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  1. Vendo vmax 840 some selections not vending or display cost on screen, with first push of button takes multiple attempts. Wondering if just a button relay problem? TIA
  2. Vendo vmax 840 will not accept dollar bills. Insert for dollar bills won't even register your trying to put one in. Possible problem and fixes any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Vendo vmax 840 takes multiple presses of the button to vend drink. Only on bottom 2 selections.
  4. chase1133

    Fsi 3040 condenser fan

    Anyone know where I could get a replacement?
  5. Fsi 3040 condenser fan not spinning. Compressor kicks on when plugged in, condenser fan doesn't spin. Compressor will shut off after about 15min and then every few minutes you can hear a click. Fan spins freely, is the motor bad or could it be something else and what? Thanks for your help. Condenser fan motor 5 watt 7332418-000
  6. chase1133

    Vending water out of vmax 840

    Was running 20oz Ozarka 2 rows in a column, but after a few days and about 15 vends started jamming. They were the bottles that had on the package "It Vends". Maybe got too soft?
  7. chase1133

    Vending water out of vmax 840

    Could I do a 24oz Ozarka sports cap bottle one column
  8. What water can I vend out of a vendo vmax 840.
  9. chase1133

    Help with Vendo v630

    Thanks! What is the purpose of it though?
  10. chase1133

    Help with Vendo v630

    Also will the D1122032 be the same thing for the side spacer (shim).?
  11. chase1133

    Help with Vendo v630

    What exactly are the side spacers for? Part number 1122032
  12. chase1133

    Help with Vendo v630

    If I am changing from bottled to cans and running 3 deep. I just need to move the gauge bar and change out shims? Right now when it vends with cans I am getting 2 , 1, then 0.
  13. Help adjusting cam from 2 deep to 3 cans deep. How to move it.