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  1. Was just replacing what was in there now. Would you suggest a different model?
  2. Hello group. It has been a while since I have posted. Hope everybody is doing well and staying healthy/safe during these crazy times. Not sure if this is the right place to post. But by chance, would anybody have an MCM5 coin mech (4206699.172) they could sell? Thanks in advance and stay safe!
  3. Thank you. I am a little conflicted as to which way I should go. Of course I would prefer to pay the % on net.
  4. .75-$1.25for cans/gatorade/juice, .75-.85 for chips, $1.00 for chocolate/candy. It is a dealership so at least 40 employees. Plus customers. We gross aprox. $1300 a month
  5. Good morning. Just wanted to get a general idea on what some of you pay as far as commission (if so). I have a new location and we agreed on 10%, but we never discussed if it was of gross or net. Do you typically pay commission on net or gross is what I am asking. Thanks in advance
  6. Fairly new to vending. I have learned that combo machines have their place. For instance, 1 location needed to downsize for space purposes. I put in a USI Trimline2 and It is actually doing slightly better since. It replaced 2 fairly new USI machines. The location generates approx 1k per month and I do service it two times a week. But it's location for me is convenient and I don't mind. All of my machines are USI. It just happened that the route I purchased had their machines on location. I love them. The customer service/tech support has been excellent. A year into the business and I have learned a lot on the fly. I recently picked up a new location. Again, it called for a combo and again, I purchased a new one. Everybody has a different business model. For me, unless the machine is fairly new/used, I am going with new. This is not my primary source of income so I don't mind spending more for new. They are being paid off 6 mos to a year at the most. The accounts/locations love them new and shiny and I love the warranty & less headaches. New makes getting a new account an easier sell. Are there great deals on great used machines out there? Of course. But sometimes you need a machine sooner than later. I think USI makes an excellent product. This site is an excellent source for information. Most guys on here are great about giving good advice without belittling you. Just learn from your mistakes. We all started as newbies. Good luck to you and your venture.
  7. I know it all comes down to me and my willingness to travel. Right now my locations are close and I like that. I was curious to know what the distances are for some on here. I really appreciate your input.
  8. I appreciate that information AZ. I asked because I am fairly new to full line and wanted to read opinions of those who have been in business for some time. I wasn't sure if a $500 (gross) account was worth driving 30 minutes to, BUT 1 hr back from.
  9. Thank you Angry Chris. Appreciate your information, very helpful. Going back every 2 weeks would make the account more appealing.
  10. Thank you. I would look to add accounts in between. What your accounts generate, make it worth it. Good for you.
  11. I have an opportunity to pick up an account (1 snack & drink) that generates approx. $500 per month. The account is about 30 min. from my furthest account, which is 30 min from my home. So the new account would be an hour from my house. Is $500 a month worth it? What are the furthest accounts for some of you? thank you
  12. Appreciate all the great advice and opinions. Thank you!
  13. If I could put a $300 machine in there, I would do it. Also, I mentioned to him that if customers had access to it, it would be more appealing to me. Thanks for the input.
  14. A friend of mine who is aware that I have soda/snacks, asked if I could supply his body shop with a can soda machine. It is an auto body shop and they only employ 8 people. The machine would be in the shop and customers would not have access to it. Doesn't seem worth it to me, but maybe some would think otherwise. The machine would be located in an area where I have another account. So I would be in the area to service it. It would be nice to add some locations in that area. But when I think about spending money on a machine for this spot, not sure it is worth it.
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