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  1. lacanteen - OK I will try the motors when my attitude improves.
  2. AZVendor - it is a state agency. Not known for spending money for employee welfare.
  3. Set it to 10 rows then DN720-10 as the model. I reprogrammed package to 1. Set price .75. When I closed the door it primed all columns - one at a time. Inserted coins and made selection. All 4 cans in the row dropped one at a time - a little pause between (enough to remove each can). Then the row primed and dropped a fifth can and then returned the coins.....sigh.
  4. It appears to drop them all at once. Of course the first drops a split second before - but they fall and jam up the delivery door.
  5. That is helpful - thank you. For some reason my programming paper said set package 2 - which I did since the control board came back with 12 row programing. I will go try this! Not a vending guy, but since I work on old cars they figure I can fix anything. Been keeping that POS (agree with you) running since 2006 and am about fed up. Only saving grace - retirement is 2 years away! Again thank you for responding!
  6. We have a Dixie Narco 720P 10 rows set up for cans. When coins are deposited and selection is made it vends the entire row and then returns the coins. I replaced the vend sensor first, and then sent in the control panel to DIEB. But it is still doing the same. I noted when I installed the vend sensor that the wires were different color than the machine wire harness - but assumed it was a substitute part, it was D65107100 from D/S vending. I did a continuity check on the wires to make sure there was not a break from opening the door. All 10 rows do the same thing - deposit coins - press button - get four cans - and your change. This is our in-house machine used to pay for agency picnic, Christmas, sort of thing. Since it is not on a vending route I cannot get support. One guy came out - giggled wires, turned it on and off, (kicked the tires) and said I don't know. I already did all that! Can you please help - we have no budget for a replacement. Thank you. .
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