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  1. What about tracking stocks with a computer program or through a CC reader? Wouldn't' this increase sales and save time?
  2. Is the growing number of healthy vending scams out there presenting us with a good opportunity to start buying used machines from operators that didn't get out of this business what they where expecting?
  3. Thanks for taking the time to put all this in writing. Will find locations in my area by contacting business directly. We are very flexible with our time since we are self employed and we have people working for us who could double into this business if necessary. Might be able to store machines at home at the beginning although we are not looking to acquire any machines before securing a location.
  4. I though that having CC readers would be an advantage over the competition since many good locations here where we live have older machines without the option to pay with CC. Also en California most of the people don't carry cash with them at all times.
  5. How do you think this machines compete against glass front units?
  6. Hello, I'm doing some research before committing to one brand of machines. I would like to manage my route with some sort of stock management software. All machines will need CC readers. Which brand would you recommend and which one would give the most flexibility? I also see some companies selling KVM brand machines made in China at a much lower cost. Is that something to consider? Thanks, Daniel
  7. Sorry this is out of topic. I'm new to the business so I'm interested on knowing how to secure locations and provide a competitive service. You mentioned you lost the location, do you mind sharing what caused that? Did you have a contract? Thanks!
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