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  1. They are not MDB. They both have the MAKA 27v validators in them. I just need to know which validator to replace the MAKA with, and what harness I need for it.
  2. The gas stations don't give me notice when they raise the gas prices. I show up at the pump and "surprise" the price went up.
  3. I still have a lot of older USI snack and drink machines. I've replaced 3 compressors, but other than that I have few issues and when I do, they are usually minor.
  4. Good Day, I have 2 USI 3129-L snack machines that both have a MAKA 27v validator in them. I need to replace the validators with something newer. I just pulled them and want to do this before putting them back out on the route. Other than sometimes not taking dollars they both work fine and still look good. I did one a few years ago, but I can't remember where I got the validator and harness. I think I used a VN2512 maybe. Does anyone here have 2 validators and the proper harness for sale or know who to buy from?
  5. Here's a good book to read. How to start your own vending business. https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/start-your-own-vending-business_anne-rawland-gabriel/538323/?utm_term=1101002859890&utm_campaign=Bing+Shopping+|+Business+&+Investing&utm_medium=cpc&msclkid=b64eb7c269ee172f0617eb465adcc010&utm_source=bing#isbn=1891984853&idiq=30176038
  6. It IS an old Lance machine and apparently only fits the Maka....until I got my power tools out. It fits now. I made two tiny brackets to help hold it in place. It's been working great for a while now.
  7. I had a location where the employees asked me to put water in my drink machine for them. The next week I put a column of water in. I came back the next week to find only one sold. One of the employees told me that started giving them free bottled water right after I put the water in my machine.
  8. Lol. I know these people!! Especially the "healthy " people.
  9. I had 2 Genesis machines. Didn't know what I was doing when I bought them. They were crap!
  10. None of the banks or credit unions in my area will accept rolled coin anymore. I have to use their coin counting machines. The credit union I use is ALWAYS inaccurate (well, except for twice it was correct). The bank I use is almost always accurate. Neither of the care at all when I tell them their machine counted my coins incorrectly. Usually it counts dimes as pennies. I NEVER have pennies so there should be a zero next to the pennies on the printout. That's not the case when the machine is wrong, but then again, they don't care. Most of the time they won't even acknowledge that I told them about the problem. I just quit using the credit union coin machine altogether. I only use the bank for coins.
  11. I'm just waiting till I have some time to take it to the scrap yard. It's sitting in my warehouse.
  12. I have a machine exactly like the Dr Pepper machine. Mine is a Dixie Narco DMV-72x-10.
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