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  1. These are on a location I'm considering buying. They don't currently have credit card readers. I think it could improve sales tremendously if they were added. GPL 159 snack Dixie Narco 276 drink Dixie Narco 522 drink AMS 39 Cold Food
  2. This is my first time bidding on a location. I'm a one man operation, and part of me feels like I might be out kicking my coverage. I'm putting together a bid for a location (state prison), that's looking for 17 machines. (7 drink, 5 snacks, 3 sandwich, 1 coffee, 1 ice cream). They're saying the estimated yearly gross is $145,000. Aside from having to come up with all those machines, I'm trying to figure out how much commission I should offer. I was thinking between 20-25%. Is that too high or not high enough? I don't want to be out bid because I didn't offer enough in commission. Thoughts??
  3. Is it possible to add a credit card reader to this machine? If so, what's the cost?
  4. Marcomc

    Free Atlanta Location

    Has this location been filled?
  5. I have a USI 3120 and attached satellite FSI 3172. The 3120 (snack machine) works fine, but the 3172 (soda machine) is not vending. I'm getting the "make another selection". Even thought there are drinks in every location. I'm relatively new to troubleshooting. I removed the drinks and put them back (thinking it could be a stuck can or something). That wasn't it. What could the issue be?
  6. Happy New Year to all. I'm seeking some expert advice about a potential location I'm considering buying. I'm thinking the asking price is too high. But I wanted to get other opinions as well. The person selling is someone I've dealt with in the past and he's been a pretty solid guy. It's an extended stay-hotel type location that's 24hrs. It has one snack and one soda machine. The snack machine is a USI that's fairly new. The soda machine is a Dixie Narco 501E I think. It's not old but it's not new either. He says the location grosses about $400/month and close to $600 during the summer. He does pay a small commission monthly (about $40 on average). He's asking $6k. I feel like that's a bit high. I was thinking of offering no more than $4500. I don't wan't to over pay, but I also don't want to miss out on a potential good location either.
  7. Marcomc

    .75 cent labels

    Anyone know where I can find labels that say .75 cents instead of .60?
  8. Marcomc

    USI 3037-10b

    Thanks. I didn't think it was.
  9. Marcomc

    USI 3037-10b

    Hi, I have a USI 3037-10b (10 selection) soda machine. I'm trying to figure out if its MDB compatible so I can add the pay range blue key device. How can I tell if it is?
  10. Marcomc

    Cost To Service

    Good info.
  11. Marcomc

    New here

    Hello, I'm new to vending and looking to learn as much as I can.