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  1. We've had 2 motels in the past. One was in a hallway. Both machines were torn apart twice. I just moved out. The other motel was run by a scammer. I moved out of that one too. I didn't have any vandalism there because he had cameras EVERYWHERE!!
  2. Payrange is doing good for me. One place I had it, it was never used, so I moved it to a new location and it took off.
  3. Good Day, I have an older USI 3129-L (old Lance snack machine) that had an old MAKA validator in it. I've taken the MAKA out and put a refurbished MEI VN2512 U5 in, but it will not work. It flashes 2 flashes indicating "disabled from mech/VMC". I've unplugged and replugged numerous plugs, tried a different coin mech (both coin mechs work fine in this machine), gone into service mode and back out, and it still does the same thing. I've tried different switch combinations on the validator also. The coin mech is a 15 pin Coinco 9302LF. It takes money and gives change like it should. The old MAKA was still working, but occasionally would not take a bill. This is the 3rd one of these I've done and I had no issues with the other two. Both of them were also 3129-L machines that I put MEI VN2512's into. Any idea what might be the issue??
  4. What part of central FL? I'm in north Florida.
  5. I do the easy mac cups and the ramen noodle cups. They do very good in some places and good enough in others.
  6. I have several school accounts. One does over $200.00 a week. It would do more if I had the time to service it twice a week. Another one does about $125.00 a week. The rest of them are a little below average for me. It depends on the school and who has access to the machines. That biggest one is a PreK / Kindergarten school. The middle and high schools get out earlier than the PreK/K school and most of the teachers there have children in other schools that come there after their schools get out. They use the PreK/K machines when they get there and hang out waiting on their parents school to get out. The schools have signs on the machines telling students they cannot use the machines during school hours. Before and after school is when most of my machines do business.
  7. NOTHING!!! I got one quickly a few years ago because I "needed one now". Bad idea. Bad idea!! I got rid of it at a loss, but I got rid of it. I will NEVER buy, barter for, or accept as a gift another Genesis machine.
  8. In my experience, nothing sells fast in a cold food machine. I finally did away with doing cold food. No profit at all.
  9. I still have a few MAKAs left. I'm phasing them out one at a time. They worked good ... when they worked.
  10. I have mostly USI snack and drink machines. I seldom have issues with them, but when I do they are usually easy to repair. Ordering parts for them from VendnetUSA.com is a little expensive and shipping if very high. However, I also have a good selection of used parts on hand in my tiny warehouse so that helps.
  11. Average daily sales (total) is $8-12, average cashless is 31% of the total. The higher end the hotel, the lower the cashless percentage. Why is the cashless lower at the higher end hotels???
  12. When I started out we bought all USI machines. They are quite easy to operate and fix. They don't break that often, but are easy to work on when they do.
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