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  1. Hey, y’all long time no talk! Missed this place, but life has been busy (including a blow to the head that had me down for 9 months), but I’ve managed to maintain my small vending affair regardless. So I got a call at work last Thursday that one of my Witterns had been vandalized. They took crowbars and tools to the thing but couldn’t get in (thanks Medaco), but left it messed up. The police nabbed ‘em in the act and I’m left to pick up the pieces and asses the value of the damage done. Despite an hour out there with a full toolset, I’ve come to the conclusion I will need a new seal
  2. Agreed with Kiwi. Would you believe I plumb forgot anything about fantasy football until yesterday? Consequences of a busy life. Glad I beat the scrubs though. This next week will be fun, but uphill battle is right. I anticipate heavy losses.
  3. It’s a ripe market, and I would think it would pair perfectly with the bulk side of things. To me the box placement is the easiest placement you’ll ever get anywhere. And once your foot is in the door a bulk machine would be easy. Id say easily half my snack box locations would likely take a gumball machine right now if I asked. I guess time will tell, if I ever decide to go that route.
  4. Same turf, though I’m farther south, you run large white snack trays with a carry handle in the middle? Seen a few of those around, wondered who owned them. And glad to meet the local competition. 😃 You running $1.25 per sale? I’ve had a few people get offended when they saw the price and I wondered if someone had been there with a lower price point.
  5. Rough scores. At this point I need a miracle for my next few games or I’m going to be stuck in mediocrity.
  6. Central, won’t get more specific than that on a public forum. Why do you ask?
  7. Done with Cooks, Cooks has had such a poor performance this year, I was just waiting for a chance to drop him. Probably not the best choice but oh well.
  8. Thankful that I decided at the last minute to shuffle Stafford and Brady.
  9. If you don’t know me don’t feel obligated to read this. So it seems kinda weird to share this here, but it also seemed weird to not mention it and pretend everything is normal. And then it’d be weird to bring it up in conversation and casually slip it in somewhere. It’d also be weird to highjack a fantasy football thread with it. So I weirdly decided to mention it here. Anyway, my wife had twins over the weekend. (This is why I’ve been silent on the FF front Moondog.) They’re a healthy boy and girl, and we’re quite happy. These are the people you’ve been helping support with al
  10. In oak barrels, always oak barrels...
  11. That was disappointing, Gurley especially. I guess even star players have their bad days. Well played TDs. Not so sure how easy it’ll be for Kiwi. I admit my lineup is basically dead and I haven’t manuvered anything for the better recently, but I’ve been busy. Hopefully I can squeeze in some time to give it a good look over or two this week.
  12. Glad you popped in, as I wanted to thank you for something. You don’t know me, but your idea for this forum and dedication to it made it possible for me to enter the world of vending and see success. Thank you and everyone involved here for all you’ve done. My family is financially changed for the better because of y’all. Benjamin
  13. Negative DEF points, nice. Well as far as flops go this week was pretty floppy, though not as floppy as the floppiness of my flop game against the scrubs. That was a flop.
  14. Ah, must have forgotten to page refresh. Well at least it wasn’t 37. 😑
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