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  1. EastWest

    Rowe 4900

    Dude... It's a Rowe 4900.
  2. Put a bill recycler on the machine.
  3. EastWest

    AMS Sensit 3 leaking water

    Check to see if there is blockage to the hose and make sure the machine is level.
  4. Where's the best place to buy the coin dispenser assembly (part # 798068004) for the CF 7512?
  5. EastWest


    Where's the best place to by vending tokens... #900 (slightly smaller than a quarter)
  6. EastWest

    CF 7512

    You have to program the mech which coins go to which tube. It's probably about the same as the CF 7000 so go to YouTube and watch the vid. If there is no dollar coin tube it will drop the dollar coins to the coin box.
  7. EastWest

    DN Bottle Shims Available

    Where is the best place to buy a 12oz conversion kit and how much is it?
  8. EastWest

    DN Bottle Shims Available

    I am doing the same thing now... I have a 501E that has been selling bottles... my question is. I think you need to install rods into the augers to sell cans... is that really necessary?
  9. EastWest

    Lost my Coke Machine only KEY..""HELP!!

    You're running a drink machine in near freezing conditions???
  10. EastWest

    Royal Giii puncturing cans

    YES CajunCandy!!! That's the issue I am having... it is the product in columns 1 & 7... It must be the bracket for the chain. Thanks Buddy !
  11. EastWest

    Lipton 16.9 bottles

    Try Arizona Green Tea w/ ginseng & honey 16oz bottle. It's a great product and the bottle is nice and rigid... often on sale at Costco.
  12. Has anybody ever had an issue with a Giii puncturing soda cans during delivery and if so, what is causing the issue?? Thanks!!!
  13. I have a Royal Giii that has a compressor that isn't starting... I hear a click but the compressor doesn't start. Would it be ok to use a Supco 3 'n 1 starter on it?
  14. Haven't seen one of these in a while... Thanks for jamming my coin mech with this.
  15. EastWest

    USI 2099

    Is a USI 2099 upgradable?