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  1. I have an older Vendo that 50 cent coins fit through the coin slot but get jammed in the coin mech, what's the best solution??
  2. Can the machine's control panel determine what denomination of bill the acceptor will take? I have a machine that will not take anything larger than $1 bills no matter what I do.
  3. If the selection is set up for one deep, the machine will click the release lever 2 times to release the product... you must have the set depth correct for each selection.
  4. You need to only pull one of the rods out to adjust the package setting from narrow (12oz can size) to wide (20oz bottle size)
  5. Do I need one or two of these clips for 3-deep cans?
  6. What are the right size bulbs for a Merlin IV?
  7. Can a AMS Sensit II be upgraded with a chiller unit? I see the plate and electrical outlet on the bottom of the machine.
  8. Thanks guys... I thinks the nice folks at this account have been rocking the machine for freebies which explains the big mess all over the place.
  9. Found this in the bottom of my 501E... can anybody tell me where it came from?
  10. The machines are Downtown LA... how can I contact you if you are interested?
  11. Anybody know someone in Los Angeles who can install Credit Card Readers on a couple of machines?
  12. nOne means that there are no errors... that's what you want to see every time you open the door!
  13. Does anyone have any Jofemar machines... is Easyflex a good delivery system?
  14. Anybody sell me spirals/coils for an HY900? Thanks in advance.
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