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  1. Definitely complicated but I was hoping for anyone that may have gone through the same experience. Of coarse no two are alike and variables will exist so I'll seek advice from a CPA for sure..
  2. I'm not sure if its inappropriate to ask this question here, and I apologize in advance...I've just been diagnosed with a serious illness and will either pass my route to a family member or possibly put it up for sale. If I do decide to sell and sell it for much less than I paid for it will I be taxed on the sale? I'm operating under a Single Member Llc and if the machines are considered the only assets I'm wondering if the sale will be considered a capital loss for tax purposes. Sorry for the sad post but life happens and I'm trying to lesson the burden on my family.
  3. Private message sent, Thank you "Lacanteen".....
  4. Thanks for the input. Cvending, factory labeling is definitely confusing. I had to reread that 5 times and it still makes little sense.. Lacanteen I sent you an email, thank you for the stickers in advance.
  5. Hello Vending Family, Yesterday marked my eighth month in my new Vending business. Eight of my machines have had USAT installed from day one and had been installed fora couple of years prior. Today I was literally ambushed by 2 office managers from my best stop about the USAT fees added on when people use credit/Apple Pay etc...The leader of the posse was appalled that she had been charged $.10 cents in addition to her $1. for her chips. I was definitely off guard because up until this past Monday nobody ever inquired or seemed too concerned about the additional cost when using credit. This was the way the accounts were set up when they were transferred to me in the sale and I assumed it was industry standard so I never questioned it. Believe me, when I get the monthly processing fees and charges the added 2-tier pricing helps in a big way. Does anyone have any info displayed on their machines informing customers that if they swipe it costs a bit more to use credit? I was going to inquire at USA Tech to see if they have anything corresponding to this that I could stick on. I don't like the fact that customers have to pay extra to use the convenience of credit but with a small beginners route I could never absorb the additional costs. It was actually kind of funny, when they approached me , the look on their faces, arms folded, tinge of arrogance , practically lauding the fact that they were about to dump on me. I apologized and assured them I would see if there's anything I could do so its more transparent..
  6. Thank You, I'm heading out the door soon and I'll attempt my first shelf pull....Thanks for the suggestions at least I know what to look for and hopefully its just a loose connection..
  7. Hello all, With 5 months under my belt since buying my small route I've only had to deal with a blown bulb on my DN 5591. Although I underestimated the difficulty of swapping out a 48" bulb, with the help and advice I received here, it went smoothly. Today I encountered a new problem on a different machine. My AP Snackshop 113 has been having a problem with a certain row that decided to vend when it wants. Several times in the last month customers have told me they put their dollar in and nothing happens except the machine telling them to make another selection. With this in mind I test it every time I service the machine. A couple of times it only turned a half rotation leaving the chip bag partially vended. I didn't know how to electronically reset the row so I forced it by hand and tried to turn it so it looked right for the next vend. I'm sure I didn't help whatever has led up to it completely failing but I'm learning. When I opened the machine this morning and attempted to to fill the troubled row the entire spiral slid off onto the floor. So much for forcing the spiral against the motor. Apparently it had stopped working the day before as I was told but I attempted to stick the spiral back on to the tab from the motor. I was confident that I attached it securely and gave it a few pulls to be sure, it was on and seemed ok. I loaded up the row and finished up the others as well and closed it up. I put my dollar in and tested the row, Nothing..., not even a little twich, still not vending..I opened it up again checked to see if the spiral slipped off but it was firmly attached. I was afraid to pull the whole drawer out and check the motor from behind. I wasn't sure if I would be pulling wires off and making matters worse. Not to mention getting the drawer back on/in looked a little challenging for a first timer not familiar with alignment and wiring issues. Is there an easy way to troubleshoot this problem? I'm beginning to realize that that drawer will have to come out one way or another to really see whats going on. I tried to hear if the motor is working but the the machine will not vend with the door open. (OK, the veterans can stop laughing now) Then I realized there must be a service mode and tagged the row as temporarily out of order and left the battle for tomorrow. I'm about to start reading the manual I googled and found on DSVendinginc's website. (Thank God for online manuals). I realize I'll have to go through the steps to pinpoint the reason for failure but theres no better knowledge base than first hand from the members here. Thanks in advance for any advice/help.
  8. Ah...The Good Ole Days..."I Love Lucy"....
  9. Problem solved....!!! I'm very thankful to the members of this forum for the help and suggestions. If I didn't have the thought in the back of my head about wiggling out the bulb with the screw driver( thanks AZVendor) by lifting it up a bit, I probably would've crushed it for sure. That was the hardest bulb I've ever replaced, especially in front of an audience offering their two bits..
  10. I was quoting average gross sales , being new to the business and with so many variables to take into account such as COG & CTS & more, I was asking in general if gross sales such as these seemed ok.. I enjoy this work and have started with10 machines and they're keeping me busy 1-1/2 days a week. I'm happy with this for now until I gain more confidence/experience & hope to add more...
  11. I will pick up a couple of 40W 48" bulbs at The Depot on the way over to service and hopefully I'm able to pull it out without shattering it and covering the interior with broken glass...Thank You AZVendor, I appreciate the help.. Today I was faced with another matter and I'm still in mild shock over it..One of my snack machines without reason went two days(Thurs+Fri) without a single vend.I literally started talking to myself in front of the machine. I searched for expired, none, I looked for jams, none, I double checked USALive for any diagnostic excuse, none...This snack machine is a consistent earner up until last Thursday. No notes left on the glass or someone stopping me as I stared at the machine for 20 minutes scratching my head. It's like someone put up a force field around it and all of a sudden-nothing....
  12. I thought so...I wish they all could be that way..Thank You "AZVendor" ...
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