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  1. I have an all american chicken machine that needs parts. Can anyone tell me where to get them? Machine boots up, but the egg dispenser wont turn. Im guessing its the motor.
  2. those voltage pots that control VR1,VR2,VR3 should have 3 wires like red,brown, yellow. Look at the voltage pots and find out what color the wires are. The pots are controlled, and the voltage regulated by the circuit board. Three wires at the board. Strip the 3 wires at the board (can be done at the pots also, but easier at the board) that go out to the pots. once you have all three wires stripped. Use a wire nut to twist all three wires together. This will put all 48v to your coil constantly while the coil is used during game play IE: initial grab to prize shoot. Test voltage on coil after twisting wires together during game play. If voltage hits 48v during game play your pots are bad. If your voltage stays at the voltage you are indicating or below, then your board is bad, or is programmed to produce the voltage that way and cant be adjusted. Given some state and local laws, its possible. I have other information like that on my vendingjunkie youtube channel.
  3. turn the volume down or disconnect the wires to the speaker.
  4. I need to buy 50-100 new pushers. Is mike not in business anymore? Does anyone have his number?
  5. In your "post signature" is says you have 25 prize machines? What the hell is a prize machine?
  6. Almost every single import crane is made by one of 3 companies in china. Some distributes fight for contracts with those 3 companies. Its really not a big deal to order up a custom crane from china. The problem however, is in price. Larger companies get better prices becuase they have capitol for buying power. Purchasing less than a shipping container full of machines at a time is not going to save you any money. To get going you generally pay for a prototype to be manufactured. Then pay to have the prototype shipped by air from china to US. Your prototype will cost likely around 5k with air frieght etc. But once you get rolling if you can order a shipping container full at a time it begins to make more sense cost wise. Replacement parts should ordered also to have on hand and not depend on china for replacement. Machines will have to be ordered regularly to keep things going in china. The moment you stop paying for manufacturing it might be difficult to jump start again unless manufacture agrees to make stuff on an as needed basis. Good luck. FWIW
  7. I need to see the size of your plush in relation to your claw. You might be running stuff to big for the claw. Try smaller plush and see if the settings react to the smaller stuff. Otherwise, its possible your potentometer is out and you need to replace them. I hate it when they go bad.
  8. I support local gun owners Great thread
  9. post photos of the claw and of the product you are running in the machine.
  10. there is a pusher made that has a bill acceptor/change machine built into it. Its amazing. All the change that would normally fall into the operators bucket, falls right into the change machine. Never ending supply of coin. I have not seen one operate on tokens like that though.
  11. are you asking what percentage is normal to give a location? Or are you asking what is normal to as far as weekly revenue?
  12. cash code dollar bill acceptors are found very cheap on ebay. Any 12v dba will work though as long as the mounting plate is the same size.
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