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  1. NOTHING!!! I got one quickly a few years ago because I "needed one now". Bad idea. Bad idea!! I got rid of it at a loss, but I got rid of it. I will NEVER buy, barter for, or accept as a gift another Genesis machine.
  2. In my experience, nothing sells fast in a cold food machine. I finally did away with doing cold food. No profit at all.
  3. I still have a few MAKAs left. I'm phasing them out one at a time. They worked good ... when they worked.
  4. I have mostly USI snack and drink machines. I seldom have issues with them, but when I do they are usually easy to repair. Ordering parts for them from VendnetUSA.com is a little expensive and shipping if very high. However, I also have a good selection of used parts on hand in my tiny warehouse so that helps.
  5. Average daily sales (total) is $8-12, average cashless is 31% of the total. The higher end the hotel, the lower the cashless percentage. Why is the cashless lower at the higher end hotels???
  6. When I started out we bought all USI machines. They are quite easy to operate and fix. They don't break that often, but are easy to work on when they do.
  7. I made a donation a while back and he sent the parts I needed to me. They worked great.
  8. They are not MDB. They both have the MAKA 27v validators in them. I just need to know which validator to replace the MAKA with, and what harness I need for it.
  9. The gas stations don't give me notice when they raise the gas prices. I show up at the pump and "surprise" the price went up.
  10. I still have a lot of older USI snack and drink machines. I've replaced 3 compressors, but other than that I have few issues and when I do, they are usually minor.
  11. Good Day, I have 2 USI 3129-L snack machines that both have a MAKA 27v validator in them. I need to replace the validators with something newer. I just pulled them and want to do this before putting them back out on the route. Other than sometimes not taking dollars they both work fine and still look good. I did one a few years ago, but I can't remember where I got the validator and harness. I think I used a VN2512 maybe. Does anyone here have 2 validators and the proper harness for sale or know who to buy from?
  12. Here's a good book to read. How to start your own vending business. https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/start-your-own-vending-business_anne-rawland-gabriel/538323/?utm_term=1101002859890&utm_campaign=Bing+Shopping+|+Business+&+Investing&utm_medium=cpc&msclkid=b64eb7c269ee172f0617eb465adcc010&utm_source=bing#isbn=1891984853&idiq=30176038
  13. It IS an old Lance machine and apparently only fits the Maka....until I got my power tools out. It fits now. I made two tiny brackets to help hold it in place. It's been working great for a while now.
  14. I had a location where the employees asked me to put water in my drink machine for them. The next week I put a column of water in. I came back the next week to find only one sold. One of the employees told me that started giving them free bottled water right after I put the water in my machine.
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