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  1. I just got a 767 combo machine but the candy tray with selection C0 C1 C2 when pressed says make another selection what could be the problem when I go to couple motors those three are missing its on shows 7 C's thank ed
  2. thanks for all the input guys I appreciate it all finally figured it out had to be programmed to mdb and now it works thanks ed
  3. when I got the machine there is a coin mech and a dollar bill acceptor but the dollar bill acceptor is blinking two red lights which mean is is not hook up tried need wires and new bill and coin mech with no prevail is there something else I should be doing
  4. I bought this machine used but having problems with dollar bill acceptor and coin mech do I have to engage them to work new to this whole coffee thing thanks
  5. was wondering if anyone had ant info about this topic we have 85 locations all in the healthcare sector and they want us to do there office coffee for all there locations they use the liquid coffee with the selection of regular and decade table top machine I've contacted multiple distributors and they will give us the machines for free but we have to purchase coffee through them is there any option the coffee at these facilities is free for the employees the residents that live there and family member that visit the residents so they go through a lot of coffee . also is there a machine that does freeze dried coffee and powder which will cut cost even further down due to the price of liquid coffee. thanks
  6. im am selling my less than two year old ams snack machine model #ams 39-640 I have 3 of them and also I have 5 use tech cc readers for sale the readers I want 150 a piece for them and the machine I want 2000 for each machine they are practically brand new not a scratch on them will send pictures if you are interested I live in CT feel free to email me at erd860@aol.com or write me with questions
  7. im in the process of going to start to use nayak management system and there credit card readers was wondering if anyone out there used s them or heard anything I currently use use tech g 10 for my readers but really interested in there management system THANKS
  8. I have 11 credit card reader all usa tech G10 going with a different company they are all the latest version I could sell them for 250 a piece or all 11 for 2250
  9. what are the best locks for vending machines thanks
  10. I'm new to this but I've put 16.9 ounce Poland spring bottles in the machine and its vends two at a time someone said for me to get a shim for the machine model number pn1125921 for the machine another person said to just buy the Poland spring bottle20z that say will vend on the packaging but they cost more will the shim work for this problem so I could use the 16.9 bottle and the plastic is very thin on the 16.9 bottle any feedback will be greatly appreciated
  11. in the need of 3 snack and 3 soda machines I'm from ct was wondering if anyone knew of places to purchase these machines that is a reputable company all need to have mdb not looking for new just good refurbished ones thanks Alor
  12. I meant to say they are used machines are vendo 721 ams35 glass front ams32 glass front all with credit card readers
  13. how much do these types of machines go for use, vendors 72 ams 35 glass front ams 32 glass front all in excellent condition not a scratch on them the person that has them bought them brand new and they are about 1 year old also they have credit card readers on them just like to see how much I should offer him any info would be greatly appriciated
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