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  1. Our Dixie Narco 276 recently was converted to 12 ounce cans from 20 ounce bottles. Was fine for about a week. Now when we go to close the door, it seems as if it seals, but there is a very slight gap on the top that is allowing air into the machine, resulting in the compressor freezing up, etc. We can't find or recall anything that was done differently or parts that were replaced or missing. No obvious cause. Thoughts on what it is and how to rectify? Thanks.
  2. ef0012

    reconfiguring Dixie Narco 501e

    Thanks for your timely reply, AZVendor, and very helpful information. We have one other machine we would like to convert -- how about for a Dixie Narco 276E? Also, any suggestions on which types of readily-available water bottles dispense best in both of these types of machines? (I know you need sturdier ones.) Previous owner said he had issues with bottles getting jammed and from what I can tell, he never tried to troubleshoot or find an alternative. Had basic Aquafina in there. Thanks.
  3. Dixie Narco 501E, currently dispensing 20 oz bottles of soda, 1 gatorade and supposedly water, but we're not sure if it works. We would like to switch to: 4 slots for 12 oz soda cans; 1 or 2 slots for 12 oz gatorade (or another soda can spot); 2 slots for 16 oz energy drink can and 16 oz ice tea bottle; 2 slots for 16.9 oz water and newer flavored waters like Protein 2o that are coming on the market. What shims and/or other parts do we need? Is it fairly easy to change out ourselves, any directions on how to do so?