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  1. I will put out my final review of charityvending.org once I have all of the 25 locations that I ordered, James said it would take about 1-2 weeks to replace them. The only other place that I used was sheridan systems, I ordered 10 from them. 3 did not work out but were simply replaced within a few days, no problem. I did have 1 or 2 locations that didn't seem to really know what was going on but not as bad as how it was with charitvending.org. The bad locations could just be my bad luck so I will let you guys know how the replacements go. As soon as I can get more boxes ordered I will be expanding some more and I might order a few more but I intend on getting the majority of them myself.
  2. The route is going well, I am currently in the process of saving money to get more boxes. I had acquired the first 45 locations myself, 3 of those being u-turn candy machines. I ordered 10 locations from sheridan and 25 locations from charity vending.org and the locations i've ordered have been hit or miss. I did order 10 locations from sheridan systems and 25 locations from charityvending.org. I have had issues with both but the locations from sheridan systems were not as flaky and they will replace a bad location right away (usually within 3-5 days). Charityvending.org sent me a list of 25 locations but at least 12 of them have not worked out. James over there told me that they will be replacing them in 1 - 2 weeks so I will let you guys know what happens. Tonight I am getting everything organized and can post some numbers for you guys that are interested. Yesterday I collected 12 boxes and came away with $180 in cash and about $60 in change. I'll work on getting a better schedule for these posts so that they are once a week-ish, at least. I've also been considering vlogging what I do and have some footage already of getting locations and some collections. Would anyone be interested in watching that if I took the time to put it out there along with my updates?
  3. So far the locations from charityvending.org have not worked out at all. (7 out of the 20 i've been to have let me actually place the box) I have been to 20 of the 25 locations they sent me and there were very few locations on the list that actually had permission from the owner. I am talking to james ito now and they said that they will replace them so I will keep you guys posted on whether it was a waste of money or not. If you are looking to get locations quickly then I advise getting them yourself or using sheridan systems. Will do a collection and update you guys on everything, this week.
  4. So, I got my locations from charityvending.org and I will be placing them tomorrow. That will put me at about 65 locations if they all work out. I will be bringing some extra boxes with me while placing those in order to attempt to acquire new locations while out. Still waiting on another order of 50 boxes, once those come in I will hit it hard trying to get more locations, again. Once I do a solid collection I will let you guys know how it goes.
  5. I live in northwest austin, tx which has about a million people, probably, I don't know. I live closest to cedar park, tx which is closer to about 75,000 people.
  6. Hello, Thanks so much for the replies, guys. Right now I am doing pink ribbon honor boxes and some boxes for america association for lost children. They are cardboard boxes but I would like to order some acrylic ones for my better locations, I am in the process of looking for suppliers. Right now I have about 40 locations and I just got 25 more from charity vending that I will be putting out this week. I have warning: "may contain peanuts" on all of my boxes and will probably be adding some sort of smaller "please don't steal, violators will be prosecuted" sticker. Theft rate has been really high in a couple spots and I've had a couple of boxes had the money stolen but I think I have learned from it and am figuring out which locations work and which ones don't pretty quickly and so far it has still been profitable. I just got my business cards in the mail for bulkcandyvendor.com and I want to expand until I have as many as I can handle by myself. I also came into possession of some crane games/claw machines and redemption games that I've bee scouting locations for and the website for that is almost complete. The advice is so much appreciated and I will keep you guys posted on my progress goes with putting the tips to good use. Have a great night!
  7. I have about 12 more boxes that I can place before I run out of boxes... then its just a matter of waiting to collect to order some more, hopefully. I forgot to mention my first collection was between $400 - and $500 total after about 2 weeks. However there are still about 10 boxes out that have not been collected yet. I'll try to remember to post exact numbers next collection but for now I gotta go to bed so I can hit it early tomorrow.
  8. Well, so much for daily update but at least my lack of updates are for good reason because I have been very busy working on the new business so more updates to come there soon. Good news is that I gained 10 new locations. Bad news is that I lost about 11 locations due to me pulling them or they not working out for whatever reason. This is because I put a lot of boxes out pretty much every where to get started. I will give almost any where on the front counter next to the cash register a chance for candy boxes and any breakroom or coffee station for a snack box. If they made less than like $3 then I probably pulled it especially because I need all the boxes I can get right now. There were about 3-4 locations that didn't want to continue the program. as of 5-8-18 I am at 39 decent - good locations. I've ordered 35 locations from 2 different locating services and so I will let you guys know how that goes. It feels good to be raising money for charity even if its not a lot, yet.
  9. Monday April 23, 2018 I added 9 more locations today. More of the candy and snack honor boxes. I now have a total of 41 locations. Planning on getting a couple more U-turn machines out there because I can prolong those collections. If anyone has tips on placing high traffic locations for claw machines and you are willing to share, please let me know! I also have a soda machine with a broken compressor that I need to figure out what to do with. My plan is to keep adding locations until I have enough to play with for adding in my claw and candy machines.
  10. Hello, everyone! I am new to this and have started a route in Austin, TX over the past 2 - 3 weeks. My mother and grandmother are breast cancer survivors so I am supporting pink ribbon with honor boxes. My question is about how do you guys get the really big accounts? Like Wal-Marts and HEBs? Movie Theaters and Bowling Alleys? I ask because I have obtained a couple of claw machines and a soda machine and right now a locator is not in the budget until I determine how much I'll actually be making trying to do this full time. These are the types of locations I would like to get my claw machines and soda machine into. Is there anything that I can be doing, other then what I am doing now to get the better locations? Right now my day consists of filling my car with pre-filled boxes and hitting the streets, putting them out and if I get any "have to talk to corperate" type answers, sometimes I will try to email that company when I get home, usually I forget about it and move on. Any tips are really appreciated.
  11. This is such a great thread. I started my own route, recently and my goal is to build it up like yours.
  12. On Friday I added 7 new locations, a mix of snack and candy boxes. Got 40 new boxes in the mail, my first order from Cameron Packaging. Bought about $200 worth of snacks from Sams. Ordered another 70 boxes from Sheridan systems. I have a total of 32 locations as of 4/21/1018
  13. Ya, for 20 grand I will personally fly to your city and get you twice as many locations, provide the boxes, candy and everything, hehe. That is so overpriced its almost crazy. The only way that would be worth it is if the boxes are already out and have money waiting to be collected and even then they had better be great locations that you can move bigger machines in like grocery stores. I am new to this and just started my route a few days ago and I have 25 locations. Just order the boxes from sheridan systems and go place em yourself so that you can learn the business 1 step at a time.
  14. I accidentally posted this twice so here is a link to the thread that I will be updating: bulkcandyvendor.com
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