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  1. Customers

    Lol. I know these people!! Especially the "healthy " people.
  2. Seaga Machines

    I had 2 Genesis machines. Didn't know what I was doing when I bought them. They were crap!
  3. Many of you had expressed doubt.... about...

    None of the banks or credit unions in my area will accept rolled coin anymore. I have to use their coin counting machines. The credit union I use is ALWAYS inaccurate (well, except for twice it was correct). The bank I use is almost always accurate. Neither of the care at all when I tell them their machine counted my coins incorrectly. Usually it counts dimes as pennies. I NEVER have pennies so there should be a zero next to the pennies on the printout. That's not the case when the machine is wrong, but then again, they don't care. Most of the time they won't even acknowledge that I told them about the problem. I just quit using the credit union coin machine altogether. I only use the bank for coins.
  4. Newbie

    Nor in the southeast!!
  5. Couple machine IDs

    I'm just waiting till I have some time to take it to the scrap yard. It's sitting in my warehouse.
  6. Couple machine IDs

    I have a machine exactly like the Dr Pepper machine. Mine is a Dixie Narco DMV-72x-10.
  7. What's is this worth

  8. School healthy snack

    None. In all the schools I'm in none of the "healthy" snacks sell at all.
  9. Pay Range

    D&S called me today. I'll be ordering some from them.
  10. Pay Range

    I was going to buy some Payrange devices last year, but I never could get ahold of anyone. Numerous emails went unanswered for weeks and weeks. I tried again last week and someone from Payrange called me this morning and said they have a distributor in my area who will contact me. I still haven't heard from anyone else. I'd love to try some, but it's so hard to buy these things!!
  11. Any success with Takis?

    I sell a lot of Salsitas. I haven't tried the Takis yet.
  12. Allow me to introduce myself

    What credit card readers did you go with? I'm considering them myself.
  13. Is there a place to buy motors for CB300 USI drink machines? The motor number is 4210052.001 They are $32.00 from Vendnet, but shipping is usually high. Just wondering if there is a less expensive place to buy them?
  14. MAKA to Mars

    The machine is a USI 3129-L. I already have the validator and the harness.