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  1. Thanks Moondog. QuikVend, did your merchant mart offer you any discount at all or was it priced low enough to make a decent profit already? Southeast Treats, that's a great idea! I don't know any personally but I wonder if I get some numbers off of machines and make some calls?...maybe I should start a MeetUp group in my area for Vending owners to network at?... Wow, thank you all so much for your support and input.
  2. Hi All, Okay, I have another question about purchasing smaller quantities of product, where you buy them and have you ever negotiated a deal with a store manager/owner who could order what you want through their channels, as a favour for you? I'm thinking like chain stores (big or small) that have accounts with manufacturers. Often times, I find they carry the large bags of chips but not many stores carry the smaller, 45g bags. I've asked a couple of places but usually don't get to speak to the actual person who can make that decision. My reason for asking is just to see if there is an way of getting smaller quantities of product without having to buy the cases at wholesale clubs. Thank you.
  3. Wow. Okay. Thank you for your honesty AngryChris and Orsd. You have all helped me shift my mindset around expired product. I feel more concerned about when I pull expired product, and of how that reflects on me and my business for the customer. I am so grateful to all of you for your support. Thank you for sharing.
  4. That's really good information to know. Thank you! Indeed, a good but expensive learning experience this has been. I really appreciate all of your advice AZVendor's and Allen Watson's input. And yes, Allen, I thought the very same thing about what people will eat when its free!
  5. Hi All, I would appreciate any support you could give on having expired product in my machine. I understand consumers may not like it, but does anyone have statistics or experience with a drop in sales, or other issues they've had with carrying expired products? I only have two machines (Seaga INF5C-refridgerated combos) and I'm very new to the industry. I bought cases of chips that didn't move as quickly as I anticipated and they are now a month over the best before date and now my one account is asking for fresher product. I realize I have to make them happy AND I need to find a better location! Personally, my husband doesn't care if he eats expired product and neither do I. But I also know that those dates are more of a marketing ploy to suppliers and consumers to "consume" / "sell" them quicker. Does anyone else have more information into the history of best before dates or other purposes for these dates on products? What ways have you found to minimize loss in your business due to expiry dates? Thanks!
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