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  1. 300s and I have been getting 30 per and am giving volume discounts over 10
  2. Just saw some on eBay, heritage vending
  3. Not sure why but unable to pm anybody
  4. looking for about 50 keys and locks for oak/Astro machines. Prefer them all keys alike. Sources that won’t break the bank? Not for routes but I do use them for resale of refurbished machines. Thanks
  5. Omg, I would have gladly paid double that 3 months ago. I’ve been looking for awhile but now I think I have them all out. Well worth the money!
  6. That is actually a locking washer, without a specialized tool, which no one seems to have, I had to either drill it out with small bits, or bust it out.
  7. I have all of the internal parts and 3 mechs. I tried placing the machine and there were problems after 1 week. I swapped out with my eagles, stripped the machine and threw away all of the base parts. Happy to make a great deal to free up more space.
  8. Have 200 eagle/oak/Astros available
  9. Mine have 2 springs on each mech. They are hard to see from the underneath. If one is off, I get jams.
  10. I’m not debating your alarmist post. Sorry for hurting your delicate feelings
  11. Wrong, they sent out a second letter clarifying the first letter they sent out.
  12. You are wrong, legally, if it is in your possession it is theft and you are also subject to a civil action as well. It only costs me $125 to file a small claims action and I have personally secured a judgement for $5,000 over a “held” machine taken off property.
  13. They are twice the cost for me and when I have to throw some out later on if not selling well it will be twice the disappointment.
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