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  1. Hi everyone I just bought my second seaco machine the problem I'm having is the one machine that I have whips up the beverages and makes a nice foam on top but the one I just bought does not I copied the recipes from one machine to the new one still no foam .I am using the same products in both machines .I took of the mixing bowls and the mixers seem to be spinning . The one machine that is working well is 2 years old and the other is 6 that the only difference I can see am I missing something it's driving me crazy thanks
  2. Bigybronco

    Who sells seaco parts in danada

    Sorry I'm looking for parts in canada
  3. Hi everyone I just bought a used seaco machine it has a small leak out of the fitting at the back on top of the boiler and the fitting on top of the waste water hose is cracked I've been looking all over the net can't seen to find replacment parts I was wondering if anyone knows when to get new parts thank all
  4. Bigybronco

    Seaco sg200 questions

    HI guys I am thinking of buying a seaco sg200 coffee machine and going to look at it tonight just wondering what are the key thing to be looking at to make a wise purchase I've done some research and decided this is probibly the best model for the price also I assume the vending machine is removable from the base is there any tools I need to do that just make it easier to transport in my mini van thanks in advance
  5. Crane canada merge with another company who is taking over the teck support and parts distribution
  6. I apologize I am calling crane canada
  7. Bigybronco

    Seaga 2500 problems

    I've herd alot of horror stories about them for future purposes what is a better machine I would still like a combo machine I did get a really good deal on it $300 I did have a antaries machine thought this was a upgrade lol is the seaga 3500 any better
  8. Hi everyone I'm new to vending and thought I would put a snack and soda machine in the factory I work at all went well so I thought I would put in a coffee machine I went out and bought a crane genisus machine its been nothing short of a pain First all I got was out of service cold water fixed that then it ground up all the beans (Told the board is going ) so I disabled half the machine (no expresso and lasts and such )unplugged the grinder just used it for coffee no that stopped working I'M SURE IT'S THE BOARD 3 calls into crane fora new board but just answering machines and no returned phone calls what should I do junk the machine and look for another if sow what is the best one to get or fifth is one and hope for the best but with no support from crane where else can I get a board from or at lease get this one fixed I live in ontario canada also I've been looking all over for a cappucino foamer for it with no luck
  9. Bigybronco

    Seaga 2500 problems

    Turn out I needed to have at least 3 cans in I only had two Told you I'm new it seems to be working for now I've been told these machines aren't very good wondering what then problem everyone has with them thanks
  10. Bigybronco

    Seaga 2500 problems

    HI I'm new to this board and new to vending I have3 machines with one in my work place I got a good deal on this seaga 2500 ip even though I hear they aren't that good thought I would give it a try the problem is with the pop section I put money in and press 3 and no vend but it keeps the money go in and run the motor it runs fine and vends the soda please I have no idea where to start