadless chip". Coinco BA30's and Vendo controllers v9 and later use that type of socket for their eproms.
  11. BTVFC

    DN 5800 Ballast

    Most LED bulbs that are ballast compatible are also direct wire compatible.
  12. BTVFC

    What exactly is mdb?

    See the 2nd paragraph. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multidrop_bus
  13. BTVFC

    What are they and how much pay. Again

    As Corvus said, some Royals and some USI's have front and rear columns for beverages. They do this to save space on the footprint, or to allow for more selections. The rear columns are a P.I.T.A. to fill if there is still merchandise in the column in front of it. So you try to load slower sellers in the rear columns.
  14. BTVFC

    What are they and how much pay. Again

    I share a general dislike for front/rear loaders. If something in the rear is the worst selling item in the machine, it'll still sell out before anything in front of it.
  15. BTVFC

    What model Rowe and what’s it worth

    Yup, 5900Jr. Parts are hard to find, but many of the 4900 parts also fit the 5900. There are also aftermarket controllers that give you MDB and allow you to use card readers. These things are built like a tank.