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  1. Problem accepting dollars

    Ok I'll try to see if there's a loose wire today. I hope that's it
  2. Problem accepting dollars

    Yes it is a single price machine
  3. Problem accepting dollars

    I've replaced the coin mech twice and they all are doing it.
  4. Problem accepting dollars

    I need to clarify a little bit. It will vend flawlessly and give change back when you pay with change. When you try to pay with dollars is when all the problems start happening. And also the change is building on top of the coin mech.
  5. Problem accepting dollars

    I have a drink vending machine that when you put a dollar in you hear a little click and nothing happens. It won't vend anything and it wont give you your change. I've replaced the bill validator, the coin mech, and the adapter for the coin mech and bill validator. Idk what else to do. Any suggestions?