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  1. Hi all,. I have an old Polyvend R32 or Ultra Vendor 32 as they call it. It sounds like parts for those are hard to get,so let me know if you need some!
  2. Interesting, thanks! If someone else is still repairing them, then there's no reason for me not to try! Thanks to someone for putting that nice video on YouTube showing how to change those out. Without that, I wouldn't be trying anything
  3. No,that's the thing....it works totally fine other than having trouble pulling bills in way too often. That's why I'm really inclined to try the new belts
  4. Oh sorry,and to answer your question,yes,it was known to be good -at least as far as I was told by the seller. I don't have another machine to test it on
  5. Hi...there's really not much I can tell you. There was just no power at all. I thought about taking my multimeter over there at some point to see if the mech is even outputting power. Any advice/ideas are always appreciated, thank you
  6. Haha, thanks, that's exactly what I need. We are actually selling this machine and if a belt replacement will get it to where it needs to be, it could work for another couple of years, right? I did actually try an MEI 2501, but like I said, for whatever reason, it was not turning on when connected. I think I need to stick with the connection as shown in the link above for now
  7. Hello All I saw an older post regarding the old metal Maka bill acceptors and some folks suggesting to try cleaning and/or replacing the belts. Another guy said it could be a bent mouthpiece. is the Mouthpiece the metal tab things that are located a 1/2 inch or so up from the opening? Also wondering....I'm thinking of just trying a new belt kit. I ordered a replacement bill acceptor, but it didn't seem like our machine was outputting power through the 12pt harness. Does anyone have an opinion on whether or not it's still worth trying to repair these?
  8. Yeah, that sounds right from what I'm seeing. So is it true that any MDB mech and bill validator will work fine? Those would be connected by a "Y" cable that connects to the harness coming from the board and then splits and goes to both the mech and validator, right? Where would be the best place to order a decent mech and validator from? I'd be OK with refurbished to keep costs down...
  9. Yeah, what really sucks is that we have a lot of older machines that, I think, would still take some of these parts. They have all been working really well so far, but I know it's just a matter of time! Like I said, I'm not sure which ones work or not. Is it worth keeping them for rebuilds if needed? OR, are there newer parts that would work in our machines - even if most of them are NOT MDB? Anyway, here is what I have: Bill Validators - 2 Coinco BA30B, 2 MAKA NB-15A, 2 Mars VFM3-L1-U2CS, 2 MAKA NB-10L-200, Mars VFM1-L1-U2CS Mechs - Mars TRC-6512 (this is MDB, but needs work), 4 Mars TRC6800H, Coinco 9340-S, Mars TRC-6010, 2 Coinco 3341-S, Coinco 9370-S, Mars TRC-6000 and Mars MC5920AH
  10. hey guys, sorry for the delay. so it looks like my board might be a 5.1? on one of the chips, there is a sticker that says: VEC 5.1 VER 1062 201840012 G1 111551316 does that help at all?
  11. I do have some 9302-L's. I'll have to look and maybe I can put a list together. I'm guessing some of them are totally worthless. I know I have some Coinco BA30B validators. I'd say probably 15 mechs and 10 validators overall. But yeah, I'll see if I can put a list together.
  12. Thanks guys. Yeah, I think I'll need the MDB harness that splits and goes to the mech and validator. I'm just not sure which models of those I can use? I'll take a look at the board and see if I can ID which one it is. Otherwise, if it is MDB, will basically ANY MDB mech and validator work? Or, do I have to be worried about the voltage and everything?
  13. Hello all, my wife and I recently bought 18 machines from a local guy - 3 of which do not currently work. He also gave us a quite a few mechs and bill acceptors as spare parts, but said he isn't sure if any of them are working. From what I've seen, most of them are older and worthless to most folks, but It looks like they will work in our machines if need be. Does anyone know where I can buy an older/used tester? A local guy has helped me a couple times using his SEM CT2. I'd really like to find one of those if I could. But, there may be others out there that I haven't seen before. thanks in advance for your comments!!!
  14. Hello....We have a big Vendo V570 pop machine that was broken into. Not only did the punk take the money, but took the mech and bill validator too! I believe this machine is able to accept MDB or the standard (12/15 pin?) connections. Can someone please tell me which model #'s I can use for replacement parts? I can get more information if needed. Thanks in advance...
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