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  1. Do they sell locks for vending and pop machine maybe universal locks?
  2. Hello I was just starting out and purchased some of an existing route and a lot of machines had different keys. I was just searching for about 30 locks with the same key hopefully with about 4 extra keys.
  3. Yes I’m starting to think it may have been a bad decision but it was mainly because I don’t have the capital to purchase that math machine or to start it from scratch. But that’s correct after about 18 months it will be paid completely off and then I will start making profit. But I believe I can increase the sells. Some of the machines are older actually some of the oldest machines I’ve dealt with.
  4. I think a few Rowe 4900s and a couple other ones I’ll have to check for sure. But it’s mostly APs for the snack machines and Dixie narcos 376s for the pop machines. The motherboard seems like it would be a bit expensive
  5. I’m looking to upgrade my machines here in the next 6 months it’s going to be about 45 to 50 snack and pop machine I would like to know are most AP and Rowe snack machines credit card compatible?
  6. Hello everyone I was just wanting to check what size bags you guys are using in your vending machines? I’ve been using the 1 1/2 bags which do you guys seem to yield more profit from?
  7. Yea I was thinking that or I’ll be working them for $200 bucks a month after expenses but I appreciate it. He actually has a few more he’s trying to sell but I think I won’t buy anymore after these 4 since the price is a little steep
  8. This is very helpful information. Thanks guys just let you know a little about my situation, yes this is currently my main source of income. I just signed a contract for a route of 4 locations and 6 machines grossing about $1900 in sales and I’m making a $1000 month payment for it. The contract is for 18 months. I think it’s a slim margin to work with but I’m trying to pick the sales up and let the route pay for itself.
  9. Thank you so much would you consider purchasing an existing route? It seems to be making good money and they are willing to seller finance it, what are your thoughts? Are vending business good to build capital for other ventures?
  10. Hello I’ve started a vending business about 2 years ago and purchased an existing route with 4 machine on 3 locations snack and beverage. I was working at the time and lost my job so decided to try it full time the beginning of this year. Over the course of 2017 I grew my business from 3 locations to 20 with over 30 machines. I’m just looking for suggestions on expanding I just feel I’m in a slump and should be progression a lot faster than I am.
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