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  1. Where can I buy a bulb for a crane national 148 snack machine? It goes in the door. The bulb # is CL T9X10-48-56 X-24.
  2. We replaced the control board on our crane 148 snack machine with a rebuilt board and it is now saying to latch the "h" tray, but we only have trays thru "f". How do we reprogram it to get rid of the "h" tray line? Thank you!
  3. We replaced the coin mech interface board and the machine still does not work. When we turn the power supply on the bill validator cycles but will not take any dollar bills. We have lights on the front door, so we have power. The selector screen still does not light up. Any other ideas what to try?
  4. Where can I buy a coin mech interface board?
  5. Could it be the keypad membrane that went bad? Or do I need to replace the other boards? Thank you for the help!
  6. We have power to the bill validator and the light bulbs on the door light up. There are no lights on display where you make your selection.
  7. We have a snack machine that all of sudden stopped working. The selector is not working. The screen is blank, nothing is showing and we can not make any selections. We replaced the pulse validator interface board because it looked like it had a blow resistor and was black. Any ideas what it might try? This is a machine that we bought @ an auction and has been working great for over a year. We fill it ourselves. I can not find anyone to come out and fix it in northern Minnesota, so am trying to do it myself. Thank you!
  8. sbb

    Crane model 148

    Thank you AngryChris! I am not a professional vending person. We have private machines that are here that I keep full, so I don't know much about this and am learning. This board has been very helpful! Having said that, looking at the link it looks like it has everything that I need to swap out the unit? Or is it only for the cord and the bill validator is separate? I don't want to order and find out I need more parts.
  9. sbb

    Crane model 148

    I only want it to take dollar bills. Where do I find a vendor for the MEI validator?
  10. The machine we bought was missing a couple of the rear spacers. Just wondering where I could buy a couple? This is at our business that we service ourselves. Thanks!
  11. sbb

    Crane model 148

    AZVendor it is a Maka validator. Where can I order a MEI validator?
  12. The dollar bill slot won't take bills anymore. It was working and now it will only take the bill in very slowly and only about 1/2 way and then it'll stop. If you listen you can hear the motor "ticking" like it is still trying to take a bill in even though there is no bill in the slot. I have tried using a can of air to clean any dirt out of the slot. Any thoughts? This is a used machine that we bought a year ago. Suzy
  13. The machine we have does have 9 slots and 9 buttons. The first column is a double wide column and all of the rest are single. We have the first column/button set for $1 and all of the rest are $.50. When we have the door open and do a test vend all of the buttons work correctly and vend the corresponding column. When we shut the door to vend then only the first button and column correspond all of the other buttons from 2-9 vend one off. So 2 vends 3 and so on. I think the STS is set correctly since it does work when we do the test vend, but when we shut the door something goes wrong. Is it a bad membrane?
  14. We have a DN501E coke machine that we got program and it is working except for the buttons vend wrong. When we test vend it and push the second button the second slot will vend. When we put money in and push the second button the 3rd slot will vend and the 3rd will vend the 4th and so on. Any ideas?