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  1. When you have his email, please share with me at divine.javier@ilovevending.com / https://ilovevending.com
  2. Can I have your contact at Italy as I have some parts to inquire/order for my Saeco Diamante Coffee Combi. Thanks,
  3. Hi. Do you have the manual with you? Had the same problem and just followed the programing in the manual and it worked.
  4. Maybe I can help. Please be specific on your problem. I own one.
  5. I have subject coffee vending machine and will start using it. I'm confused how it works to mix 9 coffee options: Chai Tea, Black Coffee, Black Coffee Decaf, Cafe Late, Capucino, Mochachino, Hot Chocolate, French Vanilla, French Vanilla Capucino?? What solubles are needed for these flavors aside from Coffee Beans, Sugar, French Vanilla Creamer, Original Flavor Creamer or Milk, Chocolate, Chai Tea and Decafinated ground coffee?
  6. Hello, Anybody selling used AirVend (preferably AV7 but 5 will be alright) in DFW area? Just need 1. How much? Anybody knows who can repair one? Need to replace a broken unit.
  7. Thanks. But, I have the machines already, 8 combo machines. Any one you know who is good in negotiating for good locations?
  8. Hello, I'm looking for a smaller machine like Seaga HY100 or its like. The machine I have is brand new, never been opened. Need a smaller machine for my prospective location. Thanks, Dominic Javier http://ilovevending.com / info@ilovevending.com
  9. Hello. I’m looking for vending machine locator very familiar with business in the Flower Mound, Lewisville, Grapevine, Highland Village and Coppell areas. Please contact me through info@ilovevending.com.


    1. Dominic Javier

      Dominic Javier

      Anybody interested as locator agent.  Please visit my website  on the agent commission basis at https://ilovevending.com. 

      All Seaga Combo units I have are all brand new never been used.

  10. ISO credible free-lance locators for brand new SEAGA Combo Vending Machines in the DFW and Denton area.

    Flyer Page 1.png

    Flyer Page 2.png

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