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  1. vendingfora cause

    Soda Machine returning change not taking it

    Thank you to all for help I appreciate it
  2. vendingfora cause


    I agree these machine are from China I believe, I agree, Sam's Club, Hope you have one nearby
  3. vendingfora cause

    Bouncy balls in a '1 capsule machine?

    Bouncy balls are a huge hit, great seller!
  4. I am a newbie and this is my first soda machine I have a Dixie Norco 501e with a life display. First off, it was jammed with change because someone had put in a silver dollar and pennies, 4 of my columns are completely empty of soda I need to fill those, I noticed the tube of change is very low on nickels. After I fixed the jam and tried it, the change I put in just comes right down the return shoot. if anyone can assist me I would greatly appreciate it, before i have to call the repair guy that charges me a minimum of $150. Thank you
  5. vendingfora cause

    Where to buy casters for a rack?

    I have a rack that is square on bottom and I need to put casters on them and I do not know where to purchase, can anyone recommend where i can buy? Thank you
  6. I just came across these, brand new in boxes , she said they are over 20 years old, I have tried one out , It seems the coin mech gets stuck at times, is this why AA came up with new coin mechs? What are your experiences with the old machines? Thank you
  7. vendingfora cause

    North Western Super 80

    How would you change the front lock on this machine? Is there any information I can read or watch? Please advice. Thank you all
  8. I would like to know what is the average pay out on a rack? How much commission ? How do people pay out and still make money? Thanks
  9. vendingfora cause

    PMM and MM containers

    My son was excited he wanted them to store his nerf pullets in them. I can use in kitchen to store food items in my pantry,,, We are so spoiled in this country... ;lets not complain so much...
  10. I saw some on craigslist for sale and would like to get input from those who have had these in past or still have? They have a double head, do they have a drop mechanism on the, or not? I appreciate any of your advice/input.. Thank you
  11. vendingfora cause

    Why are my gumballs rock hard?

    I bought some Cry Baby Sour Guts from Sam;s special ordered, it took about 1.5 months to get, I placed into my machines, serviced my machines after 3-6 months, gumballs were rock hard! Weather was cold, but not that cold I live in California. What would cause gumballs to get hard? Thank you
  12. vendingfora cause

    Just getting started

    My experience with Charity vending was not a good one at all. The locations they got me,they were very spread out, some were in very bad areas, but time after time when I would go in and ask for the contact person I got responses like, "they haven't worked here in a year" or worse yet no one by the contact person name they gave me worked there at all. After about the 7th time of this I just got my own locations. Stay clear of this company...and adds on Craigslist...order directly from Sheridan Systems...Also there is a very informative video on you tube from Vendingnation on these specific honor boxes...
  13. How do you locate vending machines in a warehouse break room? Who do you speak with ? I have some 10 Vendesigns and live near a lot of factories and warehouses and I want to try to locate them in the break rooms. I have successfully placed single gumball machines in mom and pop stores working with NCCS and Candy for a Cause, but I have no experience in placing in warehouses or industrial. I appreciate any feedback... Thank you
  14. vendingfora cause

    Locating Tip #1

    Are you referring to when you call and try to locate? Thank you
  15. vendingfora cause

    Candy for a Cause candy options

    Hello~ I have the candy for a cause pink ribbon boxes. I tried candy and lollipops and it varied in performance. I have stuck with lollipops. I am in California and I don't know how mints would do. Would changing up the options help in sales?. I have heard varies options. Would appreciate any advice and what has worked for others. Thank you