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  1. I have recently acquired a vending account that would also like me to take over there current coffee agreement. Basically it's a k-cup vending machine with a commercial grade Kurig they current vendor supplies. They are paying $180 per month to the company and the company provides sugar,cups bi weekly I suppose or when they run out and creamer. The employees still pay $1 per k-cup also. Is this a good approach to coffee vending? It seems like a easy win if I can save them $20 dollars per month they said they would be happy they just don't like the current vendor. I saw something called a Bunn machine which is simillar to Kurig I suppose ..and have found some K-cup dispensing machines . What a your recommendations? See attached current equipment on site.
  2. imperialv

    Purchasing personal items to vend

    Where do you get your Cold food items from
  3. imperialv

    Purchasing personal items to vend

    Can someone recommend sites to order personal vending items and detergent. I have just acquired a hotel location that requires these things..Any suggestions are helpful.
  4. I have recently aquired a hotel location and wanted to add personal items. Can anyone recommend some places that will ship these items to me? Ex. Washing powder toothbrush condoms etc...
  5. imperialv

    Hiring help to manage routes

    Wow, this has been some great information. Currently I do have a full time job but my goal is to become full time vending. I am struggling with staying organize but just signed up for trial of vend trak. I will definitely sign up for this program. I never thought about the point of increasing spoilage due to their lack of knowledge. Always something to learn in this business.
  6. At what point or how many machines do some of you have before you decide to hire someone to help you manage your routes. I currently have about 20 machines and struggling some. How much do you pay these guys?
  7. imperialv

    Meeting with possible hotel location

    One last question whta type of security features should I add to the machines to deter vandalism every little bit helps
  8. Hello all ! Have a couple of questions I have a meeting with a 2 property hotel next week that has been serviced horribly by Coke who does not maintain the drink machines and two men and a idiot run the snack machines. The owners of the property do not receive commission at all and have realized that their current situations does not meet the needs of their guest. I fortunately got the ear of one of the owners and he is ready to give me a shot at taking over the location pending our meeting. Question 1 What is a good co mission to offer him? Question 2 He wants toiletries in the machine toothbrushes etc.. what are good prices to charge on these items and a list of good items. This hotel does not provide anything but towels. Queston 3 Any general tips to help me close the deal will be appreciated... Thanks all.. Imperial Vending
  9. imperialv

    Out of Date Product

    Going back to the previous thought I dont thing if I were hungry today and I new something would be marked down in three days I would starve until its cheaper. The beauty of vending is that product is available when you want it its not like waiting for a shirt to go on clearence. Also if you were to put in a break even slot in your machine it would only house items you tried and did not sell ,not good movers so you would never run the risk of a discounted product and the same product in the machine at full price would you?
  10. imperialv

    Out of Date Product

    Is it a good idea to have a spot in your machine lets say for .35 cent for merchandise that will go out of date that week. It would always be random merchandise in that slot but at least you would get your investment back.
  11. I am about to start leasing arcade machines, does anyone have a sample month to month lease agreement contrct for this type of service. Any help will be appreciated. Imperialv
  12. I know there have been many threads o this topic but I wanted to know the best way to approach. I found a vending route for sale on craigs list for 8500 dollars. It included 3 machines and seller says route is making 50 dollars a week, I am thinking that is per machine. How do you determine if this is overpriced or what are the basics to look for before buying a route. Thanks
  13. imperialv

    Snack and Soda Machines in Hotels

    In Birmingham Coke has an entire vending line called Classic Vending they make it very difficult to get in with them. Fortunately they have been willing to work with me.
  14. imperialv

    Snack and Soda Machines in Hotels

    Do any of you who have 3rd party individuals loan you machines have contracts with them. What would stop coke from coming in and saying they are going to take their machines out of the location. I know I will still have a contract with the hotel to keep the account. How have you guys handled this.
  15. imperialv

    Snack and Soda Machines in Hotels

    Great news Coke just called me today and they are going to loan me the machines they said it would take about 3 weeks to get them installed and of course all product has to come from them. I am going to meet with the hotel on Monday to hopefully close the deal. This is great!!!