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  1. Hey guys, I'm (hopefully) going to be locating three new machines in the near future. They're 2" .75 Cent toy capsule machines. I currently only have one machine placed, and it's been doing pretty well. I have a few questions for some of you more experienced folks. 1. Could you give an estimate for your success rate when trying to find a place for your machine? Like 10%? 30%? 2. What kind of locations are best? My machine is in a mexican restaurant, and I'm planning on targeting mexican restuarants primarily. 3. How selective are you about where you inquire
  2. Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the info!
  3. Hey guys, so I've found a few posts on here about this but I couldn't find any recent ones that answer my specific questions. Is anyone currently using GPS trackers to prevent theft of your machines? I'm looking into some right now and I found this one that seems too good to be true. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Small-Size-and-Low-Price-Anti_60447026892.html?spm=a2700.7724857.normalList.96.cb2a1d94qNsiLY If I understand the description correctly the battery lasts 240 days, and it sends alerts to your phone if its moved or runs low on battery. This would be per
  4. Hmm... Well not sure if the ones i'm looking at now are the exact same as the one i own, but if they are, everything in the machine definitely seems to be heavy duty metal as far as I can tell. If I decide to mix product together, what kind of display would I put up to show whats in the machine? Right now I have simple sticky hand display because thats all that is in my machine but how would you show multiple products? Thanks for the pricing advice too, My margins were pretty thin at .225 profit out of .50 revenue after my charity contribution. I think I'll keep my current machin
  5. Wouldn't there be a significant decrease in the number of people who purchase if its .75? And what's cheap about it?
  6. Hey guys, so i currently have 1 machine that has been making pretty decent revenue, so I have decided to pull out some money from my stock broker account and purchase 3 more machines. I know the type of machine I like (2" capsule 30" Single Machine at .50 cents) and I'm wondering if this is a good deal and a good type of machine to buy. For some reason I can't figure out what brand it is, unless the brand is "SuperPro", but the machine I have now is very similar and I've had 0 problems with it. (well, other than quarters being stuck in the bottom part of the machine next to the coin tray)
  7. I tested by just putting in quarters and turning it, and If I remember correctly It's this one. Not sure what brand it is. https://www.gumballs.com/toy-vending-machine-with-stand-25.html
  8. Thanks everyone, I'll count next time so I'll know for sure. Also they really must be jealous of how much I was making because they have now put two gumball machines right next to my capsule machine, a single and a triple . There goes half of my revenue even if there is no theft.
  9. Well, I forgot to mention that the reason I thought it might be theft was because of the inventory level. It seemed to go down from about half full to about a layer or two away from being empty, and I've had seemingly smaller decreases in inventory with twice the income. If I just estimated the amount of money I should have gotten for the inventory decrease incorrectly then the decrease in income could have been because of the small gumball machine that was just placed next to my machine. (I guess they saw how much money I was making and wanted to get in on the action) It could be a mech
  10. Hey guys, I just joined this forum so its nice to meet you all. So I'm a college student and I currently own one toy vending machine that does 2" capsules for .50. I had it in my apartment for about a year because I just couldn't build up the courage to go locate it until a couple months ago. So now its in a mexican resturant and has been doing what I think is pretty decent. I check it every 2 weeks and it averages about $14 every two weeks but one time I got $30 so it varies a good bit. Last week I didn't have a chance to check it so I checked it today (3 weeks since last check) and it had a
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