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  1. In any case, I plugged the 5802 in and it works just fine. The two wire connector went to the Maka bill validator. Since I've disconnected it, it doesn't matter that none of the other connectors are used. Thanks for the help.
  2. Yeah, this is just for casual use at a private company. If I thought an honor box would work I would've gone that route. I'm here all day every day, so I can check on these machines periodically and make sure they are operating. I'm still less than $500 in, which hasn't even come close to the price of a single used modern machine yet 'round these parts. I'm basically just trying to keep these old hulks out of the scrapyard. Plus, they look cool, and all the old farts like me who work here remember them from the 80's and I've gotten several comments on how neat it is to see these running. I probably should've mentioned that I already have a 5802, so getting a different mech is off the table. If the big black 8/9 prong plug is what's doing the real communication, and all these units are roughly the same, then those two wires running separate must just go to the exact change light or possibly the defunct maka bill validator. I'm using the Rowe snack machine to make change from bills. I'm having occasional issues with that also... But that's a post for another time.
  3. Hey, it's me again. I have that old Cavalier Coke machine that is gracing the most recent pictures at the moment, and I've fixed the thermostat problem so it's cooling well and it *was* vending just fine. But the Maka coin mech finally croaked and released the magic smoke. So rather than buy another garbage Maka mech, I considered my options: On the inside of the Cavalier's door was a UL notice that listed possible compatible coin mechs (Maka was not one of them,) and after a bit of googling, it looked like the MARS 5802 would be a good fit. The problem is that the Cavalier has only two wires that were connected to the "brains" of the Maka beyond the power plug itself, and the Mars MC5802 has several different connectors. I want to know which wires tell this unit enough coin has been entered to vend, and I'd like to do this without blowing up the MARS coin mech or more importantly the Cavalier's limited brain (assuming it even has one.) I did find a wiring diagram for a bill acceptor that labeled each of these connections on the Mars, so my question is this: are the two wires I need the ones in the picture that would go to the cash meter? The Mars has 3 connectors: Cash Meter (2 wire, red & black), LCD Credit Display (3 wire, white, brown, green on a 6 connector), and a 5 wire (yellow, gray, purple, orange, blue) that appears to be for a bill acceptor (and a talking vender module?!?) according to the sheet I have (attached here for convenience.) The Cavalier has one connector, (2 wire black and white.) Now, here's the funny thing, the Maka mech still kind of works. It lights the exact change required lamp, and buzzes and clicks constantly, but it still takes coin, credits the machine to vend, and gives the correct change. (I have no idea how it lights the lamp *and* credits the machine with only two wires... maybe that's all it needs?) I disconnected it because I imagine it's just going to catch fire at some point and I'd rather not burn the shop down. I guess I could connect a meter to the Maka and see when it sends a pulse through those two connectors, then do the same with the Mars, but I was hoping that AZvend or somebody with more experience with this than I could confirm my thoughts. Also, I am loathe to plug it back in knowing it's basically toast, and based on how it's acting I have no idea if my readings would make any sense or be correct at this point. Anyone have a good guess?
  4. AZVendor, would this thermostat work? The only thing I can find for a Rowe online is a cold food quality sensor. I really appreciate the help, by the way. https://www.ebay.com/itm/VENDO-ROWE-VENDING-MACHINE-COLD-CONTROL-THERMOSTAT-Free-Ship/182158935060?epid=719310395&hash=item2a6984c414:g:49gAAOSwVL1WFTXy
  5. Well, I thought I had gotten it to almost 100%. I put a thermometer inside that I can see just by cracking the door (I suppose I could put one visible from the can drop, now that I think of it.) It's vending properly, giving change correctly, and it had been running good all weekend with no freezes and maintaining about 45 degrees temperature, so I decided to move it into the kitchen area this morning. Of course, just before I left today I caught it running at 20 degrees. The water bottles had just begun to freeze inside, so I cracked the door a bit and unplugged it. Looks like a new thermostat is a for sure thing. And of course the bill collector won't credit. It takes bills fine, and there are clicks in the coin mech area when it does so, but something isn't set quite right because it won't allow vend, and it won't dispense change. Coins work fine and dispense correct change. While it would be great to just junk this thing and continue on, any other equipment I'd be looking at around here also isn't 100% operational. Since a part of what we do here is refrigeration, I think as long as the vend portion is working I'm not too worried about the chiller guts. So if you could remember what the dip switch settings might be for this so I can change the price to .75, and maybe enable the bill collector that would be marvy! Thanks for all the help and advice so far, by the way!
  6. necrotron


    Pics of two old vend units, a Rowe 4940S, and a Cavalier C9-390-260
  7. AZVendor: Turns out it was just stuck... or only intermittently bad? Not sure which is worse, so I'm still looking at a replacement solution but depending on further extended testing it might be ok. I've been running it for two days straight set to 1, no freezing. (I've just got water bottles in there right now) Compressor is turning on and off just fine. So... it might have just been frozen up from sitting or being moved. I'm not willing to risk deploying it and making a mess in the break room without further long-term testing. ORSD, I have some pics, and a (troubling?) update. When I hold down the sold out switches, the working lights on the sold out slots do go out. It is set up for triple depth cans on all slots, so I loaded it with a half dozen in several slots. Coins take fine, but no credit amount is displayed in the window, however, once .65 is reached, there's a click inside and the selectors will then work. Some more clicks when selection buttons are pressed, but nothing vends.
  8. (Sorry about the double reply, my stupid tablet decided to post a small chunk of what I wrote instead of the full message.) Thanks AZVendor! It was set to 1, so we think it's either the compressor contactor stuck closed, or the thermostat. Fortunately, we work with industrial chillers here and have a good idea how to work around needing specific parts, which is why the manual and schematics are so important to me. Orsd, it is indeed a single price model, hopefully I can get a pic or two posted in the morning. The price it's set at now (.65) isn't a deal breaker, but it will reduce the margin down a bit closer to cost than I'm comfortable with, unless I get every single can back to redeem. I'm in Oregon so it's a dime a piece now. Since I'm not in this to make a decent profit beyond paying off these units and having a small repair/parts fund, if I can't get it to chill properly, I'll just vend them warm and put crushed ice in the freezer. Terrible but do-able, and better than nothing.
  9. It was set to 1. It is a single price model,
  10. Ha! My first test run was a partial success. Turns out this unit chills remarkably well, but what it doesn't do well is *stop* chilling. Fortunately I only had a few cans in there to test, all diet, so clean-up wasn't bad. I'm going to test and likely replace the thermostat, and check the compressor contactor. But a manual would still be a great help. Anyone?
  11. Our small company is kind of isolated from beverage or snack options, and we've reduced our staff from over 100 to just a handful of people. Our old vending contract expired and they pulled the machines a while ago, and rightfully so because an operator couldn't make money at our site these days considering how far away and small volume we are. However, I thought it was still nice to have machines in the building for times when we can't break away for an hour to go get something. I would have just put in a fridge and have everyone chip in, but efforts like that in the past have largely failed or are more time and trouble to manage, and there's always a few non-contributors in the mix. Then I saw a really nice pair of machines (one spiral, one can machine) on a facebook marketplace for a remarkable price compared to other offerings, so I bought them with the intent to load them and have them eventually pay for themselves. I got both machines for $300 total, which based on take will be ROI in no more than 6 months, probably more like 3. These machines are very well maintained, clean, older machines with bill acceptors, and were supposedly deployed in a similar fashion until just a few months ago at the private company I bought them from. However... the beverage machine is a Cavalier (cue ominous music.) C9 390-260 to be exact. Every forum I've looked at says Cavaliers are terrible garbage, and I assume that's true from a route standpoint. This one is cooling well, no leaks, no rust, very minimal corrosion typical of a 30 year old commercial fridge, and I'm on site every day and will be able to react to problems that (will?) arise. All the switch contactors and connections are good and shiny, and everything looks to be in order except for the main lights (bulbs removed) and two of the product out indicators. It really is in remarkable condition for being almost 30 years old, it looks brand new on the outside, with just a little scuffing around the change return. However, without a manual I can't test or reprogram it, and I don't know how to cycle it to start loading the cans. I do have a background in electronics and arcade game maintenance from my distant youth, and I see the switches on the front of each column, but I'd really prefer to read a manual before I just go randomly mucking about with it. Anybody got one for this unit they could upload?
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