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  1. Good day AZVendor, Correct, not from the US... these machines seem to have been distributed here in the Netherlands under a different series, first being used with the dutch Guilder and later in 2001 all reprogrammed to work with the Euro. I now found out that the Control Board uses the Simplex V communication with the Coin unit (storing pricing etc in the Coin unit and not a function of the Control Board) so only replaceable with a Simplex V (there are G46 units that can communicate over MDB, Simplex V etc... but mine is only MDB unfortunately). But good news for me is that the old Vends 75 I rebuild now doesn't have a Coin Changer, but the Control Board does have MDB so I'll be using the G46 to upgrade that machine a keep working on the CS15 with its G26 to attempt to get it working and a bit reliable . Thanks for the reply!!!
  2. Automatic Products CS15 with a different Control Board ? Good day all, Well, the G26 is kind of working, but there are some broken pieces, so I got my hands on a nice G46 unit... BUT....... The Control Board does not have the same connectors as I can find in my downloaded AP C Series Manual... The connector that goes to the Coin unit has a 11 pin AMP in-line connector (RH side of the board) with the key at position 2. I would like to install the newer Coin Unit (NRI G46) but as the G26 has a way different Connector (11pin AMP, 6wires used) as compared to the new G46 (6Pin, 5 wires used) I'm trying to find the schematics for this Control Board. Many thanks for any and all info available 🙂 Jeroen
  3. Hey Guys, After rebuidling a Vendo i’m now working on a AP CS15 which was almost scrapped. I’ve got the machine almost working again except for the NRI G10 with Changer (NRI G26.4000 it seems). I’ve found a German manual for the G26.4000 but even though i’m a neighbour of the Germans i’m having a lot of trouble understanding the works and programming bits. Might anybody have an English version of the G26.4000 system so that i can get it to fill the return tubes etc etc
  4. droopi!!!! With the help of your guide i managed to troubleshoot my unit the PB for entering the service menu turned out to be dirty and after getting that cleaned up i managed to perform a reset of all the fault codes with the wonderfull result that my Vendo is now working again!!!!! so happy
  5. Oh wauw that would really be great droopi... i’ll send a PM with my contact details right away And yes since the machine was operating when i first got it back together and only started behaving strange when one of the motors didn’t make a full rotation i was hoping its just an error waiting to be deleted clearing my schedule for tonight to do some troubleshooting now hahaha
  6. Good day droopi, no unfortunately the label on the back realy says Vendo 75X, the same model is also known V75/5, its a machine that can carry 75 Cans in 5 selections (see picture for the looks). The manuals i found so far have different dispencers and circuit boards i’m also trying to reach a european Vendo office to see if they have any info but without luck so far
  7. Correct AZVendor, i’m in Europe, Holland to be exact, the type 75X doesnt show up on any of my searches in the states, Model V75/5 is its newer cousin but also without any luck. Thanks for the Vendoco link, i dropped an e-mail so fingers crossed.....
  8. Hello there all you Vending people I've been cleaning up an 'old' Vendo 75X and trying to get it running again to use it in a private setting on a Western Ranch. The Machine had been sitting there for several years and collected about an inch of dirt (inside and outside) so I started of by taking everything apart and cleaning it up before reinstalling everything. Everything seemed to work out fine except for one vending motor which seemed to be unwilling to make a full rotation. After operating the axle switch a couple of times the unit just showed "empty" and was unwilling to work anymore. swapping the motor unit to another position just made matters worse also rendering that selection useless... long story short, now all 5 selections show "empty" while the motor units work when I power them from a separate source, the diodes on the motor units check out, the switches work as they should... it seems to be a problem with the Operating Board now but for the life of me I can't figure out what went or is now wrong Does anybody have any good ideas? Might anybody have the Vendo 75X operating manual or schematics? Operating Board p/n BB01 2198FC05 (googling this brings me to a Polish website which claims to repair "empty" indicating boards for €90 so it can't be a huge issue I guess)... Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks everybody
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