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  1. Columns are jamming without any kind of actual obstruction, they just seem to stop turning prematurely? I had that happen with a machine before and haven't had a problem since I replaced the motors of the columns that were doing this. I even recall it not accepting any purchases at all when I had this problem, not just a couple drinks being unavailable. What seems to happen is that sometimes those motors are kind of weak and can't always put out enough force to make the full rotation, thanks to having to push up all the weight of all the cans above the rotor.
  2. Not the rods, just those plastic sleeves. When I put one over a rod and slid it until it hit the spring, it still extended slightly past the end of the rod, making the overall thing longer than the rod would be on its own.
  3. Oh, I didn't know there was a website like that, it looks really helpful, thanks! Now, I have spare rods and some white plastic sleeves that fit over the rods that I was given a while back when I was looking to possibly vend some 12oz bottles, but I had a problem with those when I tested them. I slid the sleeve over the rod and put the rod into one of the holes as normal, except that it was difficult to actually get it all the way lined up. When I decided to test it by having the motor turn it, it got stuck three-quarters into the full rotation and refused to move any more despite further attempts until I removed the rod and sleeve, then it worked fine. It's like they were too long and were putting too much pressure on the rotor, causing it to bulge outward. They were definitely long enough that they surpassed the end of rod when I slid them on. I gave up on using them, but I still have them, I'll just get a saw to trim them to the right length. I considered that briefly, but it didn't look like there were enough holes for the back spacer to come forward enough so that these cans would press down the sold out paddle.
  4. I have a location where I'm trying to sell Mountain Dew Kickstart in a Dixie Narco 501e, specifically the 12oz cans that are taller and skinnier than typical 12oz cans of soda, and I'm having an issue with it double-vending the first drink in a layer occasionally. On testing, I found that it was either turning enough that both drinks fell out at once or only turned enough that the one drink fell out but the second drink was tilting downward and barely on the edge. What really perplexes me is that I'm having this issue with the second selection of Kickstart on this machine, I have been selling a different flavor of the same can for a while longer and have strong word that this never happened with that other flavor. Everything is set up the same between the two. Same sidespacer, same backspacer setting, rod & spring on same hole, same cam setting, Other than the motor, which I did replace on the problematic one in response to this, I have no idea what could be causing one to behave different from the other. I'm wondering what settings you guys might use for those tall, skinny 12oz cans and if you have any idea why this is happening. I'm using the same side spacers as regular 12oz cans, back spacer on hole 8, rod & spring in the holes that would place it the furthest underneath the can, as opposed to the holes that would place it furthest to the side of the can or the middle ones used for regular 12oz cans, and brown cam on setting either 2 or 3, I forget which at the moment but I remember paying close attention to using the one that would cause it to turn the least before stopping.
  5. I took a checklist with me of everything AZVendor said about how to adjust the gum tray and confirmed that everything on my machine was adjusted right, and yet there was still yet another gum jam when I got there. I looked at the 15 piece packs of gum at Sam's Club again, and I'm not fully happy with those. They seem rather expensive for what you get in comparison and poorly suited as impulse purchases. I've been trying to look into the half-turn spiral motors, but I've had difficulty finding what I would need. I was wondering if anyone with experience on that could help me find everything I need for the conversion.
  6. I'm having problems trying to vend gum in my AP 113. I keep coming to the machine to see a half-vended, crumpled up pack of gum in the gum tray. I've run a lot of testing on it, and while it generally works fine, every now and then, occasionally it would push two packs of gum up at the same time which is causing the jam. That clear plastic cover is doing its job of preventing the second pack of coming out at the same time, but the whole thing is just jamming. Other times, it seems like the first pack got pushed out but the thing that pushed it out couldn't make it back down because of the second pack getting squished. I'm not sure what I can do to prevent this. I'm using the 5 piece gum from Sam's Club that already comes labeled at a price of 35cents for some reason. I thought I could maybe get different packs of gum that would be a bit thicker and take up more room so the second pack doesn't get pushed up, but those don't seem to exist. Can't move the clear plastic cover any further forward, and I'm not sure how moving it backward could help. Anyone know what's happening and what I can do about it? And while I'm at it, what would be some good things to try vending from that gum tray other than gum and mints? If I were to give up on the gum tray entirely, can I put sell other gum like the 15 piece packs in one of the smaller spiral rows? I've had some decent sales on a couple flavors, so I don't think I should drop them entirely.
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