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  1. I'm sorry to sound dumb but is this the logic board? The red light is flashing on this board.
  2. When I was looking for the display board model I noticed that the light is out on the light gray box next the bill validator. I took the connection at the bottom and took it apart and then plug it back together and the validator made a noise like it was cycling, but the red light on the box did not come on. Am I still needing a display board or is it something else? Thanks!
  3. We put in a new lithium battery when we plug the machine back in and then the display went blank. Do we need to put another one in?
  4. Can you show me a picture of what the display board looks like? Also where might I find a board? I am not a vending expert and we are trying to keep our machines running at work that we bought at an auction and have been working pretty good most of the time. Thanks for all the help!
  5. We replaced the 2 glass fuses on the board and still no display? Anymore thoughts?
  6. The machine does not accept any money. We tried unplugging the display and then plugging it back again and still nothing.
  7. The power cord got unplug by accident last night and when they plug it back in the display said 99.95 and then went blank and does not work now. When we unplug the machine and plug it back in we can hear the bill validator making a little noise. The light on the front of the machine and the compressor are working. We checked the barrel fuse on the bottom of the door. We put in a new battery. Any other ideas of what it might be or what to try?
  8. Thank you lacanteen! I have one on order. Does it just snap in or is it "glued"?
  9. It does say lithium battery on it. Where can I buy one? How do we get it off of the board? Thank you!
  10. This is what our board looks like in our machine. Can you please tell me where a battery would go? Thanks for all the help AZVendor!
  11. Thank you AZVendor! I will take it off the surge protector. Our machine does not have a disk battery on the logic board. I think the machine is about 1998 model. Could it be a fuse? Yes I was talking about the rear spacers. I can see the back of the machine, so I know there are no backers there. Where would I be able to order some? I have not had any luck in my searches. Thank you!
  12. Our pop machine the last few days has started acting up. Someone will put money in the machine and then it goes black and shuts off like it blows a fuse. We have it on a surge protector so when we reset it it'll come back on but we have to reprogram it because it flashes 9999.95 (or something like that). It does not matter if they use change or dollar bills it happened on both. Nothing else is on this circuit and no lights in that area are effected. Any ideas on what to do? Also looking for any backers for this pop machine. I'm missing 2. We bought this used for our office and it has been a pretty good machine with the few exceptions. Thanks for the help!
  13. We have a Crane model 148 snack machine that has a Maka NB-1KB-400 bill validator in it that has stopped working. We had the unit repaired, but that only lasted for about 6 months and it stopped working again. Capital Vending did this repair for us. I tried contacting them on getting a replacement but never got a response from them, so I'm looking for someone else if possible. What can I replace the unit with? Will a Mars or Coinco work? I'm not sure what these are but have seen the names on the board. This is a private machine that we have at our facility. I am not able to find anyone to service our equipment in norther MN so I turn to this board for help and it is very appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  14. Where can I buy a bulb for a crane national 148 snack machine? It goes in the door. The bulb # is CL T9X10-48-56 X-24.
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