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  1. If you're in the honor snack box biz and you have our own snack box that you use or that is other than cardboard please share. I've seen a few on the forum that do their own thing on snack box set ups. I'm sure cardboard snack boxes are the way to go. No debate there just interested in what's creatively out there.
  2. Good feedback. I am finding that same that some businesses that have already had honor snack boxes in the past are willing to give it a second try but they do want an upgrade for the cardboard snack box. So it has been a worthy discussion looking at other snack box alternatives that aren't costly in the long run.
  3. Thank you greatly for the feedback Flintflash. I'll PM you for some feedback. Thank you for all you do to share vending successes and challenges.
  4. Then I just take my rolling cart on wheels and refill my boxes instead of carrying so many darn boxes
  5. I'm at 100 locations and counting but I want to leave my light weight wooden boxes on location open my keycoin box and take the proceeds. I'm having an engineer see how a credit card processing box can be added to my light weight wooden snack box
  6. Even experts though the Titanic was unsinkable.
  7. I have always believed in everything I do in life professionally and personally there is always room for further greatness. I back that with 20 years of education and experience respectfully.
  8. I was trying to use humor Flintflash with the engineer comment. I want to share with you that I'm sure you have changed many lives including mine with all the feedback and comments you have shared so thank you from one professional to another.
  9. Several of my locations have request other than the cardbox snack box. I totally agree that there are already awesome cardboard snack boxes.
  10. My approach is for those locations that don't want a paper backrd snack box I'm ok failing that's the only way ive succeded in life.
  11. Thanks for the feedback Harvend will incorporate and share when project is done thank you greatly for the feedback.
  12. In some of my solid locations they actually want more than a cardboard snack box that's customized to their needs so just giving it the try maybe a durable three shelve counter stand for that market
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