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  1. Ok i will let you know once i got the machines
  2. Thank you for the response Harvending! In short I can use this for bulk candy vending right? Just need to buy the conversion kit?
  3. 8 single head but only 1 stand for single head is included. It is all brand new in box. He said it was supposed to be for his business that never went off (he planned to vend “fuzzy balls” which is about a size of a gumball)...He is local so i am assuming it is USA currency..but i need to be sure so i will ask him Attached is the machine he is selling what do u think?
  4. Hello again everyone! Need help and input here.. i am planning to buy (from a local person) brand new beaver machines, 8 single head and 1 stand for $100 but.. the coin mech is set at 0.75 cents and configured to vend about the size of a gumball.. i am thinking to change some of those to .25cents to be able to use as bulk candy machine... or stick to it..but i am wondering what products can i put in if it is set to 0.75cents and configured to a gumball size? thanks! 🙂
  5. Thanks for the advice and heads up! I will call the warehouse tomorrow and find out of i can exchange them...if not maybe we’ll try to buy machine which is already on a location and see how it goes...and maybe just start low and small first with bulk candy....in the end if you guys think it would be waste of money..then maybe it’s more acceptable to lose $2000 (the restocking fee) than to have headaches and spend more in the long run....plus the locator is asking 600/machine. Have you heard about Richard Campbell (locator)?
  6. Thank you for the the advice. You think it would be best to cancel the order?... deal with the 20% restocking fee (almost $2k) ..now i am thinking to start small with maybe couple of refurbished soda machines and some bulk candy vending.. as it will be easier to maintain and if locator is needed it would be cheaper than the locator for combo (who is asking 600/machine)
  7. Yes i think that’s it. We were taught how to manipulate and troubleshoot the machine in Colorado. But they also offer lifetime support thru phone is something comes up with the machine. Do you recommend that I exchange the machine? They have Seaga Infinity.
  8. Aaawww.. I already paid for it https://discountvending.com/shop/new-vending-machines/new-combo-machines/dvs-duravend-5c-combo-vending-machine/ I think they would have to take 20% restocking if i cancel the order even though it’s not shipped out yet. Do you think i better to ask to exchange it to a different machine? Thanks
  9. It might be. The one I bought it from is discountvendingstore.com but we actually went to their warehouse at colorado and purchased it there. It might also be the change the name of the actual machine to DVS thus initialized the name Discount Vending store Here is the link https://discountvending.com/shop/new-vending-machines/new-combo-machines/dvs-duravend-5c-combo-vending-machine/
  10. Thank you lacanteen! I bought the machine brand new at the discount vending store they have their warehouse at Colorado. It is a DVS Duravend 5C Our plan is to locate it somewhere close to us (either close to our jobs or close to our home) and see how it goes first. And also if it needs stocking we can maybe do it 2x a week as what you think might happen. You are right the $600 per location seems too high that’s why I am having my second thoughts about it, plus I just spoke to the locator and the only mode of payment he can do is by check or cash deposited to Wells Fargo acount. Meaning I can’t use my credit card. I am thinking if it is a scam I can somehow dispute the charge thru my credit card. But with depositing thru bank account I am not sure....Should l worry?
  11. Hello Everyone! Me and my husband are just new to vending machine business. We currently have 2 combo (snacks and drinks) machine that is ready to be shipped out as soon as we secure a location for the machine. With that being said and as a new in the business i think we are going to hire a Vending locator to help us find locations for those 2 machines. As me and my husband are currently has a fulltime job too. Anyone who have use www.ablhome.com owned by Richard Campbell. He charge 600/machine. The other locator i was planning to hire is www.qualityvendinglocations.com by Peter (i dont know his last name) but when i did some research it looks like Peter is the also the Peter from Prime Vending locations which has tons of complaints from ripoff site, BBB. as well as here in vendiscuss. Anyone can recommend a trusted locator? We are very excited about this business as my husband is somehow mechanically knowledgeable and very interested in venturing this business. I would greatly appreciate all your inputs.. thank you in advance!
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