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  1. germ56


    Thanks for the info.
  2. germ56


    Where do I get a pre drafted contract from? What percentage do you usually agree to give the company where your machine is located? If you pay a monthly fee instead of a percentage what is a good price. I'm new to this so thanks for the info.
  3. germ56

    I need help quick

    And is it possible to take the legs off a snack machine?
  4. My first vending machine is coming tomorrow and I was going to put it in my garage but when I measured my garage when the door was open it is about 6feet 2 inches and the machine is 6 feet and has legs so I have to use a pallet Jack. I got inside delivery so they (ups) are supposed to bring it in but I am worried it won't fit with the Jack. Any suggestions?
  5. germ56

    Who do I talk to?

    Thanks for the info
  6. My friend works at a hospital and he said the employees are talking about getting rid of their current vendor. So who do I contact at the hospital to ask can I put my machine in there? Also how do I contact them email,phone,letter,or in person? I'm new to this so any info on how to make contact with the right people will be greatly appreciated.
  7. germ56

    Moving a snack machine

    Can the pallet Jack push and pull the machine up and down small inclines?
  8. germ56

    How do you move a vending machine?

    Where did you get the dolly with the drop down support for machines on legs in the second video?
  9. I'm about to buy my first machine but the only problem I'm having is finding a dolly that can move machines on legs. This guy in the video has one that has a drop down support that can fit under the machine. Does anybody know where I can find this type of dolly