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  1. EastWest

    Royal Giii puncturing cans

    YES CajunCandy!!! That's the issue I am having... it is the product in columns 1 & 7... It must be the bracket for the chain. Thanks Buddy !
  2. EastWest

    Lipton 16.9 bottles

    Try Arizona Green Tea w/ ginseng & honey 16oz bottle. It's a great product and the bottle is nice and rigid... often on sale at Costco.
  3. Has anybody ever had an issue with a Giii puncturing soda cans during delivery and if so, what is causing the issue?? Thanks!!!
  4. I have a Royal Giii that has a compressor that isn't starting... I hear a click but the compressor doesn't start. Would it be ok to use a Supco 3 'n 1 starter on it?
  5. Haven't seen one of these in a while... Thanks for jamming my coin mech with this.
  6. EastWest

    USI 2099

    Is a USI 2099 upgradable?
  7. EastWest

    Vending tall, skinny 12oz cans

    Just vend them one deep.
  8. EastWest

    CF 7000

    The plastic piece? the whole thing is plastic.
  9. EastWest

    CF 7000

    Having a strange problem with a CF 7000 coin mech. Tube E wasn't dispensing quarters and was overflowing into the mech. I removed the cassette and parked the motors and all the motors were functioning. I removed all the quarters in tube E and replaced the tube and filled a half dozen quarters back in and pushed the E button but it still wouldn't dispense. The display wasn't giving me any error messages... any thoughts?
  10. EastWest

    AMS Sensit Upgrade

    fhamann... here's a post from Sept 19 2017. This is exact problem you will face putting a card reader on a Sensit I. I have an AMS 39-640 and just added a credit card reader. Once the credit card is used the display on the AMS shows "Credit 1.00".... and it won't go away until I turn off the machine. Everything on the machine still works perfectly, but the message is stuck. USATech said I need to update the firmware. How is this done? Do I need to call AMS?
  11. Does anybody know the best deal on a AMS Sensit I to Sensit III upgrade kit?
  12. EastWest

    Merlin IV Error Codes

    The Merlin IV is not the same as a Giii. On the Merlin IV Button 1 is up, Button 2 is down, Button 3 is enter and hold button 3 for 2 seconds for exit, escape or return. To clear errors, you are supposed to hold either button 2 or button 1 for a few seconds. On my machine, this is not doing anything and I cannot get to the errors sub menu.
  13. I just bought a used Merlin IV for an account and it is working perfectly accept that I want to clear the old error codes that scroll on the display after I open the door. I pushed the button on the control board and went to the errors menu and pressed enter... It displayed the first error but when I pressed enter again to see the specific error it wouldn't go to the sub menu and holding button 1 or button 2 doesn't clear the error... any thoughts?
  14. EastWest

    Sensit II

    when I installed a PayRange unit of the machine, the machine seems to get confused after a transaction and doesn't go back to regular function.