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  1. golpher MICHAUD

    dixie narco 276e

    dixie narco 276e will not go in programming mode .trying to set new price but password will not work
  2. golpher MICHAUD

    full lin

    just to make things easier for a friend of mine .he will only take information from you guys does he need a license to run less then 10 machines in dallas tx plano irving Coppell tx snack and soda
  3. golpher MICHAUD

    dixie narco 72w-10

    i just picked a Dixie narco 72w-10 pepsi soda machine and i am told that you put money in and it vends more than one the soda keeps coming out what do you experts think it may b the front display says not in service,the machine looks like new so apart from this repair is this a good machine it seems to b a pain to load with them drawer type racks,thanks guys
  4. golpher MICHAUD

    cc readers issue

    sorry i am talking about vendo 540 it keep saying mdb disabled after i change the board with 9.1 250 chip any diferent ideas thanks
  5. golpher MICHAUD

    cc readers issue

    ok thanks for the info the 167 snack looks to b ok for now i will play with it some more tomorrow but still mdb disabled and says cash only ??????
  6. golpher MICHAUD

    cc readers issue

    i replace the board in the vendo and it stil says mdb disabled and cash only i know have new 9.1 050 chip and still same thing
  7. golpher MICHAUD

    cc readers issue

    it has to be in the settings there are no switch on the board after messing more with it it when to cc only now its bills only this is frustrading and when it comes to the vendo 540 i just don't know where to start
  8. golpher MICHAUD

    cc readers issue

    HI yall just picking yall brains i have a crane 167 snack machine and today i installed a nayax cc reader andit keeps saying cash only on reader so i call nayax and they said it was not the reader its my machine so i tried and tried to mess with the settings and now it says cc only go figure,also i put one on a soda machine vendo 540 and it says cc only as well ,it says eth no connection also says mdb disabled after messing with it it came on for about 5 minuts then back yo cash only again ,so any help would b welcome i am just getting my feet wet here but will soon b in the mud if i get no help
  9. golpher MICHAUD

    stair climber

    hi yall i am looking for a stair climber moving dolly if you have one give me a bit of info about it thanks you can text me 214 416 2676 thanks
  10. golpher MICHAUD

    bottle water

    hello everybody can you all tell me what is the best bottle water out there i need to vend 20 oz water and want to make sure i have a strong plastic to withstand the weight an if more than 1 brand that would di the trick thanks yall
  11. golpher MICHAUD

    full lin

    hi yall looking for a front panel I think its like plexie glass for a royal mode 650-10 mine looks like its fogie and I cant clean it also it has scratches on it and scratches where the drinks sit on that shelf so I need to find a new front glass and bottom panel anyone can help please thanks.
  12. golpher MICHAUD

    full lin

    I am looking at asnack machine ap lcm 1 for 800.00 and a soda machine royal vendor model rvdve650 10 700.00 is that a good price also are those any good
  13. golpher MICHAUD

    full lin

    I am getting a soda machine from dr pepper hope it proves good
  14. golpher MICHAUD

    full lin

    thanks for the reply and yes this is a snack and a soda machine
  15. golpher MICHAUD

    full lin

    hi yall thanks in advance for advice, I just bought my first snack machine and I have a location for it now my question do you have some kind of agreement with you sites or just a gentelement agreement new place new to industry,dont want to offend anyone but some thing on paper would be nice they are kicking there guy out and I was told to bring mine in ,but the decision was made by new management and I did not get to meet him yet ,this was done with staff who has authority to make decision and as far as I was told it looks good.