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  1. Hey guys, I've been talking to Betson a little bit about the new AMS Steeley soda/ beverage machine. It's fairly new so I can't find a whole lot of information on it, as far as reliability goes. Anyone have any experience with one of these? I have several AMS snacks and combos on the road currently and I'm pretty happy with them. The Steely looks pretty nice cosmetically. Was hoping I could vend 16.9 oz bottles out of it.
  2. Thank you guys, I will try these things out when I go there this week.
  3. Hey guys, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was buying 2 AP Revision Door machines. Anyway, I did get the 2 machines and put them on location. They are both 111 machines I believe, 5 wide. I have one that has 2 selections (110 and 118) both on the top shelf that are not working currently. Everything worked fine when I placed them. The VE board homes all motors when you open the door, but these 2 remain out of home and continue to say "not available". I haven't taken out the tray and switched it with another one yet, which I do plan on doing soon, just to start somewhere. Any ideas? Or has anyone run into this problem before? I have other VE boards that are not on revision door machines that never had this problem. I'm assuming it has something to do with the drop sensors? Also, these are dual spiral machines. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. Thanks guys, I got the 2 machines, they look great, one thing I am wondering .. the lights go off when I initially open the door, then come back on. Normal occurrence? Also I tested the sure vend system. It seems like if a product does get hung up, the spirals turn a few more times but then if that specific row is used again, the spirals still turn in small increments instead of a full rotation until I open the door and home them.
  5. When you clean those hoses, do you do it from the front? Or get to the back of the machine and do it from there?
  6. Well I did end up swapping the machine, I brought it back to my shop and saw that there wasn't even a pan in the back of the machine, lol. So I'm assuming that was the problem. Anyway, I'll put a pan with some sponges in there and use this machine at a potential upcoming location. As far as sealing up the dog house, a friend of mine who works on AMS says that if you need to further seal an AMS, put the seal on the metal frame of the cab, and not over the existing gasket. By metal frame, obviously I mean the inside of the machine. I got a roll of weather strip from Home Depot and tried it on the machine I have outside my shop. It fits pretty well, just need to use half pieces where the frame becomes less.
  7. Awesome guys, thanks for the input. I guess I was wondering more or less if the AP machines remain as reliable as they were once all the new technology is added.
  8. Thank you, I absolutely know how much of a pain these units are to install. Since it's a good location, I'm just going to swap the machine out with an AMS I have sitting at my shop and figure the leak out when it's here.
  9. Thank you guys, I'll check to see if the hose is clogged. AZVendor, if there is a leak in the pan under the evaporator, is that something I'll be able to see? Or something that requires removing the refrigeration unit?
  10. I recently came across, what I feel, is a good deal for 2 AP 113 snack machines refurbished with the revision door. I do like the AP 112 and 113's a lot as they were originally. These new ones will be ready for credit card readers also. Anyone have experience with this series of machine with the revision door? If so, I'm curious if you guys like them. Wondering if they are just as reliable with the door as they were factory original. The only problem I ever had with those AP machines was having to replace the harness that goes behind all the trays. Other than that, great machines!
  11. Hey guys, I'm having a problem with 2 AMS machines. Every time I go into either location, there is a decent amount of water coming from under the machine. The hoses that go into the pan are connected just fine. There is never any water laying in the pan, just seems to be coming from an area I cannot pinpoint. I put a little stack of paper towels on the inside of the cabinet towards the front of the machine on the right, just in front of the coils, and the next day, it was already soaked in water. Just wondering, has anyone come across this type of problem? The delivery bin door is not stuck open. Compressor doesn't seem to be running over time and nothing ever frosts up inside. This is one of my best accounts and I would hate for the guy to get mad at me about this. In the mean time, I put pans underneath the machine, but even that doesn't catch all the water sometimes. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  12. Sorry it took so long, here is a pic of the board. He says it's a Bevmax 3. $2900 asking price, fully refurbished. Think it's worth it? Anyone run into many problems with these?
  13. Thanks for the input guys, I came across a used one for 2900, the guy claims it is a Bevmax 4 but I'm new to them so I'm not sure. I actually posted a topic sharing the picture of it, I'm a noob on here so I didn't realize I had any replies on this topic.
  14. Hey guys, I found a guy selling this machine, he says it's a Bevmax 4. Anyone know if that's what this actually is? Price is 2900 which actually sounds low to me for a 4, any input is much appreciated, thank you.
  15. I've been really interested in the bevmax 4 lately for a few reasons. First of all, it seems as though they're very reliable based on a lot of people's experiences here. Also, the range of products that can be vended seems very wide. My questions: are there any common problems anyone runs into with these machines? Also, I understand that they are in the range if 6-7000 brand new, but I can't seem to find anything used. If I do find something used as far as a bevmax 4 goes, are there any specific software updates that need to be made? Currently the only Glass fronts I own are AMS visi combos, which I do like, but they do seem to run a little loud which I'm not the biggest fan of.
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