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  1. Hi , i have a Saeco SG200E & CoinCo Pro 3 Changer. For some reason it will not refund any money.i can put it dollar and coins but when i press the coin return button nothing happens. its suppose to spit out/return my money. Any ideas what i am doing wrong o what i need to do ?
  2. i just purchased one of these machines , SG200E and i wanted to know what do you guys recommend as far brand of product for the milk,vanilla and chocolate powders.
  3. I need your help . I have this machine royal vendors RVCDE-376-8. One of the selections started to act up . It would take money and When you press the 5th selection which I have ice tea it says "sold out" but it’s not. Then if you keep trying it would work again . Any idea what could it be ? Thanks.
  4. Machine got fixed today by the technician that i call when i have a problem with my machines. charged me $80 . $50 for a part and $30 service charge. i appreciate all the suggestions. also thank you for the manual which i will study to learn about what i have.
  5. i appreciate all the responses. I will try all suggestions this weekend as the machine is at another location. all i can say right now,the machine has been sitting for a few years. a few days ago i plugged it in and inserted a dollar bill. it took the money and i pressed the selection and nothing happens.i know all selections are the same i said i have no clue of what am doing here so i can only go by what you guys suggest. but i will update over the weekend.
  6. Sorry didn't realize images didnt upload. I looked everywhere around machine to get a model and didn't fin anything other than the brand dixie narco in the front.the problem happens with all selections. they all cans selections. the problem always happens . you put money in and when pressing the selection nothing happens , no sound no motion nothing. not sure if credit goes away after vending attempt, i would need to check.
  7. Does anyone know how to fix this problem. This Dixie machine takes the payment but won't vend the sodas. Anyone with any suggestions as to what could be the problem or where to start ? Keep in mind I am a total noob when it comes to vending machines and repairs.
  8. Hey guys , i need your help. My buddy just took over a machine and while testing it we noticed the machine when it comes to the Gum options machine is vending or giving away multiple sticks. We would love to know what is it that he is doing wrong. Maybe he is not stacking them correctly or needs to adjust something to only vend one at a time. i added a photo so you guys can see what am talking about.
  9. Hello guys once again. I am getting ready to buy a few machines and route. Just wanted to ask if anyone had an idea of what are the laws in south Florida when it comes to vending machines or owning a few manchine that are in location. Do I really need to register a company even if I only own 1-4 machines ? Can I own or operate these machines without anything until I get to a certain point or ammount of manchines ?
  10. Thank you for your input. i haven't seen the machines in person , i just saw the ad online and decided to ask here first before insulting the guy with a low offer with no insight of why i was making that offer. At Least now i can say hey from people that have been doing this for years this is how much is considered a fair price for what you are offering.
  11. i would love your advice on this one guys. i just came across an ad for a sale of TWO VENDING MACHINES (1 snack / 1 soda) (see pictures) Awesome location near International Airport, with access to service 24/7.Both Vending Machines are indoors, with security on-site during non-business hours.Average sales $350 - $550 per month combined, with $0 commission paid on sales.Well established account for many years he includes all inventory in machines, and change in coin mechanism's (Est. $200)Total Sale Price $2200 for both machines on location. Is this a good price for this route/machines ? what are your thoughts and what would your counter offer be ?
  12. Thank You Guys for the great feedback and advice. I Knew something was fishy because of the low price. He even offered to deliver today after i told him the deal was off. Is there a guide or any what to look for when buying machines. any recommendations on any machines for someone starting up something that can be found at a decent price.I already have a small snack machine at a location, the owner used to have a soda machine but it stopped working and he never got it looked at, now he is willing to let me put in another machine in to replace that one so i need a soda machine asap. Any advantage/Disadvantage of vending cans or bottles or maybe doing both if the machine allows it. i would like to offer a good variation of product from soda to water ,gatorade and even redbull if possible.
  13. Hi Everyone, i just found this forum and i am in love!!! i am new here and i really need your help. Am new to vending machines and the business..Am gonna try to make long story short. I came across a ad on craigslist for 4 Dixie Narco Which seller listed model 501 BUT THE STICKER ON ONE OF THEM SAYS DN 504P HVV-6 (see attached photos). The Ad was for each machine at $350. To me seems like a very low price since these machines usually i see them going for $800 and up. I went to see the machines and this is where it gets interesting / weird. This person seems to work for a Vending company since he came in wearing uniform and in company van.The location was a empty house that's being sold.He says he has a route of about of 60 machines and has about 20 of them without location.According to him he is trying to sell these machines because he can't have them stored at the house any more. The Machines: 4 Machines . 2 of them don't have bill collector and coin mechanism but he has one he can throw in, 2 of them do.They all look in decent condition.He powered one up and open one of them using his TRITEQ Remote which i will need one to program and open all of them if i decide to buy.One of them he tells me needs a radiator fan which he might have of them the power cord was cut off but he says he has one he can use on it.Seems like 2 out of the 4 are ready to go as we speak,2 will need some work. i would like to know your thoughts . this person agreed to sell all 4 to me for $1,100. to me its kinda low price for machines that i usually see going for $800 and up each.So what should i look for ? how can i make sure these machines are good and i wont get ripped off.To me there are a few red flags. like why if he is in the business and has machines why is he selling these for so cheap.can i go wrong buying these machines ? what i need to check to make sure everything is good and worth the money?
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