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  1. VAVending

    Week 6 Recap

    Well that was particularly close. Rodgers did his best, but couldn’t overcome the deficit left by the Jax defense. My rams core also let me down a bit, but I’ll let them blame that on injuries... this time. Gurley has proven to be a good pick (thanks for that). Without him, Brady and Rodgers I’d be in last place for sure; I’ve seen more dud players than I’d have thought possible. By the by moondog, what does a furry bagpipe look like?
  2. VAVending

    Need locator

    Please please please read other people’s reviews on Kickstart. I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole. Rodney is the ONLY locator I’ve seen ANYWHERE that regularly and continually garners positive reviews from unimpeachable sources. I’m not saying he never got someone a dud location, but that comes with the territory. Don’t take our word for it, search the forums here and elsewhere to get an idea. All that aside, the most reliable locator is still you. No one holds your company’s best interests as first and foremost like you do, and nobody has the drive to make it grow like you. You are your own ultimate fallback. That’s why I highly recommend trying out locating yourself when you get a chance.
  3. VAVending

    Random thoughts

    I know! But figured it must just be a new flavor craze. So disappointing.
  4. VAVending

    New to vending/vendiscuss

    Welcome to the forums Kenny! Feel free to ask any questions in the applicable forum, and be sure to make liberal use of the search feature; this site has years worth of wisdom in it’s archives. I hope you do very well and look forward to growing with you. Benjamin
  5. VAVending

    Need locator

    Agreed, it’s intimidating at first, and you might wind up using Rodney anyway just due to time constraints, but I would highly recommend you try it out and get your feet wet. The knowledge of how it works and that you CAN do it yourself if need be, goes a long way.
  6. VAVending

    Candy Honor Box (I am new) - Updates

    Congratulations on your first accounts! So glad to see you’ve done due diligence with research and now gotten started with the business. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing your updates. It’s also wonderful to see someone working with their father. Too many sons nowadays wouldn’t even think of listening to business tips or advice from their fathers, let alone work with them. Thanks for the great example!
  7. VAVending

    Need locator

    Probably best posted here: https://vendiscuss.net/forum/17-locating-discussions/ That said, Rodney at VendingLocator4U (https://vendinglocator4u.com/) is definitely your best bet for bulk candy machine locating. He does good work and is trusted on this site, which is quite a feat for a locator, let me tell you. I do my own placements so have never used his services, but many on here do and are satisfied with the results. He also contributes to the forums from time to time. Hope this helps and welcome to the forums.
  8. VAVending

    week 3 Recap

    I heavily offset their opinion with player track record. Even then, I’m coming to the opinion that this game is almost all chance and little skill. I couldn’t tell you any of your fancy football number things that commentators are always going on about, and I’m doing passably well. Doesn’t seem fair at all.
  9. VAVending

    Week 5 recap

    Here’s hoping, I’m just hedging my bets and waiting to see. That 0 point score from Cooks very likely kept me from taking 1st this week, don’t want a repeat of that when the chips are down. Week 12 is going to need a shuffle though, otherwise the bye will kill me.
  10. VAVending

    week 3 Recap

    I’ll keep that in mind... 😏
  11. VAVending

    week 3 Recap

    Right now I’m relying heavily on yahoo’s advice and common sense based on player track record. But I’d kinda be an idiot to take any of y’alls’ tips lightly.
  12. VAVending

    Random thoughts

    Don’t put much stock in it. Truth in labeling is totally ignored nowadays, I think people just make this stuff up. Like we’re supposed to believe that there’s some giant condiment conglamurate run by some middle eastern mogul named “Shaik Well”. Or the other day when I bought a bottle of wine and the flavor description on the back was “Pears with Lasagna”. But in reality it just tasted like a plain ole bottle of wine. They’re just lies, all lies.
  13. VAVending

    Route Update (for those who care)

    Thanks! It’s doing okay, Box was half empty after 6 days and shrinkage was 4%, I believe. Decent for a new location. It will be interesting to see if either of those numbers increase as employee awareness of the box increases and I move it onto a two week cycle. Haven't been posting updates due to illness and busyness. It’s harder to create a week-long summery when you’re service schedule is messed up. This week I’m servicing all 36 boxes, about 25 of which are two weekers. Then they’ll all be on the same schedule and I’ll be able to refine my route a little before buying another 100 boxes. So look for an update this weekend.
  14. VAVending

    Week 5 recap

    My Rams players are taking a beating... better add more. *Woods has inexplicable stroke*
  15. Also, I have never felt the need to run charity boxes and have relatively low shortages. I’d say it’s definitely the people you serve, not who you represent. If someone is going to steal they’re going to steal. They’re already showing they don’t think or care about who they’re hurting, nothing will change that. I think that’s why we all have shortage, but almost no-one steals a box or opens it and takes money. They’re thoughtless and irresponsible, but they would never think of themselves as thieves.