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  1. Hi everyone. Its Harry. I’m a Director at Nayax. Are you aware of another exclusive feature to allow our operators to manage the operation of their machines right from their mobile? All at no additional cost to the same monthly fee as you are paying now and without all these extra features. Only from Nayax. Just released new video. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=ubLUHFfkU_g Need to pay $$$ to upgrade your existing readers as so many do now? Trade them in to Nayax at a price cheaper then your current options and get all the great Nayax extra features. Questions: harry@nayax.com 410-666-3800 x1113
  2. Hi everyone. Feel free to reach out to me anytime directly. I have an open door policy and usually always get back with 24 hours if someone leaves me a voice mail. Phil and Chris - We do not have an all in one that works with MEI or Coinco. Our readers require a 2nd knockout hole or drilling. We have an all in one called the VPOS Fusion. It is our VPOS Touch reader on a pyramid bill validator. Most in amusements use pyramid as most in vending use mei/coinco. We had MEI bezels many many years ago and we do not have many people still using them as they are old technology. I rarely hear them mentioned anymore. You are still using old Nayax/MEI? Please call me tomorrow if you are and I'd like to know more 410-666-3800 x1113. Those questions make me think you know Nayax from when InOne was our sole sales and support for the North American market. Five years ago we opened our North American office and have been educating and penetrating North America since. Chris, I think I answered this in a previous post. I am frankly not aware of any overall issue. We have such a large distribution of readers all over (100's of 1000's in 70 countries). You can only imagine the tech prowess of an engineering company that can supply cellular and banking in 70+ countries and take 26 currencies, in all unattended machines of every vertical. I always welcome anyone who feels they have had an inordinate amount of failed readers (everyone's cases will be different), please reach out to me and I am happy to look into it. Jasonkw, The facts do not back up your feelings. Feel free to stick to older technology. All we can do as the international leader of cashless technology is educate. The North American market is listening I can assure you and that will continue to become more obvious as each day and month pass. See my recent post attached and see the transcript from the leader of VISA and Nayax educating what's coming down the pike. Those are the facts directly from the processing leaders. I am happy to go into more detail for any one interested in knowing more. harry@nayax.com or 410-666-3800 x1113 Clint, thanks for the kind words. We work closely with our OEM'S, Distributors, Re-sellers and Operators in a win/win situation and we both certainly have that going on. https://www.vendingconnection.com/vending-technology-news/nayax-webinar-highlights-cashless-payments-what-do-owners-and-operators-need-to-know/ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/harrykozlovsky_nayax-webinar-highlights-cashless-payments-activity-6728631514734714880-NNAY Good night everyone and Happy Vending..... Harry
  3. Hi everyone. I want to be sure everyone sees this and understands it's impact. For years, in the US, Nayax has supplied EMV secure chip readers. Why has Nayax supplied them and no one else has? These are our readers. We are an engineering company company and supply unattended machine owners (vending, car wash, air and vac, massage chairs, amusements, photo booths, all smart PC based machines such as Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, kiosks, etc....) in 70+ countries and all countries outside of the US have been on EMV/Chip for many years as the US lagged behind. Other readers you buy come from being bought from 3rd party OEM international manufacturing companies who brand the selling companies name on the them and they are then sold to operators, distributors and manufacturers. They will work well to take your customers to credit cards and phone payments as we all do but as these companies are sales and marketing companies and Nayax is a large engineering company, Nayax will always offer many technology advances in whatever we sell and at no additional cost that make a difference in our operators sales. See just a few below in the videos I shared... I hear from people that say well I have made my bed and may not want 2 systems. My response is, well, if you use a full VMS (Seed, ParLevel, VendSys, or Vendsoft, for example), you do not lose any capability on your VMS software and if you are not using a VMS, Nayax reporting system is the best out there (even offering live MDB inventory) for operators of 1-400 machines. The hardware is software agnostic and all hardware will dex the same files to your VMS and your VMS is unaffected. Also, I ask, do you plan in being in business 3-5 years down the road? If yes, then why double down. Many of you buying older 3G and 4G technology for many years, can now with all the dysfunction being caused to you by forced 3G upgrading, EMV/Chip, and old swipe technology losing Apple/Google and Samsung Pay soon (see my prior post), and with our desire to offer great deals to easily transition to Nayax, it is a great opportunity to have the discussion. If you have not yet had the discussion that has helped many people better understand the entire marketplace and where technology is headed to assist you, only with full information and diligence can you then make informed business decisions. I am happy to discuss and answer any questions anytime. Good luck to all of you. Harry Sr. Director Solution Sales, Nayax harry@nayax.com 410-666-3800 x1113 (if I am on the phone (likely), please leave me a voice mail and I will call you back *************************** 1. What reader can withstand bad location vanadlism? https://youtu.be/yptgHfhmxBE 2. A new Feature added to our Monyx Wallet App (see more below) - What reader offers free money (paid by Nayax) after every customer's purchase? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuLG0y-0yE4 3. Monyx Wallet App - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hwILaiIfMy0 4. Nayax in Total for Vending - https://youtu.be/L2ApHJbOpjY
  4. Hi everybody. It’s Harry. I am Sr Director of Solution Sales at Nayax and have had the pleasure to have spoken to many of you over the years. Be aware. Be informed. “Visa encourages business owners in the United States to upgrade from MSD to chip readers by April 2021 because they plan to stop supporting MSD payment technology in the United States.” In the US, if you own or still are buying readers that do not have the chip slot, which allow your customers to use their secure chip cards and instead force them to swipe their cards, your customers will no longer be able to pay with their phones with Apple, Google or Samsung Pay likely sometime in early 2021. See below the transcript of a conference call between leaders of VISA and Nayax 2 weeks ago that we did for our customers. This will impact most readers in the US that are not a Nayax reader, no matter if it 3G or 4G, since all Nayax readers have the chip slot. https://www.vendingconnection.com/vending-technology-news/nayax-webinar-highlights-cashless-payments-what-do-owners-and-operators-need-to-know/ Don’t think all readers are equal. They are not. I am happy anytime to help answer any questions to better understand this. Nayax also is offering tremendous trade in deals and with very little cash down for those looking to start with Nayax and best hardware features available. harry@nayax.com or 410-666-3800 x1113. Have a great day.... Harry
  5. Hi everyone. It is Harry. I am the Sr Director of Solution Sales from Nayax. Short on cash? Are you going to need to deal with your old 3G or old swipe readers devices or ready to move your cash only machines. Short Term In House Rental Sale on the VPOS Touch Graphical All in One Device: Get 25 for the Price of 3. For details or any questions, reach out to me anytime harry@nayax.com or 410-666-3800 x1113. Good night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed2QGyX0LEQ&feature=emb_logo
  6. Hi. Yes sir in both cases. Have a nice weekend. Harry
  7. Hi Phil. Thank for the reply. Yes, actually because of Covid, VISA and Mastercard, whether your cards are set to expire or not, are and will continue to be sending out 30 million updated cards so that everyone by end of year will have the wave symbol on the back of their cards to make them contactless and no need to insert them but simply wave them in from of EMV certified readers. Additionally likely during 1st quarter or so of next year, anyone using none EMV certified readers (swipe only), will lose the ability to use Apple and Google Pay as the credit card companies will be starting to restrict on non EMV technology. It is really rolling the dice with swipe only readers just like 3G technology. Wait it out but do not be surprised when the services diminish or stop. As to your readers, you had some Arrows (those were the 2G) and then it looks like we had just come out with the first AMITs. (3G CDMA). Your serial number were starting with 131xxx and AMITs started with 130xxxx. I have seen some that old still out there but that was long ago. You started at the beginning of 3G Nayax devices. 4G AMITs are now in the 450xxx as I recall in the US and the VPOS Touch came into play in the US about 2 years ago and deeply for the past 1 1/2 years. Let's try to speak as you can and I am happy to answer all of your questions. Call me anytime 410-666-3800 x1113. Looking forward. Good night. All the best, Harry
  8. Thank you for your comment. Is this Phil? I did a quick peek. It looks like your devices by their serial numbers were VERY VERY old and some were even our old Arrow devices as well. Some background: We have been in existence for nearly 20 years. We started internationally and now serve 70+ countries with offices in 15 countries and distributors where we do not have offices to be able to support 70+ countries and service operators, distributors and OEMs of every unattended machine vertical. To be able to reimburse all over the world we partner with 45 financial institutions and many cellular international carriers. You can imagine what a massive engineering undertaking this is and it progressed over 20 years. As we were building our networks worldwide, as you mentioned InOne Technologies was our Distributor for the US market in our early days in the US. We had no office in the US. InOne was responsible for all sales and marketing and all customer interfaces for Nayax equipment. About 5 years ago, when I started with Nayax, we decided it was time to open our North American office and opened it in Maryland. For the past 5 years, we have hands-on been educating the US and Canadian markets and that over time has been a game changer for Nayax and our customers. As I mentioned, it is all about education. With education customers can then make informed decisions no matter what the decision is. I will also reiterate, we are not a marketing company. Of course we market. Every business markets. We are an engineering company and that is what we do. We then sell what we engineer and explains the exclusive features we offer our operators and those features when taken advantage of can increase sales. We do not stop with just our readers. Because we lead in the world in engineering cashless technology, we leveraged our open payment system deployed all verticals of unattended machines, and leveraged that into another big and growing vertical - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations where the EV Meter is our own Electric Vehicle Charging Station with supports our open payment technology which additionally other international manufacturers of Electric Vehicle stations are integrating our payment solutions too. As I wrote above I am always happy to educate and speak to anyone who has any questions anytime. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime, at harry@nayax.com or 410-666-3800 x1113. Remember there is power in education and education leads to informed decisions no matter the business. Good luck and Happy Vending to all of you. Harry
  9. oops typo on phone number - 410-666-3800 x1113
  10. Thanks ORSD. NOT AT ALL TO DOWNPLAY INDIVIDUALS WITH ISSUES, I am frankly not aware of any overall issue. We have such a large distribution of readers all over, if our failure rate was large it will hit us hard and we are not. I would suggest anyone who feels they have had an inordinate amount of failed readers (everyone's cases will be different), please reach out to me and I am happy to look into it and address it As I said I have an open door policy - harry@nayax.com and 41-666-3800. I will usually always get back within 24 hours and those of you that know me, can back that up. Have to go for now. Please reach out anytime (email and phone). Have a great weekend everyone. Harry
  11. Hi everyone. It is Harry from Nayax. A few customers reached out to me asking me to answer any questions and update here. I am the Senior Director of Solution Sales at Nayax. I do go on to social media usually late at night to answer questions but that is facebook vending groups. I don't recall being on this site before. I also am not sure how many of you I have personally spoken to in the past but HI. I see a mixed bag here. We are a very large engineering company with our readers on 100's of 1000's of machines in 70+ countries including every type of unattended machine (vending of course, car washes, air and vac machines, massage chairs, amusements, photo booths, etc... smart machines like Electric vehicle charging stations, kiosks, etc...). When we cover such a wide range I hear of issues of course. Frankly, I am used to much differentiation and happiness compared to others then those with concerns but as I said one sets the bar high and works through each customers issues as each is important. To those that do not know Nayax, as I wrote and one other did here, we are the engineering company of it's own equipment with offices in 15 countries around the world. That is quite unique. When one buys from others in the US they generally do not engineer but sell readers they buy from OEM manufacturers who white label their names on them. All readers do a good job of taking customers from cash to credit card and phone payments. Everyone does the basics well. Because we engineer and these are our own readers we do have exclusive features that especially the larger but even the smaller operators will take advantage of to increase sales and customer engagement. The one that stands out the most today is secure EMV / Chip. transactions. Nayax is EMV/Chip certified all over the world because the world has been on the chip standard for many years as the US lagged behind. (FYI... You may also notice on the back of your credit card 4 wave symbols. If you already have that, it means the credit card can now be waved on the reader instead of insert chip which for Covid is something VISA and Mastercard are pushing now for contactless card payments and are sending out 30 million updated cards in the US so by end of year everyone will have the wave symbol on their cards.) Then VISA and MAstercard after 2017 said in the US everyone needs to be off old insecure swipe cards because they are too easy to steal and everyone has chip cards because one cannot steal chip. As a result the retail segment of the US all converted over the past 3-4 years. Good luck trying to swipe in retail today. The unattended machine owners of every vertical are the only business in the world today still being sold swipe readers if they have not met Nayax. We have been EMV/Chip certified for 4 years in the US. Why does not Nayax have it and all others in the US still sell swipe or are coming out so late to everyone else? Again we engineer and we support the world of users who must use chip and are EMV certified everywhere and brought that to the US 4 years ago. Other companies, that do not control their own destiny and must rely on 3rd party companies all the time, are always behind the tech curve. We all can go down as well but Nayax has 100's of engineers who are on top of issues immediately while those that are sales and marketing companies, always have to rely on 3rd party companies for all they do. Some of these other features are power down and up alerts by text and email (immediately upon a power failure so one knows immediately the condition of their machine and avoid the downtime of waiting for a customer to call and say the machines is down or catching it by monitoring your sales reports. Those using Seed as your VMS have this but we allow it based on any machine regardless), ethernet / Wifi port (so when one encounters that location with consistently low cell and a hi gain antenna won't boost it you do not have to be stuck in cash only assuming one has access to an ethernet cable or wifi in the location, customer engagement tools (retailers know the term as it is a key to keep customers to come back but unattended machine owners do not - Nayax builds engagement into the hardware - engage through voice through the transaction, say thank you at the end, and have a rewards and loyalty app Monyx, that gives free money paid by Nayax to every customer on every purchase and more money for every $25 they spend. Our newest reader the VPOS Touch with it's very engaging graphical display allows the operator to brand their own messaging and graphics to the customer as well. All the exclusive features do not cost a dime extra and the fess are usually the same across the board. I listed some cool short videos below. Some of you might know about this and if you do not know, as I offer on the facebook groups always feel free to reach out to me. I have an open door policy. I am at harry@nayax.com or 410-666-3800 x1113. I will pop on here now to that I know you are here. It is all about education ladies and gentlemen. My goal is through education allowing operators to make informed decisions. It does not need be to Nayax but it needs to be informed. To those of you with any Nayax concerns also, please feel to reach out to me. I'd love to speak to you. Thank you! VPOS TOUCH All in One https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed2QGyX0LEQ&feature=emb_logo VPOS TOUCH – Vandalism and Water Resistant - https://youtu.be/yptgHfhmxBE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPQ3GGMJ5kg Monyx – See New Great Feature - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuLG0y-0yE4 - – Free Money on every purchase, Cool, and the best in Customer Engagement…. Costs nothing additional. The Best for Vending - https://youtu.be/L2ApHJbOpjY Monyx – Rewards and Loyaty App (AMOA Operator Award Winner): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hwILaiIfMy0
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