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  1. I fixed it. It turned out to be the settings. It was set to no coins.
  2. Vendors exchange wanted $149 plus shipping for the same model refurbished. So I figure I saved $115 today. Plus I already have one in another machine so I’m familiar with it. Even their tech said to junk the 6512.
  3. Too late, already ordered but it’s confirmed working. eBay
  4. Just bid on a Conlux ccm5g for $50 and free shipping.
  5. Looking to upgrade the 6512 coin mech that is not currently working to something more reliable. Before I go online to buy I figured I would ask here. I see them on ebay for $50 so I know it's a long shot but I figured one of you might want to unload some old stock. I also would be willing to sell or trade if anyone wanted this one. It's in great shape from an indoor location (no dust or dirt). Getting error of Disabled from VMC and I'm out of options without investing more into it. Time to upgrade.
  6. I’m thinking of just upgrading if the reinstall after cleaning and reassembling doesn’t work.
  7. Why would a stalled motor effect the coin mech? YouTube videos claim it’s an internal ribbon cable ($28) that goes bad or dirt (it was pretty spotless). They are less than $50 for a replacement so I went through it all today and cleaned it. If the reinstall doesn’t work I’ll buy a replacement.
  8. it's the 6512. I just took it all apart and reassembled it. watching youtube videos now which one claims the ribbon cable goes bad.
  9. good to know, it's the only one like it in my machines and the only one giving me problems
  10. I have other machines that do this to the dollar bill acceptor on occasion when I empty them and I just clean it and it eventually corrects itself. With a coin mech there is no electric eye so I'm kind of out of options. Vendors exchange told me to bypass the harness and that's not it. They think it's the mech.
  11. The photo was taken after it was removed from the machine. I don't recall if it says wait but most of my machines do. My next option is to take it to another stop and plug it in to see if it's the mech or the machine. Keep in mind the machine is functioning normally other than not taking coins. The door switch is depressed when you close the door so I can't see that being the issue.
  12. yes, it's loaded and operating for the last year on only dollar bills. it's a DN276
  13. Getting 2 light flashes (disconnected from VMC). This machine was given to me by the account where it was sitting for over a year and I had it all working during my initial inspection before stocking it. Long story short it lets the coins drop right through to the coin return now. Before I buy a refurbished mech I wanted to ask one last time with a photo of the model. I was told it needed coins in it to work, tried that, I was told to bypass the harness to see if it was that. No luck and I've inspected it for any damage or dirt and it seems fine. Any ideas?
  14. I’ve been told that the coin slots need at least four coins in each tube So I was adding coins in it didn’t change anything but I’ll add more to see if that works.
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