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  1. I have multiple route pro mechs, how many do you need?
  2. If it appears that a machine's been abandoned I'll call the service number on the machine. From there it goes any number of ways. I've purchased numerous routes (usually for a song) from guys that want or are already out. Often times you get the machine, location & $ inside- make sure you get a signed agreement. My best deal was a guy that had abandoned & was already 'out'. Told him if he gave me his location list, keys, etc I'd visit them all & give him the $ in his machines then take possession of he machines/route (all NW super 60s). I had to clean things up but it basically cost me nothing. If the service #s been disconnected I'll make sure to point it out & prove it to the owner/manager. With his permission I will take it. No service # on the machine or no answer/return call from phone #, I don't touch it.
  3. Agree with all. We all have single heads that do $60 a month & triples, etc that do way less. I pay based on ROI
  4. I get it from Carousel/Ford
  5. Eagle tells me that they need to be modified to fit the oaks, anyone in the know on this? The 25 cent Eagle mechs work perfectly on my Oaks curious why 50 cent might not. Thanks
  6. Looking for some, especially for oak machines but also northwestern. Not willing to pay $40+ on eBay. Any advise? Thanks
  7. There's a reputable seller on ebay getting $11.95 including shipping. Seems fair. Good luck.
  8. Generally we like to put a chocolate (P'Nut M&Ms dominate), a fruit (skittle or mike & ike) & gum in a 3 head- u entice 3 different cravings/preferences. I find that in black & latin areas fruit flavored items are favored. I can't pinpoint white, Asian areas but women generally prefer chocolate. If something absolutely dominates we'll take out the weakest seller & replace with a like item to what dominates. Still suggest that long term u gravitate toward gum & toys & get out of candy completely where possible. P'Nut M&Ms were $5.99 when i started now they're $12ish. Yes we started giving less per vend but they crack in the sun, spoil if the a/c is off & occasionally draw bugs. Skittles, Mike & Ike too often stick if it gets too hot or too cold. Have no where near gotten out of candy but am continually easing that way. 850 is still 3 cents per vend & toys never spoil.
  9. Strongly recommend you choose a reputable, well known & respected local charity. Locations are more apt to say yes to you, you'll feel confident in your pitch (& therefore enjoy more success) & you can honestly say that all charitable funds stay locally as well. Years ago I approached a local charity that I thoroughly believed in. They didn't have a vending relationship but were receptive when approached. I convinced them that it would be easy money (they do nothing really except write you an authorization letter) & that their exposure (via the display cards in ur machines) would increase- like having little billboards all over town. They liked that. There will be some hoops to jump thru tho. Getting authorization to use their logo on your display cards & business shirts (highly, highly recommend) often requires board level approval. Also, those few times that a suspicious mind called the charity to see if this was for real, they had my back. I pay my charity an established sum quarterly. Great for me cause I owe them no more $ as I add locations. You're in the infancy of ur biz so that may not work yet. Good luck to you!
  10. Dunno if you're aware but oak wheels fit Beaver machines & are waaay less expensive. Good luck!
  11. I have no employees & service my routes every 90 days (ish). I do have a list of 'hots' that require more attention & I make my way out as needed. I try very very hard to tighten up routes b4 venturing further away. Much prefer to turn a route that's 50 stops into 60 or 70, just seems more efficient. My wife works for local govn't so I get benefits thru her. I have 28 routes in the 10 counties nearest me. Luckily (at least for vending, lifestyle less so) I live in a more urban/commercial area so locations aren't so spread out. Have asked people that know more than me & still haven't figured out how to get good honest employees in an all cash business. Vacation time, I just plan ahead by visiting early or filling higher, etc- got no problems taking time off. Really only work full time Tues-Thurs. Monday & Fridays usually set aside for misc vending- picking up lost locations, repairing, responding to calls that a machine is empty (love those) & locating.
  12. Have about 40 soda machines out. Early on people would ask if I could get them a soda machine too & I'd say that I don't do that. Eventually questioned if I were turning away a good business opportunity so I jumped in a little. Soda is cumbersome. I only do it in the county where I live. Snacks, never considered it, gotta stock 40-50 items & they spoil easily. I don't know how to fix soda/snack machines (can put a Oak coin mech together in my sleep). Regarding bulk, if I get a call from 50 miles away that a machine is broken, place is closing, etc, etc, I head out there with 7 or 8 machines in the back of my van & locate, making a day of it instead of driving 100 miles round trip to fix or pick up 1 machine. Can't do that with a soda machine. Bulk just seems easier
  13. I routinely give out free product, it creates good will, especially with employees who are often your biggest customers. Yeah it's typically a gumball (cost 3 cents right) & I usually even ask what flavor they'd like. Locations are our lifeblood. Pulling machines because I'm pissed is a last resort. Better that's it out making $ then in storage. Locations have ebbs & flows- had a spot where gum routinely did $60 a month, I go there 1 month to find $8 in there. Asked an employee what he thought, he told me the owners son used to pump $1+ a day in but he'd recently died (ouch talk about awkward). I've also had $3 machines, location gets a new employee and becomes a $23 machine. Just my opinion.
  14. Been at it 19 years full time. Started with Vendstars, quickly learned that's not the long term answer. Have since gravitated primarily toward Oak & Northwestern with some racks, tattoo & beaver. Never have never will pay a locator. I've been 'lurking' here on and off for years b4 jumping in. Won't tell you my #s but it more than feeds my family. I'm certainly still learning but feel free to ask anything. Love the flexibility, freedom & autonomy.
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