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  1. HI lacanteen: Remember I am a total greenhorn here, so I hope I don't test your patience too much, but could you break that response down for me a bit? 1) What is "ten cent 2-tier pricing?" 2) How does the value of telemetry (whatever that is) make up for the slower accounts? 3) Having just come from the AVS website, it is dawning on me that even new machines do NOT come equipped with card readers (i.e., Apparently, this is an aftermarket part you need to buy somewhere else). Is that correct?
  2. That's interesting...one of the reasons I wanted to stay away from the card readers is because I thought the expense would all fall back on me, but you are saying most of your customers with card readers absorb that cost. How? Just indirectly through higher product prices, or do you invoice them somehow?
  3. Does anyone here run a successful vending business with machines having no credit card swipe capability?
  4. Hi Guys- Just wondered if anyone had a boilerplate/sample vending contract they could share (or, if anyone had a link to one online)? I found one, but it is 8 pages long, and not sure if that is standard or not: https://www.leaplaw.com/pubSearch/preview/4072_VendingAgmt.pdf
  5. Hi Guys- I guess I should have specified the $8k/month income I mentioned in my day job was GROSS income. My net is about $5.5k. For those who thought $8k was unattainable for a noob, does equaling $5.5k/month in net income for a one man band seem more realistic?
  6. Hi Guys- So just starting out, I would like to stick as much as possible in the first 12 months to pop can only machines (e.g., DN 501T's etc), because based on the general consensus of good advice on this forum, this is the easiest way to get exposed to the ins/outs of the vending industry. Doing some math, presuming I found good locations grossing $200/month each... I would need 10 pop machines to gross $2k/month, and 40 machines to gross $8k/month (i.e., which equals the income from my day job, more or less). Question: Is it possible for one man (not including movers, repair techs, etc) to service 40 machines (or, 8 machines/day, M-F)? On the surface it seems this is feasible. What is the limit one man can handle? Anyone here doing 40+ themselves?
  7. Apartment complexes

    What does "caged" mean?
  8. Hi ABC- Sheesh...I would not have thought to pull the plug first. Thank you for that!
  9. Hello AZ Vendor- Thanks for the quick answer! I never would have guessed Leiberman Music (Jukeboxes, I guess?) would be a service provider for pop machines, so thank you! $50-$80/call isn't so bad! Thank you! PS: Sorry for all the exclamation marks
  10. Hi Guys- Thanks for all the great advice so far, and for your patience. Glad the veterans on this forum seem to take a fatherly approach to us greenhorns! I have another question, which I hesitate to ask, since I don't want to be the "needy" one on the forum, but since I am going to be purchasing a USED DN 501T (per the advice of another member), I am anticipating needing to have it service from time to time (e.g., coins getting jammed; bills not working; cooling replaced; etc). That being the case, I don't even know how to search for a reliable mechanic/service provider in the Minneapolis area: Can anyone recommend one, or, tell me how to Google for one (i.e., When I Google, I get a huge confusing hodge podge of results for companies selling vending machines, many of which are bottlers or locators who I am not sure I want knowing where my machine placements are?)? Also: Anyone know what a reasonable price for service is, and how often a good machine would require service? Thanks again for your heroic patience!!!
  11. starting business

    Hello AngryChris- You don't seem like an "AngryChris." Thank you for taking the time to spell it out for a greenhorn. VERY helpful. Man, I sure was tempted to buy a route, but not a single experienced vendor on this forum had written in favor of it, and that speaks volumes. 1-2 pop can machines it is. Am I able to ask what a good, reliable brand of used pop machines is, or should that go to another thread? PS: Supposing I need to ask the same question about coins/bills only machines vs card swipe ;-)
  12. starting business

    Wow, I knew there would be things I didn't know, but I did not know there would be so much. Particularly confusing is this new terminology of "locators" and "bottlers." Basically, a locator is someone who approaches a distributet, and says if you give me x locations, I can find someone to sell x amount of product? If I have that much right, is it ever worthwhile to approach a distributer directly (I.e., without a locator), to cut a deal?
  13. starting business

    Thanks Russ! Great advice!
  14. starting business

    FInal note: I Googled the CL phone/contact number supplied in the ad, and apparently this company is a bona fide vending company (per Manta) in Minnesota (i.e., not a locator). It was started in 2015, and Manta estimates it has an annual revenue stream of $52k (and 2 employees). Now that we know this is not a "locator," does that affect/mitigate Falls' concerns in his original response? Seems it is just a regular guy selling his business (but need to know why)?
  15. starting business

    PS: I noticed the guy who posted the CL ad I supplied above also seems to be the same person who posted this ad (if it sheds any light into this opportunity): https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/bfs/d/vending-routes-for-sale/6232384852.html He seems to use the same wording in parts of this ad as in the previous ad. Also: His Minneapolis route pretty nearly matches the sale price in the other ad mentioned. Any new thoughts with the two ads maybe showing the bigger picture?