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  1. BTVFC

    Vending Spirals

    These would obviously go in a snack/pastry column, but I haven't seen any spirals for snack columns that will support that size package. There are 6 count for candy, but I don't know if they're interchangeable.
  2. BTVFC

    Best selling snacks

    Now that Sam's offers free shipping for plus members, I've been able to introduce a few new items to my customers. Snyder's flavored pretzel pieces always sold well when they were in the club (until the discontinued them), and now there's an assortment box (18) available online with a unit cost of about 60¢ (sells easily for me at $1). People like variety, and will try something new. Just make sure you don't overpay, keep an eye on those new items, and don't be hesitant about moving on if they are poor sellers. Everyone's tastes are different, so it's pretty much a game of trial and error.
  3. BTVFC

    ROWE 5900 ROWE CBA-2

    Most of the major players (D&S, VE, Capital, Betson) do repairs.
  4. The crv program is administered by CalRecycle. They may be able to help.
  5. BTVFC

    Rockstar vs monster

    If you had hundreds of locations, and bought tractor trailer loads for each location, you'd get a fairly good price as well. Not to mention that Walmart (parent of Sam's) is one tough price negotiator.
  6. BTVFC

    Need Manual for USI 3185

  7. BTVFC

    Vendo 480

    Not sure about card readers, but I had to upgrade a 5.1 board to 5.1b just to get Pay Range to work. But no cash sales info or individual selection numbers.
  8. Cold beverages may be so-so, but the stales from snacks will kill you.
  9. BTVFC

    CF 7000 dispenser assembly

    Capital Vending sells working pulls. Otherwise, it has to go to a repair center. I have replaced a couple of these. The assembly is comprised of one motor and five solenoids, and the solenoids usually are the parts that go bad. There is a considerable amount of disassembly to get to the point where you can remove the entire assembly. But, if you are observant and careful during disassembly, it can be done.
  10. BTVFC

    What light does a Crane take?

    Measure the existing bulb. It's probably 24". A lot of 4 wides use a 24". Lots of LED plug-and-plays out there. Just remove the starter and install the bulb.
  11. BTVFC

    Royal Vendor 660 Labels

    If you are fairly adept at graphics software, it's quite easy to create your own labels. For anything which I can't find a label, I create one via a search and right click. I use Micrografx Picture Publisher. Inexpensive, and fairly easy to use. It allows you to save in different graphics file formats.
  12. BTVFC

    Royal Vendor 660 Labels

    This may be it. https://www.chicompany.net/vending-store/vending-label-dvd/vending-label-dvd---print-your-own-vending-flavor-strips I got something similar from Global Vending Group a few years ago. It's a template in Microsoft Publisher, and lots of graphics.
  13. IMO, the rate of exchange (currently $1 AU = $0.72 US), combined with the fact that there are considerably more machines and mechs in the US, makes the difference not so significant.
  14. BTVFC


  15. Try contacting Sam's corporate customer service over the phone. You may (or may not) reach someone who has a clue. Or, contact the CA Dept of revenue and report them for overcharging CRV.