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  1. Dominic Javier

    Anybody using Air Vend?

    Hello, Anybody selling used AirVend (preferably AV7 but 5 will be alright) in DFW area? Just need 1. How much? Anybody knows who can repair one? Need to replace a broken unit.
  2. Dominic Javier

    Swap Vending Machines

    Thanks. But, I have the machines already, 8 combo machines. Any one you know who is good in negotiating for good locations?
  3. Dominic Javier

    Swap Vending Machines

    Hello, I'm looking for a smaller machine like Seaga HY100 or its like. The machine I have is brand new, never been opened. Need a smaller machine for my prospective location. Thanks, Dominic Javier http://ilovevending.com / info@ilovevending.com