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  1. The Crippler

    Flat Line customers beware

    I’m not debating your alarmist post. Sorry for hurting your delicate feelings
  2. The Crippler

    Flat Line customers beware

    Wrong, they sent out a second letter clarifying the first letter they sent out.
  3. The Crippler

    Ridiculous Competition

    You are wrong, legally, if it is in your possession it is theft and you are also subject to a civil action as well. It only costs me $125 to file a small claims action and I have personally secured a judgement for $5,000 over a “held” machine taken off property.
  4. The Crippler

    NERDZ Gumballs

    They are twice the cost for me and when I have to throw some out later on if not selling well it will be twice the disappointment.
  5. The Crippler

    Oak, Eagles, Astros for sale

    PM sent
  6. The Crippler

    Oak, Eagles, Astros for sale

    Since I can’t seem to post a picture on classified of my machines without it being “too big”, I have 75 Oak/Astros for sale, decent used condition. I have records indicating some of the machines are from the 60’s and 70’s. I have repainted the 75 I currently have available, in light blue, and am anticipating 100 to 200 more soon. Candy and gumball/capsule wheels. $23 for each machine, $28 if you want locks. Buy 1, 10 or all. Pick up in Wisconsin preferred but can pack it up, disassembled, if right price. Representative picture of a non touched up example shown. 25 cent mechs. I know this isn’t the right place but want to start to get the word out.
  7. Please take a pic of the inside, especially towards the top. Thanks
  8. The Crippler

    5 foot tall oak gumball machines

    Does anyone have a 5 foot tall Oak branded Gumball machine? If so, is the lock in the door a standard oak lock like the top? The top lock is fine but the door lock is broken so I can’t open it. I would like to confirm that it is a standard lock before I get the drill out. Thanks for the assistance.
  9. The Crippler

    Washer holding lid on

    Thank you, I appreciate the lead!
  10. The Crippler

    Oak branded key needed

    Yep, because of the pattern it is not a cut key, it is cast that way.
  11. The Crippler

    Washer holding lid on

    Hello, have some oaks/Astro’s that when I take the lock out there is some type of locking washer holding the lid on. I’m sure there is some type of device used to release this washer. It is brass with 4 small holes evenly place around the washer? any help would be appreciated. thanks, tom
  12. The Crippler

    Oak branded key needed

    The key lasted only 6 machines before it cracked.
  13. The Crippler

    Oak branded key needed

    Thanks, since there are 40-50 machines to open I expect I will be doing some drilling
  14. The Crippler

    Oak branded key needed

    Gumball Guy, Thanks for the reply, as this was my fear that it was a one off. I appreciate the history and now know that the drill will eventually come out as the key is almost to the point of breaking. Oh well.
  15. The Crippler

    Oak branded key needed

    Hello, i have a new route and one of the keys I have is a tubular key with the word “OAK” on it. I only have one key and it is starting to degrade and crack. It fits into a star shaped tubular lock. Does anybody have these? Is there a source for these? I can’t seem to find anything listed on the secondary markets. There are 40 to 50 machines with this key and I would hate to have to drill all of those when this key eventually breaks. Thanks much!