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  1. Hi there, Your question is quite vague but I’m taking the liberty to assume you mean in terms of sales success in the industry. As an OCS provider we find that the proportions of sales are 80% Coffee to 20% tea... meaning tea only accounts for 20% of our coffee sales. Nothing limits you from selling both. I see them as complimentary offerings, we go in with coffee, we’ll show you some of our teas too since we try to please everyone. i hope this answers your question on which is better. cherrs
  2. I agree with you on this one. K-cups and Flavia made it very hard for many independent OCS companies to survive, selling at very high prices and not having much good coffee.
  3. It depends on where you are, there should be some restaurant wholesale stores or other vending suppliers with the correct toppings. My advice is to not go cheap on the chocolates and milk / fr. vanilla powders. , You should have an average cost of $0.05-0.17 per cup, on this type of machine , depending on the grams of coffee they use(no cup and stir stick, just what's in the cup) I hope I was of help. Stay caffeinated
  4. Hi, I would strongly suggest to stay away from the k cups, as the margins are very skinny and the coffee pods aren't fresh nor biodegradable. May I suggest you consider getting the coffee agreement buy swap out the colossal shelf with that tiny brewer and put a bean to cup machine, with a vending mechanism on it. That way, you will sell real coffee and you won't be paying 70c out of every $ you spend on pods, just for its packaging, thus leaving a 30c of coffee worth in every dollar spent. Coffee accounts can be great fun and very little work if done right. Stay caffeinated!
  5. Hi, I am very familiar with their products, in fact I have bought several innovation total lite's from Cafection and its my primary machine of choice. It is the smaller version of the total 1 and has a smaller footprint. The machines are far superior than any other machine I've tried and tested. The clients actually love what they can taste in every cup, also because they use more coffee per cup than the espresso machines. the great part about this is that you can regulate the exact setting of g/fl,oz per cup of coffee in order to recreate any brewing recipe. From a maintenance point of view, they are great. so far I only had one break down and they sent me the spare parts for free the next day. it was great and very easy to change to the new components. I must specify that the breakdown was due to the fact an employee of the dealership where I placed it, decided to move the machine with out calling us and something must have went wrong with the inlet valve. with a regular cleaning of the machines, they always look sparkling clean like new and last a very long time. I've won every single account I've done a demo with the cafection machines, and people don't just think the coffee is just ok, they actually love it. Their machines really turned my business around and it has been great ever since I decided to buy a brewer from them. I know that in the US they have a major distributor who takes care of all their us client with white gloves. As for the technical questions, the parts last a very long time, the brewer 24k drinks, grinder 99k, valves 9k, tank 59k drinks. The best part of all is that their online management software tells me precisely in how much time I'll need to replace the parts by sending me an email well in advance, so there is no down time and my machine is never out of service. I hope this helps to clear your vision on their products.
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